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Summary: Naruto, beaten everyday of his life, but one day it goes to far. A ninja saves him, his life changes. He meets a certain someone, he life keeps changing. Follow Naruto and Ino as they face through trouble and find love. Epic story, Dramatic, Saddening. People lose loved one sometime too..

Chapter 1. Where it all began.


He couldn't stop now, he had to keep going. He turned left through 2 buildings, he turned right through the alley between another 2 buildings. He has to keep going, if he stops, its over for him. He kept on running, and running, but he was forced to yield. He ran into a dead end. He quickly tried to turn back around but it was too late. They caught up.

"THERE HE IS, GET THE DEMON." The mob leader yelled and his fellow companions raised their fists in the air. The little boy cowered in the corner. There was nothing he could do. Why was all he asked, but they smirked and kicked him in the face. They repeatedly beat him and beat him with no remorse. He tried to fight back, he scratched at one of the them with his hands. His fingers made it into the man's eye causing him to stop for a sec, he yelled in the air and began to beat the boy even harder. Punch after punch the boy received but he refused to pass out and die. More of them came to beat him. His eyes were starting to lose focus, everything was turning black. The last thing he saw was a lightning covered fist coming out of the man's heart. He then, passed out.

Naruto woke up startled and breathing hard. He looked around the room. It was his room. How'd he get here? He looked at his wounds and saw that they were bandaged up. He struggled to get up into a sitting position but was suddenly pushed back down.

What the? He looked up and saw a ninja with a mask covering half his face.

"Stay down, you were really beat bad, you shouldn't move around too much." said the ninja.

"Hey who are you! How did I get here, how did YOU get here into my apartment without my key, what happened to the mob!" said Naruto with a look of fear in his eyes. He didn't know who this mysterious ninja was, he might have saved him but he can never be to sure. After all, even ninja beat him.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake, I carried you here, I'm a ninja, I can get into houses, mansions, and even castles easily, and I killed them." replied Kakashi rather casually, but if you watched him closely you could see the anger in his eyes after his last words. Naruto stared at him, a ninja? Saved him? Naruto was about to reply but Kakashi shushed him.

"Why would I save you? Well you're a kid that was being beaten by a mob of adults. Why wouldn't I save you." replied Kakashi casually again. Naruto looked at him with wide eyes. This ninja didn't think he was the demon! Naruto grinned loudly and gave the man a hug. Despite being hurt he still managed to do so. The ninja was startled at first, but returned the hug.

"Thanks Kakashi! I'm very thankful, is there anything I can do to make it up?" asked Naruto anxiously. The masked ninja stared at him thoughtfully putting a finger to his chin and tilting his head.

"Get healed up and enter the academy, that's all I'm asking of you." Naruto looked at him, he never thought about joining the academy! He thought about how he could learn to be a super cool ninja like Kakashi and how he would be able to protect himself from his harassers.

"It's a deal!" replied Naruto. Kakashi gave him a smile, even though you couldn't see it because of the mask, you could tell by the way his eye lit up. Kakashi told Naruto that he had to leave. Naruto frowned at that but understood that ninja were busy. Kakashi walked towards the door but stopped midway.

"Oh, by the way, check your fridge if your hungry as well." And with that, he walked off, closing the door behind him. Naruto was confused about what just happened. He was just beaten by another mob. A ninja saved him AND bought him food? He was feeling fine now so he got out of his bed and walked towards his fridge. He opened it up slowly and drooled at the sight. His fridge was filled with meats, vegetables, fruits, and milk! He instantly began to make himself breakfast.

After his delicious breakfast Naruto decided to go out again because no one ever attacked him when the sun was out. He walked with his arms behind his head walking down the streets of Konoha. He ignored the people glaring at him but he couldn't stop it. He kept on walking until he reached the playground where all the kids usually played. He always stopped by and stared at them having fun. They were usually with their parents or their friends. Naruto was always nervous to go talk to them and whenever he mustered up the courage to, the parents would tell him to back off and take their kid away.

