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This Grave isn't a Home.

Kayla had kept her gun trained on Shawn the entire drive and she had taken Shawn all the way back to Davis Tuly's house. Like it had been earlier, the place looked shut in. All the curtains drawn, and every door and window were definitely locked – it was the perfect place for Kayla to end Shawn. This was not a detail that brought Shawn a lot of re-assurance.

"You don't want to do this." They were the first words that had made it from Shawn's mind to his mouth, and they seemed to achieve the desired effect. Kayla's eyes side glanced to him and she shook her head.

"You don't know the first thing about me."

"I know you're hesitating." Shawn challenged. "I mean, if you weren't – why are we still in the car?"

It was true, Kayla had parked right in the driveway of the Tuly house, but they hadn't moved, they remained in the vehicle for about 3 minutes now and Shawn saw that as weakness, a weakness he hoped to extort.

"Waiting for the signal." Kayla muttered. "I suggest you stop talking and start making peace with your maker. This will all be over soon enough psychic."

Shawn debated saying something, and would've actually worked up the nerve to tell Kayla he wasn't exactly a believer. However with McNab's gun still trained on him and with Kayla's sudden stony expression Shawn decided against it. Instead he looked straight ahead to the house; just as one of the curtains got pushed aside briefly and Shawn could see Davis waving them in.

"Stay in the car." Kayla made her order clear and she took a second to prep the gun under her shirt casually, she exited the vehicle and came around to Shawn's side opening the door for him. Shawn of course noticed the gun was still pointed at him from under her shirt. "Walk towards the house."

Shawn did as he was told, not really sure what else to do. In theory he could break into a run but the fact of the matter was, Kayla could probably run just as fast, and Kayla had a gun. Shawn decided his best bet was to bide time. He could sort of tell Kayla was hesitating and he intended to keep trying to milk it. Getting out of the car, Shawn held his hands up to show that he was being perfectly compliant. "See this? I'm walking."

Shawn made light steps for the door, and noted Kayla watching him intently from his peripheral vision as she walked behind him. The door to the house was opened before he could lay his on the doorknob and Davis was waiting, eagerly ushering them in.

"Davis." Shawn greeted in a tight voice, his hands still help up at chest level. "It's uh – nice to see you again, I guess."

"Don't snark!" Davis spat. "Did you make peace yet?"

"Make peace?" Shawn repeated. "Oh yeah, Kayla told me in the car. Davis – you don't want to do this really? You're how old? If you get caught, there's no chance. You WILL die behind bars. You're really risking your last few years just because of something derogatory?"

"I'm willing to risk my last few years, not for what you are, but because of what you did to my son."

"Marcus made his own decisions." Shawn said. "Let's not forget, he's older than me. He sought me out. I had nothing to do with it; your son is as gay as the day is long."

The first shot went off then, apparently Kayla had heard enough. The bullet lodged itself into Shawn's side and Shawn was brought to his knees in pain. He cursed loudly, really not expecting Kayla to shoot so soon. The pain eventually faded into bewilderment, and Shawn was hunched over on his knees completely astounded he had so much blood, I mean – it was everywhere.

"My son is nothing like you." Davis said. "You have him under some disgusting spell. Admit it; you're trying to take his soul."

Logic? Gone! Kayla had shot him, all bets were officially off. Shawn was bleeding profusely, and he was getting pretty sick and tired of being spoken too like he was a lesser person. So with currently nothing to lose anger boiled over despite the searing pain, Shawn talked back between grunts. "Totally." Shawn said. "I want his soul all to myself, and then when I'm done. I'm coming after yours. How about it Mr. Tuly? You feel like dropping trow and getting a piece of this? Now you're old I understand, so I'll be real gentle and I'll try not to throw out that bad hip of yours."

"Disgusting, dirty, faggot!" Davis yelled, and this time instead of Kayla shooting him, Davis had walked over to Shawn in his rage and proceeded to beat Shawn relentlessly with his cane.

