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Without further delay, I invite you all to Bella's Birthday Party! I hope you enjoy it!

The town car ride with Emmett from Los Angeles to Las Vegas could have been uncomfortable but with all the test shoots, photo shoots and every other kind of shoot you could think of, I slept most of the way. The last few days had been never ending and I was exhausted. Besides, with Emmett signed on as my manager, I hardly thought of him as Bella's bodyguard any longer. He was hired to protect both of us. Even if we were sweaty, naked and ruining the shocks on her trailer.

We were on our way to Bella's "Barely Legal" Birthday Bash in Vegas and I was incredibly relieved that they had taken some liberties with the title. Bella had in fact turned eighteen two weeks ago. But her shooting schedule didn't allow for a birthday party then. So while she had been legal for over two weeks now, there was anything 'barely' about it.

The strip appeared out of nowhere. One minute nothing but billboards decorated the desert landscape and then all of a sudden, casinos and hotels were everywhere. Pulling up just next door to the MGM Grand, I was looking forward to a quick shower before meeting up with Bella for her first party.

Lucky celebrity, having three birthday bashes.

Apparently I had gotten more sleep than I'd planned on. Somewhere around Barstow we got stuck in traffic for over an hour and now I was running late. Bella's first party was more of a PR thing at M&M World and that was the direction Emmett was currently dragging my well-rested ass.

Chocolate and teeny boppers were not an ideal combination in my mind, but this first party was more of a celebration for Bella's biggest fans. Fifty girls had won tickets to attend Bella's Birthday Bash that was being held in Vegas' temple to chocolate. Seconds after walking through the doorway, my head was filled high-pitched squealing and screaming. The ringing in my ears didn't subside until an hour after the party was over.

Despite the scavenger hunt, M&M-hue themed manicures and high-priced goody bags, I think my introduction to the crowd garnered the loudest response. This was my official coming out as Bella's boyfriend and if the crowd's reaction was any indication, I was most certainly approved of. It didn't hurt that I presented her with a gift that had been hand-picked with this crowd in mind. At least partly.

The gold promise ring I selected was simple in design. It was ridged in such a way that it looked more like three rings melded together. The only hitch in my presentation was when Bella tried to slip the ring on. It was far too large to fit any of her fingers but my back-up plan of having a simple gold chain for her to wear it around her neck worked perfectly. The tweens swooned and squealed some more while I tried to ignore the curious glance I got from Bella.

While Bella finished up with her fans, I was finally allowed to get that much-needed shower. Bella had a wardrobe change and hair and make-up to tend to before the next party started. I'd had less than two seconds alone with her so far and was looking forward to wishing her a happy birthday properly, but we didn't even get to grab dinner together. After a quick bite of room service, I was shown to the club that her second party would be at. This more of an industry party. All the Disney kids would be there, along with MTV and E! camera crews. Slightly more adult but still family-friendly, I patted my pocket to ensure Bella's second gift was safe and secure.

She made her grand entrance alone, flashing a gorgeous smile as she made her way down the specially designed hot pink carpet that marked the entryway for the party. I might have thought my chances at getting her alone would have been better at the club, but I was mistaken. Despite the pumping music, flashing lights and flowing (non-alcoholic) drinks, almost every minute of the evening was choreographed. From the "surprise" performances by some of the top Disney entertainers to the wheeling out of the giant cake practically on fire, everything was a show for the cameras. Even the handful of dances I got with Bella were orchestrated to show off our status as a new couple. If I so much as let my hands wander to her ass for more than ten seconds, I had an angry Emmett staring me down. Not that I was afraid of him or anything, but I kind of wanted my cock to be in good working order for the foreseeable future.

The presentation of my gift at this party was just as public a display as my last one had been. After a short speech about bestowing beautiful jewelry on my beautiful new girlfriend, Bella was holding out the earrings for everyone to see. After putting on a big show of how well the dangly, jeweled butterflies sparkled in the swirling club lights, Bella turned to me with a knowing look. Keeping my lips pressed firmly together, I forced her to refrain from anything more than a chaste kiss. Although this crowd would have been okay with a quick slip of the tongue, I had one present left to give her and didn't want to ruin the surprise yet.