Naruto just stood there and stared at the kids going down the slides, playing tag with each other and swinging on the swings. They were all laughing, giggling and having a good time, while he just stood there, and stared. He turned around to leave but stopped as he stared right into a pair of bright blue eyes.


Naruto backed up quickly and saw that it was a blonde girl. Naruto quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching them.

"My name is Ino, what's yours?" asked Ino. She gave out her hand looking for a hand shake.

"Um, my name is Naruto," he muttered. He never talked to a girl before, and she was cute.

"You want to play?" she asked. She gave him a big smile that Naruto shocked Naruto. How could someone could be so happy?

"Umm okay! What do you want to play?" he asked.

They played on the park for an hour just having fun, talking, going down the slide. After being exhausted from running around they decided to go on the swings. Naruto has never been on the swings before so he had a hard time making it move. Ino watched him struggled and giggled. He was kicking and rocking his body back and forth but to no avail. She hopped off her swing and went behind Naruto.

"Whoa wait, what are you doing?" screamed Naruto. Ino pushed him and he almost fell off. If he wasn't holding onto the chains for his life. After a couple more pushes Naruto realized what she was doing. After finally seeing that he had to swing his legs at the same time as the swing he got the hang of it. He never felt so free, it was like he was flying. He started to laugh and smile for the first time ever. Ino was also smiling and laughing. Suddenly, an adult came and pushed Naruto off the swings.

"What are YOU doing here, this is a place for children not MONSTERS!" screamed the adult. Naruto was still lying on the ground facing down. He didn't want to look up or even move. He was scared and sad. He was finally happy for once but someone decided to ruin it for him. He got up slowly, tears welled up in his eyes. He stared at the women, and was about to run away and cry. However, he turned around only to hit something. A man. Naruto froze, was he about to get another beating? In front of this new girl he just met? Naruto looked up and saw a man with long blonde hair tied in a pony tail with eyes bright blue filled with rage. Naruto thought he was mad at him but then he was lightly shoved behind the man.

"I-I-inoichi! That MONSTER was harming your daughter! I saved her be-" the women started.

"ENOUGH! THIS BOY HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG, YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO THE HOKAGE RIGHT NOW!" screamed Inoichi. Naruto figured that he was Ino's dad because of their similar names and features. Inoichi walked forward to the women and suddenly disappeared with her. Naruto looked at Ino who was shocked. She had never seen her father so angry. She got scared and started to whimper. Naruto could see the tears in her eyes but didn't know what to do, he never helped someone out before, it was always him being the one crying. Naruto thought about what he would like someone to do for him when he was upset. So he walked up to her, and held her. Ino was shocked for a second but held onto him. She was terrified, she knew her father was a ninja but she never seen him so angry and use his skills like that. She held on to him as if he was her life line. Suddenly Inoichi reappeared and walked up to the children.

"Ino, I'm sorry you had to see that" he knelt down and gave her a big hug. She was happy that her dad was normal again and turned to see the blonde boy start to walk away.

"Wait Naruto," said Inoichi," I know your not the thing that everyone thinks you are, if you want, your welcome to play with Ino whenever you want. And also the next time someone hurts you, you come tell me and I'll deal with them."

Naruto was shocked once again. This was the third person who was ever kind to him. The first being Kakashi, then Ino, and now her father. He didn't know what to say, he was about to cry again but suddenly, Ino came up and hugged him. Seeing that Naruto was about to cry she did the same thing that he did for her.

"This is for cheering me up back then." whispered Ino into his ear. Naruto broke down, he continued to cry and let all his emotions out.

"T-t-thank you so so so much," whimpered Naruto between his sobs. And with that, Inoichi and Ino walked Naruto home to his apartment. Naruto said goodbye and thank you so much. But before he left Ino asked if Naruto could come over the next day. Inoichi looked at his daughter and said sure. Naruto was again so happy and agreed as well. He ran up to his room and jumped onto the bed. He has never been so happy in his life.

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