Chapter # 1!


I absolutely love this story; my sister's best friend wrote this at least the first 2 chapters in this story.

"Are you sure they will like me?"Taylor ask Donna as Taylor helps tie the back of her bathing suit as we drive into the lake house parking lot.

"Oh yeah! Definitely! They are the best!" Donna explains.

"Yeah don't worry about a thing sweetie!" Sally (Donna's mom) assures her.

"That cute accent of yours will win them over in a second!"Eric laughs. (Donna's dad)

"I can't wait to see Mamma!" Bean shouts. They all laugh, but Taylor who very seriously asks who Mamma is. They get out of the car and walk to the large cabin.

"No one's here yet!" Kurt exclaims. Taylor lets out a sigh of relief, now she has some time to fix herself up. Taylor runs with Bean into the children's room. Bean starts jumping on the bed, while Donna starts changing. Taylor walks into the bathroom with her bathing suit and changes. Taylor's large boobs look larger than they are in the Wal-Mart zebra string bikini. She throws on a pair of super short-shorts and a small above the belly tank top.

"Roxy's here!" (Lenny Feders wife) Bean yells. Taylor walks out to see who Roxy is; a Spanish dark haired woman walks out of a huge beautiful truck-car. She is in a nice dress and sneakers. Then a handsome looking man in shorts and flip-flops jumps out from behind with a little girl on his shoulders.

"Hi, this is Becky and this is Lenny. I'm Roxanne, but call me Roxy. And this is Cameron...Honey where's Greg? Oh and this is Rita the nanny!" The Spanish woman says.

"Over here mom!" A voice calls from behind the truck. An extremely HOT boy about Taylors age walks out, he has short curly dark hair and has a plain polo and jeans on with what seem to be very fancy sneakers.

"Hey guys!" Everyone says, hugging. Taylor just stands there, feeling out of place.

"Oh yeah! Guys this is Taylor! She's from Australia and she's an exchange student have!" Sally introduces her.

"Hi." Taylor says shyly, putting her straightened shouldered blond hair behind her ear. Greg stares at her. 2 cars pull up at the same time. 2 black children walk out, a boy and a girl. And also a blond short man with longish hair walks out of the same car. The other car being with an old looking women and a dude wearing weird clothing.

"HI! This is Taylor!" Sally says introducing Taylor once again.

"I'm Kurt and these are my children Charlotte and Andre, and my wife Deanne." The black man says.

"And I'm Marcus!" the blond says.

"I'm Rob and this is Gloria!" The dude says, Taylor giggles softly at him.

~ Later that day (: ~

"Hahahah!" Taylor is laughing with Charlotte and Donna at the dock.

"Do you think she'd go for me?" Greg asked Andre...

"HELL NO! I'm going after that fine chick!" Andre taunted.

"Yeah okay..." Greg stared at her, but unknown to him so did Andre.