The hits didn't hurt as much as they should've, maybe because Shawn was already bleeding from a gunshot wound, or maybe it was because Davis was old enough there was no way he was capable of hitting Shawn as hard as he wanted too. The first view hits landed with enough force to leave bruises on Shawn's back, but from then on out it was just dull thud after dull thud. Shawn managed to lift his head to glance up at Kayla who looked as stony as ever. She met his gaze and Shawn had to wonder if she still wanted to do this... "Kayla..." Shawn tried between hits from the old man's cane. "Help me."

Kayla bit her lip, and for a second considered interfering. She already knew she was going to hell for killing her brother, but maybe if she helped Shawn...things would be better? She didn't know. She watched as Davis continued to hit Shawn with his cane and had to stick with him. Davis had been good to her, treated her well, and helped her try to convert Derek. He was a good man, Kayla loved him. So when Shawn finally managed to speak and ask for help, Kayla's conviction was made, she was sticking by Davis. She fired a warning shot, watching the bullet ricochet off the floor near Shawn's hand.

"Shut up!" Kayla said. "When Davis is done, I'm killing you."

Shawn's mouth opened and he looked like he might say something, but by then the blood loss had become too much. Kayla watched in an odd fascination as Shawn's eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped into a worthless heap.

Lassiter wasn't far off, Guster had given him the address and as soon as backup arrived to see to Guster's medical attention, the detective was making haste to his cruiser. He would not – repeat would not let Shawn get killed. Lord knew he was probably already hurt. "O Hara!" Lassiter called back into the Psych office. "Hurry up or I'm leaving without you!"

Juliet was still by Gus, a giant part of her refusing to leave his side in this condition, he had a concussion. However not much else could be done on her part, Carlton's loud call was enough to jolt her to her feet. A couple uniforms by then had arrived and were calling a paramedic. "Take good care of him." Juliet urged and she gave Gus another look over before running out to meet her partner.


The two were barely inside the vehicle when Marcus Tuly came running up to Lassiter's driver's window.

"Let me come with you." Marcus cut right to the chase.

"No." Lassiter grumbled. "How did you even know we were here? Why the hell are you even here!" Despite the situation, Lassiter hated the idea of another man, let alone Marcus hanging around Shawn's office.

"I had a feeling." Marcus said. "I know about my dad and Kayla, I heard about the gun shots – this is my fault. I have to make this right."

"You're damn right this is your fault." Lassiter said. "Now step back or I won't think twice about running over your feet, you're wasting my time Tuly."

"Carlton!" Juliet snapped. "It's no one's fault! Got it? Marcus look – this is serious, Carlton's right you're wasting time, we can't have you come with us. Not with your dad involved. Now step back!"

Marcus had no choice then but to take a step back from the car, and no sooner did he was Lassiter putting the car into drive and speeding off.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Shawn was barely there, but he was still there enough that when Kayla started shaking him and kicking at him to wake him up his eyes opened. "It's time." Kayla said, and surprisingly strong she grabbed Shawn by his shirt and started to drag him towards the back of the house.

How long had he been out for? Shawn wasn't sure, all he knew is that when Kayla finally dragged him out the backdoor, the first thing Shawn saw was an open grave.

"Executioner style?" Wasn't that a little dramatic? Shawn couldn't say much more, his side had stopped bleeding but it still throbbed continuously and he was still barely conscience.

She dragged him right to the edge of the grave and let him slump there. That's when Shawn started to focus a little more, it was still midday, he couldn't have been out for too long, this grave had been here for days now probably. It was the only slightly logical sense of thinking Shawn had in that moment.

"On your knees." Davis spoke up; it seemed he wasn't willing to do a sloppy job.

Shawn however had no strength to do anything, if they were going to kill him, why not do it already? He didn't move. Couldn't move.

"Didn't you hear me? !" Davis yelled. "On your knees! What the hell is wrong with yo-"

Davis didn't finish his sentence, something Shawn was thankful for. Only he cut off pretty fast...