Bella and I had been separated at the club as we gave several on-air interviews. Me, talking about how great she was. And her, talking about all her grand plans to make her eighteenth year a great one. It was only when Emmett dragged me away from the E! News correspondent that I knew I was finally free. Back to the hotel and up to the penthouse, it was nice to leave the act behind us. The disappointing amount of alcohol at the club party had me all keyed up as I made my way to Bella's after hours shindig. Finally, this was the real party.

Emmett escorted me to the suite, although I'm quite sure I could've found it on my own. Not only was it the entire top floor of the hotel, it was also so loud that you could hear it from five floors away. The party was in full force by the time we knocked on the door. How anyone heard us, I'll never know.

The door swung open and many of the kids from the club had hitched a ride as the party moved locations. The only differences now were the dress code and refreshments. Perhaps a sonic boom or something on the elevator ride up was responsible for the lack of clothing but it was clear that this was a different type of party. The smell of alcohol was so strong that I could practically get a contact high just from breathing. Finally, a real party.

Bella's trilling laughter hit me and I watched as she skipped her way through the crowd to greet me and Emmett. She, too, had managed to shed some clothing. Her top, in particular. She was just wearing a short black skirt now with pink thigh highs and heels. Adorning her pink nipples were the "earrings" I'd given her at the club a few hours earlier. Of course she would've known what they really were. The silver bars were slipped through her pointed nipples and the sparkling butterflies hung over the bottom curve of her tits. Shimmying her shoulders caused the butterflies to dance and I watched her glance at Emmett.

"Isn't he just the best, Em? Aren't they gorgeous?"

I'm fairly certain he didn't actually look at her bare and shaking tits. But his eyes did meet hers as he spoke. "Gorgeous, Bella." His penetrating gaze shifted to me just before he said, "Edward."

I suppose his tone might have been threatening, but I couldn't find it in myself to care. Bella threw her arms around my neck and before she could attack my mouth, I dipped my tongue down to flick at one of her nipples. She squealed and tightened her arms around my head. Sucking long and slow, I pulled my lips apart and just held onto her nipple with my teeth. Glancing at Emmett, I closed my lips back around her pert little nipple briefly before pulling back.

"Thanks, Emmett. I'm glad you like them," I said.

Bella's feet were off the floor and wrapped around my waist. I lurched forward under the sudden extra weight and kept up the momentum by moving further into the room. Waving a hand in Emmett's general direction, I had no idea if he saw or was even still inside the doorway. As I carried Bella and her bouncing tits across the room I noticed a few illicit substances spread in thin lines across a coffee table. It was probably best that Emmett leave now instead of forcing the party to end before I even got to enjoy myself.

By the time Bella loosened her grip and slid slowly down my body, we had reached the suite's outdoor pool. Perched on the top of the hotel, the view from the water overlooked the glowing strip. I had been hoping for her bedroom but the pool looked secluded enough. Most of the party goers were inside the suite. Most of them.

There were already two people enjoying the pool. Someone I should know by now but had never actually met.

Jessica Stanley.

She was in the water with a hot red head that I didn't recognize. My eyes were drawn back to Jessica as she spoke.

"So you must be Eddie."

"Edward," I automatically corrected her. "You've seen my screen test, I take it."

Of course she's seen your screen test, jackass. It's her show! You wouldn't have signed a contract if she hadn't approved you.

"Actually Bella's death grip on your cock gave it away. But yeah, I've seen your screen test too."

Sure enough, Bella's hand had a death grip on my denim-clad cock. It was a rather default position for her and I probably wouldn't even have noticed if she'd done it at the M&M kiddy party earlier.

Wait a minute. Did she do it there?

I couldn't be entirely sure she hadn't.

Bella gave my cock a rough stroke through my jeans causing my legs to buckle slightly.

"Alright, alright, Bella. We all know he's yours." Jessica laughed with Bella and the mystery red head chimed in.

Leaning down to Bella's ear, I whispered, "So where's your room?"

I was answered by an exaggerated pout.

"Eddie… I was about to go for a dip when you showed up. You don't think I walk around topless all the time, do you?"

Stupid question, Bella.

Ever since first being subject to the patented Bella Swan pout that seemed to work miracles, I'd been trying out my own version. I didn't have it perfected just yet but it seemed to work okay. On everyone but Bella, that is. Right now was no exception. Hopping up to her toes, she bit my lower lip and I quickly pulled it back.

"Fuck," I murmured while sucking on my sore lip.

