Alex and Camryn had completed their initiation just a year ago,and they are now 17,going back to Coventry soon. But how will it all work out before then...

Alex and Camryn were walking on the beach,they were on vacation for about 4 months,so they also had to go to school here,Emily and Dave had gone to some sort of event that they didn't want to be any part of. It was Sunday,a typical day for them,the day before school. Suddenly,Cam felt someone tap her shoulder and her and Alex whirled around. They saw a girl,about their age 16-17 and she had brown hair,green eyes and pale,clear looking skin.

"Hi!" The girl said.

"Um,hi i'm Alex and this is my sister,Camryn,who are you?" Alex asked,totally confused.

"I'm Emma,i'm new to the school around here,and i'm just getting to know everyone before Monday,or atleast trying to..." the girl answered.

"Well,okay then" Cam said. "why don't you meet us at the school tomorrow,atleast we'll know somebody,we're new to.."

"Okay,see ya!" the girl said,but she had a suspicious tone,and she shot Alex and Cam an evil grin before scampering away. "Well,that was sorta weird.." Alex said. "Ya,i'll say,but did you see the way she looked at us,like a snake cornering a mouse." Cam said,frowning at the lame joke she just made. "Well,she can't be one of Thantos's lackeys,remember? Unc the skunk dissapeared after our initiation." Alex reminded her sister. "True..." Cam said.

So both of them walked the beach for another hour,discussing school stuff and such,then they headed back to their "house". After both girls had settled into their "new" room,they both sat their in silence. Alex's mind was racing,wondering about the girl they had previously met.

Just then,Alex's head began to pound,an icy gust surrounded her,and she knew what was happening; she was having a premonition. She reached over to Cam,but as soon as she touched her,Alex knew Cam was also in vision mode. Then,a picture formed in their heads. They saw a room,a dark room that they couldn't indentify and then they heard whispers and mumbles,but they only cought some words..."" and then they heard screams,that sounded awfully familiar. Then the vision faded.

"Woah...!" Cam practically shouted,causing Alex to jump.

"What was that about?:" Alex said.

"I don't know,but those noises sounded really familiar,but I can't place them.." Alex said,desperatly trying to figure out the voices.

"Well, we can't worry about it right now,it's 1:00 and we have school tomorrow,but we need to keep an eye on that Emma,and I know we shouldn't but we have to check back on Covenry island,to ask Ileana and make sure we're not in danger or anything" Cam said,then yawned.

"Okay,Cam-ille but be careful,night" Alex said,then shit off the light.

"night" Cam said back.

The next morning both girls woke up and got ready to go to their new-for-4-months school. They were both scared,they had had another vision last night,the same one but the noises louder,but they still couldn't place the screams.

"Okay Als,ready to go?" Cam asked.

"You bet,and be careful Cam,you never know about that Emma girl." Alex warned.

"You know I will..." Cam said.

So they headed out the door,crossed the beach and reached the school,they were about to walk in the front doors when they heard a vaguely familiar voice,and turned around.

Then they saw her...