"Davis!" Kayla screamed, and Shawn had no idea what was happening. He was too delirious to even notice, one second Kayla was behind him and the next she was pushing him aside to run to Davis. The push was enough Shawn wasn't surprised when he fell into the grave. He landed in another heap, and he again passed out, the last thing he heard being Kayla's anguished screams.

Kayla was at Davis' side in less than a second it was evident Davis was having a heart attack and she had no idea what to do, except scream and attempt CPR. "Davis! Davis!" Kayla yelled. "Don't you fucking die on me! We still have work to do dammit!" She pressed her hands against his chest and started pushing repeatedly. It wasn't working, it wasn't working! "Davis!" Kayla was in tears and she kept pressing, Davis didn't deserve to die, not like this. "Don't die!"

Oh but the stubborn old man wasn't listening, he was already long gone, and Kayla had broken. The situation was spiralling out of control, she needed to be back in control. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself. "I'll keep working for both of us." Kayla promised. A quick check of Davis' pulse showed that the heart attack had killed him and Kayla was in too much shock to really think. So like she had with Derek before, she didn't think -she acted. She grabbed for her gun and stood, and covering her eyes made a shot at Davis' head. The bullet made a disgusting cracking sound on impact and Davis' blood came spilling out in a slow puddle around his head. "Murder suicide." Kayla chanted to herself, that's how she was going to make this look, then? She was running. Running as far away as she could.

In her stupor she completely forgot to check on Shawn, but seeing as how he was already shot and in a hole, it was only a matter of time. She knelt by Davis and started using his shirt to clean the finger prints off her gun with every intention of putting the gun in Davis' hand when she was done.

"Drop it!"

Lassiter had driven like the devil, being too focused on the road and finding Shawn to really think of anything else. Juliet had to be the one to grab the radio and announce where they were heading and request back up. A couple uniforms had caught up to them by the time they had reached Davis Tuly's house but Lassiter didn't necessarily care as he went straight for the door. Only he didn't reach the door, he heard a gunshot sound off from the back. Lassiter's stomach dropped and the only thought that crossed his mind was Shawn. "No..." He changed his path, heading to the back of the house while grabbing his gun.

"Carlton!" Juliet called after him; she had to act as the voice of reason. "Hold on we don't want to surprise her!"

"Speak for yourself." Lassiter snapped a bit at his partner, all he knew was that Shawn was back there, and hurt, and he would be damned if he let it go any further. He rounded the house immediately aiming for Kayla. "Drop it!"

Kayla was a blubbering mess. Lassiter had come into the back yard expecting to see Kayla posed as a typical villain, only instead he came into chaos. Right away he saw Davis dead, with Kayla busily using the hem of his shirt to wipe off McNab's gun. The hole in the ground wasn't fresh, it had been dug up days ago, and Lassiter swallowed noting the small trail of blood leading from the back door to the grave. He knew. He knew Shawn was in there. His arm started to shake, and he forced himself to scream again. "I said drop it!"

Kayla froze, that was the detective- she was caught. It was over. "I...Oh fuck." She released the gun and stood slowly, her hands instinctively going up into the air.

Juliet was the one who cuffed her and announced her rights; Kayla remained silent throughout the whole ordeal. An officer had joined them in the back and was now helping to escort Kayla to a squad car, while a couple more officers went over to Davis. It took Lassiter a second to realize it was over; Derek's killer was caught – which only left Shawn. The grave. Lassiter switched the safety of his gun on and holstered it making quick steps towards the hole. He didn't want to look inside, he was too afraid. Part of him believed Shawn would've been long dead by now, but he had to do his job. Lassiter peered down and took his first glimpse. The grave was narrow, no where near big enough for two people, and Shawn lay in the bottom bloody and motionless. Lassiter choked and his breathing hitched quite a bit. Normally it took quite a bit to get the detective to do anything other than his job when on duty. However in that moment, it wasn't detective Lassiter on scene, it was just Carlton in a near panic at what he was seeing. This time he wasn't looking at a doppelganger, he was looking at Shawn. This time god wasn't playing a cruel joke on him -or was he? Lassiter didn't know, or care for that matter. He just wanted to disappear. Shawn was gone.