"Later, baby. Later. First, we get naked in the pool."

Bella may have been stripping down to go for a dip but I was the most overdressed person at the party in jeans and a t-shirt. Bella helped remedy that by relieving me of my shirt. I glanced over her shoulder to Jessica and the red head as Bella's finger popped the button on my jeans. The girls seemed to be wrapped up in each other, quite literally. A quick strip down and hop in the pool couldn't hurt, especially if I wasn't being ogled by anyone other than Bella.

Her mouth was suddenly next to my ear, "Pretty hot, right?"

I glanced down at her and she nudged my jaw with her nose, toward the pool. I half-nodded as I watched Jessica stick her tongue into the red head's mouth. They were both covered by the water from just below their shoulders, but I imagined they had little on underneath the surface. In fact, the movement of the red head's hands led me to believe that Jessica's tits were enjoying a little attention. The whimpering didn't do much to disprove that theory.

"You should see her tits. They're amazing," Bella read my mind. "They taste pretty good too."

That did it.


"So you've uh-" I tried to speak calmly.

"Many, many, many times. You know how boring it can be on set."

She was now licking my neck and if I wasn't hard before, my cock was downright painful now. Bella read my mind again, as she pushed my jeans and boxers down so I could step out of them.

Slipping into the warm water, I turned my attention to Bella. At some point she had removed her mini skirt, thigh highs and heels and she was now standing almost hip height in the water. The rippling waves swirled around her pussy, obscuring it from my view. Dipping her hands into the water, she lifted a handful to her neck and let it slip down her skin. Watching it roll over her peaked, decorated nipples, between her pert tits and down to her soaking pussy, I tried my best to get into the water without falling face first.

"How do you like me wet?" She purred.

"Very much," I murmured. Now that I was in the warm water, I quickly closed the distance between her and slipped a finger into her hot little pussy. "Very, very much."

As many times as I'd seen Bella wet, this had to be the best. Why was she not under contract to always be in a pool or tub or some other body of water?

Bella moaned loudly and rocked her hips against my finger before slowly pulling away from me. Sinking deeper into the water, the ends of her hair swirled on the surface. Lowering my body into the water as well, I leaned over her body, pressing her into the side of the pool. Her tits pressed against my chest and my cock nestled between her wet legs. I rolled my hips into her and snuck my hand back down to her pussy. As I slipped two fingers in, she brought her hands up and out of the water.

A quick pass on her nipples, she continued higher until she reached the thin chain around her neck that I only just now noticed. Giving it a tug, she had a wicked gleam in her eye. The promise ring I'd given her hours before swung out from behind her neck and came to settle in the water just between her tits. Looking back up at her, she winked and then slipped her finger into it. Being far too big for her finger, she loosely twirled it while letting her other hand dive back underwater. Her long fingers wrapped around my hard cock and she tugged just enough to warrant a groan from me.

"Too bad we can't use this yet," her eyes darted down to the still spinning ring.

Hmm… had she figured it out already?

"No way this'll fit on you now."

Another slow tug on my cock and I had my answer. Her finger and thumb formed a ring around my cock and slowly rubbed from the base up to the tip.

Leaning in, I growled lowly in her ear. "I've never promised a girl my cock before."

"Good," she murmured.

I had really wanted to give her my last present in private. I'd planned a special way of delivering it to her and everything. But right now I was ready to forgo any sort of a plan. My dick was in charge… or maybe her hand was. Either way, I leaned in to finally kiss her when she turned her head to the two girls that were still making out across the pool from us.

"Jess, Vicky… did you girls see what Eddie got me for my birthday?"

The red head, Vicky, I assumed, broke from Jessica's lips.

"We all saw the nipple rings, Bella. I'm still a little pissed that you only let Jess-"

Both Jessica and Bella's mouths interrupted her. Jessica's tongue was back in Vicky's throat and Bella continued talking.

"No, not those, silly. I mean, this."

With one hand still slowly milking my cock, she lifted the chain from the water and peered through it. The girls had stopped kissing and turned to look but it was pretty obvious that their hands were still busy underwater. Although they had slowed their motions considerably.

Removing her hand from my cock, I whimpered pitifully. Placing her hand at the back of my neck, she turned me so I was backed against the pool wall.

"The real shame of it is," Bella continued talking to the now-enraptured girls. "It won't fit."

