"Stupid, stupid, stupid excuse for a machine!"

Tim froze right outside of the elevator as he listened to Abby yelling… apparently at an inanimate object.

"You call yourself useful? Huh? To think, I picked you, I raised you from a wee new little baby, and now that you're all grown up THIS is how you treat me?"

Tim's eyebrows raised, 'Maybe now isn't such a good time,' He thought. He went to turn back and get on the elevator when he heard, "Tim! Get your butt in here!"

He grimaced, "Coming!" He called out right before entering the room.

"I heard the elevator ding. Why'd you wait so long out there?" She asked, hands on hips, glaring at him.

"I… I didn't want to disturb you and… whatever you were doing."

She pointed back at her refrigerator, "Look at it. Tell me what you see."

"A fridge," He replied slowly.

"Exactly." She turned back and stared at the fridge, "That means it's supposed to keep things frigid, right?"

He nodded, "Yes, it should."

"Then why isn't it, McGee?"

"It's broken."

"It's broken!" She agreed.

"Abbs, is there something else wrong?" Tim asked. He had seen her get frustrated before… but not like this. Not over a broken fridge.

She sighed and looked away from the fridge, "I don't know," She threw her arms up, "This whole case just seems… hinky."

"Yeah, I know. That's what we were just talking about upstairs."

"So it's not just me?" She walked to her computer, "I ran these tests last night before I left to go home," Up popped two different tests, "It said that the blood you guys found was AB negative. And fingerprint pattern was loop," She looked over at him as he stood right beside her, "Now today I come in and redid the tests, cause… well, you know Gibbs."

He nodded, "Yeah, I do."

She pulled up two other tests, "These are the results today. Blood type AB positive. Fingerprint pattern is whorl."

"How did that happen?"

"That's what I'd like to know!"

"How many times have you ran those tests today?"

"Four. All times I got AB positive and whorl. Except the first time, yesterday."

"Could someone have come in here last night and changed things after you left?"

She shook her head, "The only guy that comes in here at night is the janitor, and he wouldn't know how to do that… Even if he did know how, he wouldn't."

Tim tried to think of how this could happen, but he came up with nothing… Except Abby messing up the first time, but there was no way he was going to mention that. Besides, he knew that Abby wouldn't mess that up anyway.

"Are weird things happening in the bullpen too?"

"Always," Tim said with a small laugh, "But not with the case. All of our guts are just acting up."

"Well, you can add my gut to the list."

"I will." He went to leave and turned back for one last look… not that he stared at Abby or anything… but when he took that last look he noticed Abby still looked irritated as she walked back to the fridge, glaring at it.

"Abbs," He began, "You wanna go out to eat tonight? This case has been pretty crazy and I think we could both use a little breathing time."

She smiled, "That sounds like fun, Timmy. Going dutch?"

"No, tonight's my treat. Pick you up at seven?"

Her smile widened, "I'll be ready."

They got off of work at six, so by the time Abby got home she had forty minutes to get ready. That was more than enough time. She and Tim went out like this a lot during tough or annoying cases, and he always took her to one of three places. She was more than okay with that cause in DC she had exactly three favorite restaurants.

She took a shower than changed into clothes similar to what she was wearing before. Except this time her t-shirt was plain black instead of the words 'You wish' written on it.

She left her hair down instead of putting them back up into pigtails, but she kept the rubber bands around her wrist in case she got tired of having her hair down.

She looked at the clock on her stove. Two minutes until seven. She knew Tim was never late, if anything he was…

Knock. Knock.


She smiled as she opened the door, "Hi Timmy," She said as she quickly looked him up and down, not wanting him to notice. He wore her favorite button up, black shirt with blue jeans… God, he was handsome.

"Hi, Abbs," He replied, returning the smile and also noticing her attire… which, although no one would think it if they met him, he was very attracted to, "Ready to go?"

She nodded, "All set. Just let me get my jacket."

She grabbed her jacket and folded it over her arm, then she walked out and locked her door. She and Tim linked arms as he walked her to his car.

Two hours later they were walking out of the restaurant, both enjoying every moment of their dinner.

The restaurant had been packed when they arrived, so Tim had to park a couple of blocks away.

"You let me eat too much, Timmy," Abby said as she held her stomach while they walked.

He laughed, "No way was I getting between you and lobster. Not after the fork incident last time."

"You tried to take the plate from me!" She defended.

"You told me to," He replied.

She nodded, "True."

They walked in silence for a little while.

Tim looked around, "Man, it's dead out here tonight. It was so busy before."

"I think there's a fair this week. Everyone's probably there now."

"Empty streets creep me out."

Abby laughed, "You're a federal agent, Timmy."

"I know. That's why they creep me out. I know what happens on empty streets."

"Oh please, stuff like that only happens in movies." She wrapped her arms around his arm and he sighed in contentment.

Just then a semi passed by on the street. It was so loud that neither Tim or Abby heard the men come up behind them. One man for Tim and one for Abby.

They both wrapped one hand around Tim and Abby's waist, and one over their faces, covering their noses with a cloth.

They both tried to fight off the attack, but the men were too strong. They couldn't last long anyway with breathing in the Chloroform.

Suddenly, everything went black.

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