The voice barely registered, and only when it did, did Lassiter realize that a few tears had made it down his cheeks. He attempted a swallow and turned to face the officer. "Jenkins?"

"We put a call in for two ambulances and a rescue team to get Mr. Spencer out from there -is there anything else you need?"

A shot to the head?

"No." Lassiter said. "Just make sure the rescue team are permitted first entry, I want Spencer out of that hole as soon as possible. I want him declared before..." He couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Before what sir?"

"I want him declared before I call his family."

Jenkins gave a silent nod and went out to make the call over his radio, which left Lassiter to stare aimlessly at Shawn. How long had it been? 3 maybe 4 minutes? Shit.

Shawn was coming back, he wasn't sure for how long but he was coming back. The pain in his side was still tearing at him, and all he wanted was to just be able to go to sleep, but something kept nagging at him to stay aware and to keep focusing on his breathing. Did he imagine the whole thing? He couldn't tell. He couldn't open his eyes either, he was afraid of what he might see if he did. However he did move his hand, instinctively his fingers touched on where he had been shot. That sticky substance? Definitely not jello. He wanted it to be jello. Not the red kind. He much preferred green. What an odd thing to be thinking about right now...Mmm jello... Shawn was going back under, and he hoped he would dream of jello – green jello.

"Shawn! ? Shawn!"

Ugh... Where was all that yelling coming from? Shawn was not amused. He wanted to sleep, and he wanted jello dammit. He didn't have time for headaches.


God dammit, shut up up there!

"Shawn answer me!"

Wait...was that Lassie?

Shawn tried opening his eyes, but it was much too bright, he didn't Lassie he just saw a tall figure standing very high above him. How he knew it was Lassie was anyone's guess. Now how did Lassie get that high? It took a second to register, but it came then. The ground beneath Shawn was moist and a bit jagged, and the air around him smelled rich. His other hand fell limply to his side and he felt dirt, was he in a hole?

He didn't have the physical strength to answer Lassie, but he kept moving his hand as best he could and hoped it'd be good enough.

Lassiter was having a near break down; he had been convincing himself and ripping himself apart with the thought of Shawn being dead. But no sooner when Jenkins left did he see Shawn's hand come to his side. He started calling Shawn's name but got no answer. Shawn just kept moving his fingers. Lassiter's heart was stuck in his throat and it took every bit of logic he had not to jump into that hole. The grave was much too small, and if he jumped, he'd land on Shawn hurting him more. So when the rescue team arrived, Lassiter made himself feel better by shouting orders.

One very complicated pulley system later, and Shawn was being lifted out of the grave carefully and lied down on a stretcher. Lassiter was still completely lost, and very put off when he still couldn't get near enough to Shawn to see him.

"Detective stay back and let us do our job!"

They had moved Shawn from the back of the house to the street, and while Davis' body was being carried away in one ambulance, the paramedics were still tending to Shawn hear the other. The rescue team was still packing up and filling out their reports. People by now were coming out to stand on their front lawns and stare at the scene and Lassiter was starting to feel on edge. He noted Kayla still cuffed in a squad car with Juliet waiting patiently near the cruiser.

"We need to take her in." Juliet reminded him. "This was our case."

Lassiter glanced to the ambulance still tending to Shawn, he had to wait to see him, and he still had to call Henry, christ was he drained. "You drive." Lassiter didn't think twice about handing Juliet the keys. "Let's get this over with."

Kayla's statement was chilling. When she finally talked, she confessed fully to Derek's murder. She had brought her brother to Santa Barbara to meet Davis. The two had met online and Davis was so impressed with her work that he offered to help her 'heal' Derek upon their first meeting. Davis and Derek hadn't taken kindly to each other at all, Davis hated the fact Derek looked like Shawn, and Derek was so angered by what his sister had tried to do, had followed Marcus to the warehouse party that night. He followed Macus, and Kayla followed him. That's when she noted Derek had dropped the letter opener and grabbed it for herself.