"Are you sure? It looks plenty big." Jessica sounded serious but the look on her face gave her away.

"Oh, it's big alright. Just not big enough. Not right now anyway." Bella's hand slipped from my neck to my chest, where she rubbed up and down. Each time her hand stroked down my body it got closer and closer to my cock. I was all but bucking my hard dick into her hand at this point.

"Really?" Vicky's exclamation was more serious.

Bella pressed her hard tits against my chest and sucked on my ear lobe. "Want to show them, Eddie?"

What the fuck-

Her tongue traced the curve of my ear before she sucked on it again. "Show them what they're missing."

Her teeth clamped down on my ear before she continued sucking and licking. "It's not like I'm gonna share anyway."

She couldn't possibly be serious. But one glance over at Jessica and Vicky, I could see they were waiting for my decision. Did I want to show them my cock?

"Besides," I could hear the pout in her voice. "They don't believe me."

Dragging my eyes away from the fondling girls, I looked into Bella's face. "Don't believe you about what?"

She brought both hands to my chest and slowly inched them downward.


Her fingers traced my abdominal muscles.


A quick lick to my nipples.


She sunk down in the water along with her hands.


One hand lightly wrapped around my cock.


The other hand joined it.


Both hands pressed to the base of my cock and I lowly whistled.


The same torturous tug in the other direction now until her thumbs swirled around my head.


With that she took a breath and ducked underwater. Her hands moved back to my hips as I felt her hot mouth on my hard cock. Taking me all the way in, I gripped the side of the pool to steady myself. She swallowed once, twice… before pulling off of me and emerging from the water.

Bella's hair fell in a dark wet sheet down her back and over her shoulders. Coming to rest just above her bejeweled nipples, I watched her blink the water from her eyes. The grin on her face was victorious as she glanced down.

I had risen to my toes at the sheer thrill of her mouth on me and the swollen head of my cock had emerged from the water. Bobbing at the surface, it was impossible to hide my size.

A throaty laugh from across the small pool caught my attention.

"Well, now you have to show us the whole thing, Eddie." Jessica had her arms thrown out on the deck that bordered the pool. Vicky was still watching me but was also lavishing Jessica's nipples with kisses while working her hands underwater.

Bella took advantage of my distraction to pin me against the wall again. Rubbing her tits against me she urged me to hop up onto the deck.

"Just think. You'll be at the perfect height for Bella to give you a hand job." Jessica's goading continued.

Bella quirked an eyebrow at Jessica before looking back to me. "You get out of the water and I'll suck your balls while I jerk you off."

I don't think I would've gotten out of the water faster if someone had told me lightening was about to strike.

Sitting my bare ass down on the side of the pool, my lower legs dangled in the water on either side of Bella. She took one step and was immediately confined in the space between my legs, her hands coming to rest on my thighs. The slow stroking started on my legs as she called over to Jessica and Vicky.

"So… believe me now?"

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jessica shrug.

"I guess. You guys are kinda far away."

Bella rolled her eyes as her fingers dipped to my inner thighs briefly.

"Then come the fuck over here. I already got him out of the pool. I'm not about to have him splinter his ass to give you a better look."

Jessica pulled Vicky's face up from her tits and gave her a brief open-mouthed kiss. In some sort of unspoken agreement, the pair swam a little closer to us before settling back against the side of the pool. Although there were still a bit of a distance away from us, I could clearly see Jessica's tits bobbing just below the surface of the water. And Bella was right. They were amazing. Full and round, her nipples were hard and dark and peeking just above the swaying water. Vicky caught my eye as she leaned down to suck one back into her mouth. Quickly claiming the other nipple too, the look in her eye was challenging. She pulled back long enough to address me.

"Besides, it's not like we have a lot to compare it to."

Oh right. My thick and throbbing, long and hard cock.

Bella scooped her hands under my balls and rolled them for a second before bringing her palms back to my thighs. The build up was killing me but I tried my best to remain nonchalant. I lifted an eyebrow at Vicky and caught Jessica's eye.

"So you girls are virgins then, huh?"

The giggling that erupted from them interrupted any tit sucking for the moment. I heard a slight snicker come from Bella but she seemed to be concentrating on her ministrations to my lower body too much to fully give into the laughter.

