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Chapter 13: The First Mission Begins!

It was a new day. The sun was just floating above the horizon. To most this scene would have been majestic and only the lucky ones would have witnessed it. A masked shinobi stood perched on the head of the 4th hokage monument staring at the sky. Many thoughts roamed around in his dark and troubled mind. However he had to ignore these thoughts, due to more important tasks at the moment. Letting out a sigh he gave one last look at the beautiful landscape in front of him.

Naruto slowly rised out of bed, stretching his arms and letting out a loud and sloppy yawn. As usual, he got out of bed and went along with his daily morning routine.

"Today's going to be a good day I can just feel it," thought the blonde as he quickly left his apartment. Before he made it 5 meters from his apartment door Ino came crashing into him.

"Naruto! There you are!" She shouted enthusiastically. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Well yes I am here Ino. What's with all the excitement?" he asked.

"We have our first mission today!"

"What? How do you know?"

"Kakashi-sensei left me a note in the flower shop this morning. My father showed it to me, its C-rank as well!" said Ino. The excitement on her face made her look so cute. Naruto smirked at her.

"C-rank huh. We didn't even do a boring D-rank mission yet."

"That's what I was thinking too, but Kakashi can probably answer that for us. Either way thank kami that we don't have to do one. We're way too skilled for those," said Ino rather cocky as she flipped her hair and winked. Naruto laughed and nodded his head.

"Well then, let's go meet up with Kakashi-sensei!"

The two blondes walked hand in hand down the streets of Konoha. The citizens however were still grumpy and spiteful as normal, some giving them glares as they walked down the street. As usual, the happy couple ignored them, They knew that one day they'll show them all. Naruto was determined to prove to them that he was a great shinobi.

"I'll show them all." said Naruto. Ino turned to her boyfriend and smiled. She grabbed his chin and turned it towards her.

"I know you will, we'll both show them how strong you are," replied Ino as she kissed her lover on the lips. Naruto smirked, it was truly a blessing that they came together, he has never been so happy in his life as to when he is with her. After they finally reached the training grounds they spotted Kakashi leaning against a training post reading his perverted orange book.

"Kakashi…" snarled Ino. With killer intent slowly, but strongly drifting from her. The book always disgusted her, seeing her mentor read it openly disgusted her even more. The masked shinobi looked up to see his young kunoichi glaring at him. Sighing he closed the book and put it in his back pouch.

"Hey, I was just getting to the good part!" he shrugged.

"Grr.. Anyways Kakashi I've told Naruto about our mission already." squealed Ino.

"Yeah, why aren't we doing D-rank missions like the rest of the squads?" Asked Naruto.

"Well, we could if you really wanted to. The firelord's cat is on the loose again. You can go chase it around if you insist." replied Kakashi. Naruto quickly shook his head in response. Kakashi smiled.

"Well then! C-rank mission it is!" He happily said.

"What's the mission about?" asked Ino.

"A bridge building crew needs protection from bandits and thugs. Should be easy enough. We will meet the client at the Hokage tower in three hours. Until then, go get ready, and eat." Kakashi then shun shinned out of the training grounds.

"Wow so you guys are already on a C-rank mission?" asked Chouji as he stuffed some barbecue into his mouth.

"Yeah! We're so excited, we have to protect this bridge building crew," replied Ino as she too took a piece of barbecue into her mouth.

"That's too troublesome, I'm happy painting fences for the moment," replied Shikamaru as he took a sip of tea.

"That's probably the most boring mission I've ever heard of," laughed Naruto. Shikamaru just shrugged.

"I'm okay with D-ranks at the moment, once we get more training we'll hopefully do a C-rank mission too." said Hinata quietly. Naruto smiled and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Then train hard! Surpass your cousin I know you can do it!" she blushed at his enthusiasm. Suddenly, someone spoke up.

"Tch, Lady Hinata still has much to learn."

The whole group turned to see Neji standing there. He had a look of disgust on his face.

"Hinata will never surpass me, she is too weak and it's her destiny to be like that forever." said Neji. Hinata looked down and didn't say a word.

"Same with your team, a fat ass and a lazy ass and a weakling working together. That's a laugh." said Neji as he continued to look down on the group.

"Go mind your own business Neji," replied Ino with anger behind her words, " Hinata will grow to be stronger than you'll ever be, same with her team."

"I'd be quiet if I were you Yamanaka." said a voice from behind Neji. Sasuke walked into view smirking. "I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up with this pathetic team."

By now everyone stopped eating and tension was in the air.

"Look guys, how about we all calm down and just conti-" started Chouji as he tried to settle down the two groups.