"A caught up with Derek in the street. Told him I needed to talk to him privately. We went into the other ware house, and he decided it was a good idea to climb up onto the plat forms. No idea why, but I followed him even though he told me not too. I think he knew what I was planning."

"He didn't run though?" Lassiter asked. "I mean, if I thought someone was about to kill me, I'd probably run."

"Derek was way too optimistic. I guess he figured if he kept a distance he could talk some sense into me. It didn't work. I knew what he was, and I knew why he chose Marcus that night. It's that stupid psychic's fault! I climbed up those platforms and I stuck that letter opener right into his throat. I booked it then."

Lassiter held back the urge to slap her. "Then we called you back here."

"Yes, and that's when I first met the psychic. The resemblance just – Davis hadn't lied to me. I had no idea he worked with the police. He got too invested; I didn't want to get caught. That's when Davis hatched the plan to take him, we both needed him gone. I dug the hole, I went to his office, I grabbed him."

"You left his friend alive." Juliet spoke up then, really Kayla could have shot Gus down, but she didn't and Juliet wanted to know why.

"Davis and I had planned on running; we had plane tickets for tonight. We were going to take refuge in my church, wait for the heat to die off, and change our names. I left the friend alive because he wasn't dirty. Davis said I should've killed him too but- while I was here I went to a local church. I saw him there, and knew that after all this he'd be saved."

This time it was Juliet's turn to frown, it was an odd reason not to kill someone as opposed to other, but with Kayla's thought process Juliet supposed she should just be glad.

The confession ended and Lassiter was as white as a ghost, nothing but concern showed in his face and Juliet could tell by the way his fingers twitched constantly that all he wanted to do was jump into his car and go see Shawn.

"Go." Juliet finally urged him when they got back to their desks. "I'll give Gus a call later, and I'll get started on the paper work okay?"

Lassiter breathed in a long sigh; O'Hara may not be psychic but bless her for her sympathetic tendencies. "Thank you." Was all Lassiter managed to say before grabbing for his keys and heading for his car.

The paramedics did an awesome job stitching Shawn up. After a blood transfusion, a long rest, and an ice pack to help with his bruises he was sitting quite comfortably in his room. Gus was at his side, with a bandage wrapped around his head and slouched in a wheel chair. The two were currently watching Wheel of Fortune.

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids." Shawn called the title a good five moves before the game contestant did, and for the third time Gus groaned.

"You won't let me get one will you?" Gus complained.

"Hell no." Shawn countered. "It's my lifelong dream to compete and become a millionaire."

Gus grinned a bit. "As soon as you get that money, we're hitting up Barbados."

"Exactly!" Shawn sounded excited, his voice then going high pitched. "Give me some love." The two fist bumped. "Diggin your bandage by the way, and the wheel chair."

"Oh yeah." Gus chuckled. "The wheel chair is hospital policy, the bandage? For fun."

"Why for fun?" Shawn was curious.

"You're the one who always said that if we ever end up doing the hospital epilogue scene we both need to do our best to look the part. So I sweet talked a nurse."

Shawn grinned, and then chuckled. "She did a very nice job."

"He did a nice job." Gus corrected. "Got very upset with me when I told him I liked girls though." He had to laugh a little.

"Hold that thought." Shawn turned his attention back to the television. "Last puzzle... hmmmm...Omnipresent!" Sure enough the last word was omnipresent.

"Nice!" Gus exclaimed and again they fist bumped, this time adding an explosion to it.

That's when the door opened and Lassiter stepped in. The room went very quiet then. Shawn knew that Lassiter had his job to do, but he was starting to wonder if and when the detective would show up. Needless to say he was happy to see him. "Lassie."

Lassiter didn't say anything, and Gus pursing his lips decided to make his leave. "I'll be in the waiting area."

Lassiter stepped out of his way as Gus rolled out of the room, and promptly closed the door behind him. "Shawn..." He paused.