Jessica was the one with her back to the wall but she quickly reversed her position with Vicky and straddled the red head's lap. Despite being underwater, I could tell that her knees were spread wide and Vicky's hands were in a prime location. A few rippling waves later and Jessica's head fell back slightly as she let out a low moan. Glancing at me from over her shoulder, Jessica leaned forward, offering a pointed nipple to Vicky.

"Oh no, Eddie. We're no virgins. We just don't like dick, that's all."

"Well if you don't like dick-" the word came out as a squeak when Bella chose that moment to roll my balls again. "ahem…dick, how are you not virgins? I mean, don't knock if you haven't tried it."

"I don't think there's much that Jess hasn't tried, Eddie." Bella's voice was soft as she concentrated on stroking one finger at a time lightly down the long length of my weeping cock.

I shivered and looked back to the writhing girls nearby.

"So what… you tried it once just to lose it and that was it? Maybe you picked the wrong guy."

"Oh fuck, baby, right there… right there… now stop. Hold still for a sec, babe." Jessica leaned down and planted a soft but long kiss on Vicky's lips. Vicky bit down on Jessica's lower lip, sucking it into her mouth.

With a sly smile, Jessica pulled back. "Now, now, babe. That's doing nothing to help with my concentration."

Something moved underwater and Jessica let out a low moan before turning an admonishing look on Vicky, who finally appeared a little contrite.

"Baby, let me put this jackass in his place and then I'm all yours."

I scoffed a little at the jackass comment.

Clearly if one bad lay – your first! – has you declaring a ban on all dick, you are the jackass.

It took every once of willpower I had to pay attention to Jessica as she turned slightly to face me. The shudder that ran down her spine only managed to call my attention to her tits. Bella's were perfect but Jessica's were huge. They looked like beach balls on the surface of the water and I suddenly realized that lesbian or no, there were worse things than to be awaiting a hand job while being surrounded by three sets of tits.

Jessica cleared her throat and I looked up at her face. I refused to look embarrassed for looking. At least I wasn't about to claim that boobs didn't do it for me.

"I'll concede that your cock is big and long and powerful and amazing and all that shit. While I'm sure Bella has a hell of a time riding that steel rod and having it bump all her lady parts around…"

Bella nodded and nipped at my neck, she was back to stroking my inner thighs, staying just a breath away from said steel rod.

"…I've found much better ways to get off."

"Oh I'm sure." I'd been leaning back with my hands supporting me. Shifting my weight, I lifted a hand from the deck and wiggled my long fingers at her. "A little digit action goes a long way. But something tells me even my fingers would rival Vicky's."

I stroked my index finger down Bella's cheek and when I reached her mouth she sucked it all the way in. My breath hitched as she rolled her tongue around it and let me slowly release it from her mouth.

"Ohhhh…" I was pretty sure the sound coming from Jessica wasn't in response to me. Her eyes closed briefly and I could tell she was rocking her hips toward Vicky. Without opening her eyes, she spoke to me.

"I think you've got the wrong 'f' word, Eddie."

Finger, fuck… how many 'f' words are there? Fist- damn.

Jessica's eyes now open, she watched it dawn on me.

"That's right, Eddie boy. Fisting. And Vicky's is the best I've ever had." Another roll of her hips was followed by a low moan. And then we lost them.

Jessica's lips crashed down on Vicky's and I watched as Jessica reached up to fondle Vicky's tits. The low, sexy sounds coming from them was such a turn on, I found myself reaching for my cock. It was only when I grabbed hold and stroked a few times that I realized Bella's hands were gone.

Looking away from the girls, I searched frantically for Bella but didn't have to go far. She was still right in front of me. But her eyes were on Jessica and Vicky too and her hands were on her own tits. Flicking her nipples sharply up and down, the chains from her new rings bounced and swayed. Spreading her left hand wide, she placed her thumb on one nipple and her pinkie on the other. Her eyes looked back to mine as she made slow but hard circles on her tight, pink peaks.

Leaning back on my free hand, I fully committed to what my other one was doing. Pulling my cock to its fully erect length and sweeping my thumb over the dripping head, I licked my lips and looked back to Bella's tits.

"This is fun and all," Bella's voice was low and breathy. "But aren't I supposed to be doing that?"

She wrapped her tiny hand over my fist and joined me in the slow stroking.

"I don't want your tits to get lonely." I kept my hand firmly in place under hers.