"Continue eating? Only a fat ass would say that," said Neji. Chouji just sat down and stared into space.

"Hey, Chouji, don't let his words get to you, everyone knows your family is all big boned." said Shikamaru as he continued sipping his tea.

"Big boned, tch. Yeah okay," replied Neji. Sakura suddenly joined her team.

"You're so cool Sasuke!" said Sakura with sparkles in her eyes. The last Uchiha ignored her and crossed his arms.

"Ha! Even when you're on the same team Sasuke refuses to talk to you!" laughed Ino.

"Shut up pig!" Sakura said in retaliation. Ino stood up and faced her.

"What was that?" asked Ino nicely.

"You heard me I said shu-" A fist stopped right in front of Sakura's face. The only thing keeping it back was another hand.

"Ino, calm down." said Naruto coldly. Ino looked to her boyfriend to see his eyes covered by his hair. Everyone gulped, Naruto was mad. "Neji, Sasuke, Sakura. I suggest you three get out of here."

They could feel the power and ange radiating from Naruto.

"Tch, we have training to get too anyways," replied the Hyuuga prodigy as he left. Sasuke and Sakura followed suit, not before Sakura turned around and stuck her tongue out at Ino.

"Guys don't let their words get to you, you guys are strong, they're just too stuck up to see it," said Naruto.

"We know Naruto, thanks." replied Chouji. Shikamaru and Hinata nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, and forehead just can't think straight because her forehead is too big." laughed Ino. Everyone else just sweat dropped.

"That was lame, anyways bye guys we have to get going." said Naruto as he grabbed Ino's hand and took her away. As they left the restaurant they didn't notice that a certain Uchiha was staring at them.

'C-rank already? I have to get stronger.'

The couple walked towards the Hokage tower to meet with Kakashi and the client.

"You nervous for this mission?" asked Ino. Her boyfriend looked at her and smiled bright.

"Not at all! I'm excited actually, can't wait to finally be set out on an actual mission," Naruto replied. The couple finally made it to the tower to see Kakashi leaned against a wall standing next to an old man with grey hair and glasses wearing a v-neck shirt and a towel over his shoulders

"Finally you two made it," said Kakashi as he got off the wall he was leaning on.

"Tch, these kids are ninja?" asked the old man.

"Hey! We're great ninja who have been training for years to become good!" said Naruto with a balled up fist.

"Yeah yeah whatever," said the old man. Naruto looked as if he was about to strangle him before Ino pulled him back.

"Be quiet Naruto this is the client, we must respect him." said Ino as she pinched her boyfriend's ear. The old man laughed at the sight.

"Listen to the girl kid, anyways my name is Tazuna the great bridge builder. Your mission is to protect me from thieves and bandits. Hopefully you can do your jobs," said Tazuna.

"Don't worry. I am the Jounin leader and I will be accompanying you as well on this mission," said Kakashi. The old man nodded and the group took off to head towards the gate.

"What a prick," whispered Naruto. Ino glared at him and bonked him on the head.

The group walked towards the harbour to the boat that they were suppose to take to the island. It was a miniature boat that perfectly fit all four of them plus the boat gondolier. Naruto and Ino sat side by side while Tazuna and Kakashi took their seats opposite to them.

"So, what can you tell me about these theives and bandits?" asked Kakashi to Tazuna. The man adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat.

"We've been recently attacked by a number of thugs and bandits, that's about it. Maybe they have a group of 20 or so," replied Tazuna as he cleared his throat again and looked off into the ocean. Kakashi nodded and began to pull out his novel. Ino saw the novel and glared at her sensei.

"Kakashi…put that away," growled Ino. The masked shinobi let out a sigh while he put it back and pulled out a different green novel instead. Ino smiled and leaned her head on Naruto. About twenty minutes later Kakashi's face started to turn red as if he was blushing. Ino noticed this and questioned him about it.

"Sea sickness." was the masked shinobi's reply.

The boat ride was a tedious one to Naruto. It wasn't too long but to him it felt like years. The boat suddenly hit the sand bank and caused them to slightly stumble. Kakashi accidentally dropped his "book" to reveal another one in his hands. One that was orange. Ino was about to yell but suddenly Naruto jumped off the boat and screamed.

"Finally! Land!" said the blonde as he started jumping all over the place. Ino turned back to face her sensei but he was gone and already walking towards their destination at a quick pace.

"Hurry up Ino or you'll be left behind!" yelled the shinobi. Ino fumed and quickly caught up to the rest of them.