"It's okay." Shawn said then. "There's no one else here."

If Shawn wanted some sappy moment, he wasn't getting it. Lassiter had a million things to say and he was never very good at the whole emotion thing. Instead he started rambling.

"None of this would've happened if you hadn't dated that Marcus guy or whatever the hell his name is, I should be arresting him right now! But am I? No. I'm here! Visiting you, you who are stuck in a hospital bed with a gunshot wound in your side and-"

"And cane bruises on my back." Shawn offered.

"And cane bruises on your back!" Lassiter continued. "Do you have any idea how - ...cane bruises?"

"Yeah." Shawn was very casual. "Why do you think I'm prepped up like this? Old man beat me with his cane."

"I...oh dear god..." Lassiter trailed off, he hadn't known and definitely wasn't expecting that. "What the...Spencer what the hell? !"

Shawn ignored the brief pain in his back and shrugged. "I was just pulled along for the ride."

Lassiter's shoulders dropped. Good god he was a mess. "Spencer."

"Shut up." Shawn said. "Not another word."

Lassiter seethed a bit, great just great, he failed to show any sign of sympathy and now Shawn was mad at him. Did he grovel now? "Shawn I'm sor-"

"Kiss me you idiot." Shawn used the tone Lassiter normally used, and not used to hearing Shawn sound that aggressive, Lassiter felt the tips of his ears turning red. He moved over to Shawn's bedside, and bent down to touch his lips against Shawn's. Only to be stopped by Shawn's index finger. "Hold on." Shawn said. "Three more seconds."

Lassiter felt like an idiot, but he did what Shawn said. He counted until three. As soon as he was done counting, Shawn took his finger away and Lassiter finally got to kiss him. He held gently placed his hand on Shawn's shoulder and kissed Shawn for as long as Shawn was willing to kiss back. For someone in a hospital bed, Shawn's kiss was oddly enthusiastic, but Lassiter paid no mind. He took that as a good sign and revelled in the way the tip of Shawn's tongue danced along his bottom lip begging entrance. Lassiter had every intention of obliging, of course – that's when the door opened and Henry came in carrying three coffees.

"Okay, so hospital coffee is the equivalent to liquid crap, so I went down the street. I got Gus his usual and decided you didn't need caffeine so I got you a..."

There was a long pause, and though Lassiter had pulled away from Shawn his lips were still hovering close.

"Carlton." Henry's voice sounded more stern than surprised.

"Henry." Lassiter noted that Shawn was silently laughing, and he glared at him. Little jerk planned this.

"It's a...nice to see you." Henry went on.

"The pleasures all mine." Oh Lassiter felt silly.

"You get a haircut?" Henry asked.

"Erm – no?"

"Ah, I couldn't tell. I'm not normally graced with the pleasure of talking to the back of your head." Lassiter really couldn't tell if Henry was joking or not. He stood, and straightening his tie, turned to face the older man. Henry's face held the same stoic impression it normally did, but no one could mistake the twitch at the side of his mouth. He recognized that twitch as Shawn's. Henry was on the verge of giving a shit eating grin. That explains where Shawn got it from. Thankfully, the older Spencer had more self control.

"Five minutes." Henry said then, and he meant business. "I'm leaving this room for exactly five minutes, then you're going back to work and Shawn is getting rest, do I make myself clear Carlton?"

"Crystal." Lassiter kept his face straight; Henry gave a curt nod and left the room.

"Slightly mortifying?" Shawn asked. "Do you need a new pair of pants?" He joked.

"You planned that." Lassiter accused immediately. "I swear to god you planned that."

"I deny everything." Shawn countered. "Now hurry up and get back here, we only have five minutes."

Lassiter rolled his eyes, but regardless went right back to Shawn's side. Shawn was aggressive, and leaving no words simply yanked on Lassiter's tie pulling him in for more kisses. It wasn't the sweet sappy moment at the end of most chick flicks, but Lassiter was okay with that. He kissed Shawn for all he was worth, cupping the other man's face and drawing him as close as he could. Shawn was alive, and he was the best thing Lassiter had ever tasted. ~


It was a few days before Shawn's bruises were faded enough that he could go home. He was given a few pain killers to help with his stitches as they healed, and on the way back to his apartment his dad had been nice enough to stop at the pharmacy to grab a few ice packs to help him sleep. Of course it was only Henry trying to get Shawn to stay with him. "You'll recover better at my house."

"I want to stay at my place." Shawn argued. "Besides, if I need anything I can just call you, Gus or Lassie."

"You still have bruises on your back." Henry didn't make a question. "If you're not calling me – call Gus. Gus can keep it in his pants."

Shawn grinned. "Do I sense some long overdue fatherly protectiveness?"

"You're a grown man Shawn, I don't care what you do with Carlton, but I swear to god if he can't keep it to himself long enough for you to recover and you end up with permanent back damage I will pistol whip the crap out of him!" Henry's knuckles went white against the steering wheel.

Shawn started laughing.

"I'm serious Shawn!"

"Just pull over. We're here."

They came up to Shawn's apartment, and Shawn was the first one out of the truck. Henry followed him towards his door carrying his duffel bag and he kept reminding Shawn he didn't live that far away. Only Shawn wasn't listening anymore, instead he was grabbing for the envelope someone had taped to his door. He recognized Marcus' hand writing on the front of it.



Shawn turned to face his dad, quickly putting the envelope into the back of his waist band. If Henry had seen it, he didn't say anything. "Sorry dad, I'm just tired. I think I'm going to slide on an ice pack and get some sleep."

Henry softened – albeit just a little. "Okay, call me later. I'll bring you dinner."

"Deal." Shawn agreed and bid his dad good bye. He waited until Henry's truck was out of site before he let himself into his apartment and grabbed for the envelope.

~I'm sorry about what happened, and I can't help but feel responsible. I honestly didn't know what to think about everything. Despite everything, I still love my dad and am absolutely appalled at what he was doing right before he died. I really hope he's at peace now. With that said, I'm glad you're okay and I'm glad this whole stupid mess is over. So I'm saying goodbye. There's nothing for me here in Santa Barbara, so I'm getting on a bus as soon as I deliver this letter. My number is at the bottom; please call me if you need anything, and I mean anything. I owe you so much, I don't care how degrading.


The letter ended there and Shawn sighed; now he really did feel tired. Marcus did always have that over bearing effect on it. He folded the letter and not really thinking about it, slid it into his junk drawer just as a knock came to his door. He smiled when it was Lassie, Lassie who was holding a pineapple, and plush doll made up to look like a cop.

"Where on earth did you get that?" Shawn gestured to the doll – but he reached for the pineapple.

"Don't you dare laugh!" Lassiter said right away as the pineapple slipped out of his hand and into Shawn's. "But I spent 3 hours, and close to $100 at one of those claw machines at the arcade. Gus told me you had your eye on this plush doll forever and..." Lassiter's face went completely red. "Do you know how hard those games are to beat! ?"

As Lassie ordered, Shawn didn't laugh. Instead he smiled and took the plush doll in his other hand. "Why would I possibly laugh Lassie?" Shawn's voice was sickly sweet, and he already forgot about Marcus' letter. "After you went through all that trouble to bring me Lassie Jr."

"What's this now?" Shawn was naming a stupid doll after him? Lassiter wasn't sure he was cool with that, but Shawn was already waltzing through his apartment with Lassiter on his heels, and Lassiter watched as Shawn placed the plush doll neatly on another wise very messy bed. The pineapple however stayed in his hand.

"Lassie Jr. is adorable! Gus didn't steer you wrong." Shawn said, and he kissed the real Lassie on the cheek. "You're my favourite Lassie though." Shawn said it as innocently as possible and he used the pineapple to make a crossing motion over his heart. Lassiter didn't know how to react. So he did something different, instead of reacting – he just started laughing. This whole being with Shawn thing? Yeah. He was definitely getting used to it. Pineapples and all.