They walked until the noticed a puddle on the ground. Naruto looked at Ino and they made eye contact. Something was amiss, why was there a puddle in the middle of the path? It was a bright sunny day and there hasn't been rain all week. Suddenly, before they could react the puddle turned into two ninjas with chains connecting their hands. The ninjas quickly surrounded Kakashi in seconds.

"Gah!" yelled Kakashi as the chains tore through his body.

"Kakashi!" the couple screamed. Thinking fast, Ino quickly stood in front of Tazuna while Naruto charged the attacked with his fingers in their signature pose.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Suddenly four Naruto's ran side by side towards the chained ninjas.

"Wind Style: Beast Wave Palm!" Yelled the first two clones, releasing a sharp wave of wind towards their opponent. The ninjas quickly jumped to dodge but failed to see the other two clones jump as well with their fingers extended out.

"Wind Style: Blade of Wind!" The chained ninjas quickly dodged one of them while they took out the other clone, making it poof in a cloud of smoke. The two quickly charged towards Ino attempting to surround her and Tazuna.

"Ino watch out!" yelled a clone. Ino just smirked. As soon as the two were within range Ino called out.

"Water Style: Syrup Capture Field!" A pool of sticky liquid was released from her mouth as the perpetrators stepped foot in it.

"Water style: Steaming Water Gun!" Yelled one of the ninjas, blowing hot water over their feet, causing the sticky substance to become less viscous and freeing them from it. Ino was shocked, she prepared a kunai in her hand as they charged yet again. But before they could reach her a barrage of tornadoes hit the two ninjas, knocking them away.

"Wind Style: Twister Shot!" Yelled the three clones as they shot a stream of wind. They once again jumped to dodge the attack.

"Ha you missed aga-" started one of the ninjas before a sharp elbow from above sent him flying towards the ground hard enough to make a crater. The force of the hit pulled the other chained shinobi towards the ground as well, however before he could collide with it, three fists collided with his face causing the chain to break their bonds and send the shinobi flying in the opposite direction. With the two enemies knocked out, Naruto released his clones.

"Ino are you okay?" asked the concerned blonde.

"Yeah thanks baby, I could have handled them though," said Ino as she crossed her arms. Suddenly she remembered about Kakashi.

"Kakashi!" she yelled, she looked towards to where her sensei was attacked only to see a pile of logs in it's place.

"Substitution Jutsu." Said Naruto as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Kakashi with a smile on his face.

"Very good you two, I'm surprised you managed to defeat them!" He said with a smile. 'Really though, I'm really surprised.'

"Ahh it was nothing, we both saw the puddle on the ground, something was up," said Naruto as he put his hands behind his head grinning.

"Good, you know how to notice your surroundings and look beneath the underneath."

"Yeah, thanks to your teachings! But why are shinobi here?" Asked Ino. The three turned their heads to see Tazuna sweating buckets.

"Time for you to talk," said Kakashi.

"W-what? How's it my f-fault," studdered Tazuna.

"Well for one, you're scared as shit," laughed Naruto.

"And for two, I could have easily taken those two ninjas out in a blink of an eye. They were the infamous demon brothers from the Hidden Mist. Chuunin level shinobi. But I had to see who their target was. It was either one of us, or you, and clearly their target was you, so start talking," said Kakashi with a glare. Tazuna let out a sigh and gulped.

"Alright I'll talk. The land is run by an evil business man called Gato. He bankrupted all the people of the country and the only was to revitalise the economy is to build this bridge to the mainland. Thus ending his shipping monopoly. He makes the civilians poor and miserable. We didn't have the money to make this a higher ranked mission. Please understand, we need your help!" cried Tazuna. Naruto and Ino looked at the man who broke down. Ino looked at Naruto who she knew clearly felt his pain. Naruto was poor all of his life after all.

"Kakashi, we got to help them." said Naruto as he turned to face his sensei. Kakashi simply shook his head.

"This is an A-rank mission Naruto. We don't have the supplies or force to take on this mission, we have to go back," said Kakashi as he turned to leave.

"We can't just leave them Kakashi!" said Ino, "They need our help. We can't let this Gato guy keep harassing the civilians! It doesn't matter how high this mission is, we can do it."

"Yeah Kakashi, me and Ino aren't just regular shinobi. We were trained by you and the perverted Sannin!" said Naruto. Somewhere in a women's only bathing pool was an old man with long hair peeping through a hole in the wall.

"Achoo! I swear someone is talking about me… oh well," said the Sannin. He looked back through the hole to continue his "research."

Kakashi thought for a couple seconds.

"Okay we'll help, but on one condition." said the masked shinobi strictly, "Follow my orders, or we're out."

"Okay!" replied the couple in unison. The old man sniffled his remaining tears.

"Thank you, so much."

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