"Oh, they won't. I expect they'll get the special celebrity birthday treatment in a little while. Right now I'm looking forward to getting my hands and mouth on another present."

I quirked my lips up at her and she loosened her hand just enough to let me remove mine. Settling my weight back on both arms, I let her place both hands on my cock. Tugging and twisting at the same time, she looked at me with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"It's a shame you didn't wrap it for me. But it's just what I wanted. The biggest, the longest, the thickest and the best present I could've asked for."

I answered her smile with my own. "All yours baby. All yours."

Turning her attention to my cock, I snuck a glance at the wet, rocking bodies close by. It seemed like Bella wasn't the only one getting gifts around here. I looked back to Bella just in time to see her dip down into the water a bit.

Her mouth was level with the head of my cock and her hands had angled me down a little. Placing a lingering, open-mouthed kiss on my head, she then lifted my cock back up. I was so hard at this point that if she'd let go my dick would be standing tall against my stomach. Her hands kept me anchored just a little lower than that, but high enough so she could reach my balls. She kept one hand at the end of my cock, twisting and squeezing the head as her hot little mouth closed around one of my balls.

She pulled the whole thing into her mouth and gently closed her lips. The heat was incredible. Lowly moaning, she sent vibrations through my whole body. My moans matched hers and it took me a minute to realize I had my eyes closed. Forcing them to open, I looked down at her. Her hand was still jerking off the very tip of my cock and the side of her face lay against my inner thigh as she slowly sucked on my ball.

I could feel the heat rising in my lower body when she let me pop out of her mouth. Quickly leaning her head to my other leg, she slipped my neglected ball into her mouth and gave it the same treatment. Switching hands at the same time, she now took her finger and thumb and dragged them up and down my entire length. When she reached my head she would pump short and hard a few times before resuming the slow and steady pace along my entire cock. It felt like heaven.

Screams were building nearby and it took every ounce of willpower I had not to give into the sounds. Jessica was climaxing and I didn't want my sweet torture to end so soon. Bella released my ball again just as I felt it tightening. Giving my balls a rest, she placed both hands on my cock and wrung it out towards her. Twisting one hand after the other, she was stroking out droplets of pre-cum each time she came to my head.

One final scream had Jessica cumming and she finally collapsed, panting, against Vicky's shoulder. The concentration on Vicky's face was intense as she slowly brought Jessica down from orgasm. Finally she brought both of her hands out of the water and lifted Jessica's head from her shoulder. Holding one hand on either side of her face, the two shared a long kiss. When they finally pulled back, I watched Jessica lift Vicky's fisting hand to her mouth and lovingly clean off each finger. My balls hardened and drew up slightly although Bella had yet to return to them. Closing my eyes, I took a few deep breaths and opened them moments later to see the two girls looking at me.

"Pretty impressive, Eddie. You still got him going, huh Bella?"

Bella had slipped both my balls into my mouth before answering and so the low, humming affirmative shot directly through me.

"Oh so it's like that, is it?" Jessica turned her wicked grin on Vicky and pulled away from her. Just as she reached her knees, Jessica tugged on Vicky, bringing her body away from the wall. Apparently this wasn't anything new. Vicky seemed to know just what Jessica had in mind. Gripping the edge of the pool, Vicky let her body float to the surface of the water so now I was getting my first glimpse of her naked tits. Not as big as Jessica but who was I kidding? Tits are tits and they were awesome to look at.

Her body was dripping with water and I watched as Jessica worked her way back in towards Vicky's bare pussy. Spreading the red head's legs a little, she dipped her head down and slowly licked up those wet folds.

"Let's see who comes first, shall we?" Those were the last words Jessica spoke before she dove down into Vicky's pussy.

Bella once again answered with a hum and I grappled at the pool deck for something to hold onto. I wasn't sure if Bella won if I came first or second and I really wanted to figure it out before blowing my load.

Pressing my cock against my stomach, Bella ran her tongue between my balls before rolling from one to the next. Using my rock hard abs as a support, she stroked me roughly with one hand. With Bella dragging the sensitive skin of my shaft up and down, I had to distract myself a little. Looking around the pool proved to be a mistake. Vicky had her eyes closed and her wild red curls were floating in the water around her like the fire of a thousand suns. She had let her knees drift further apart and from my angle I could make out Jessica sucking and nipping at Vicky's clit.

Bella let me slip out of her mouth again and flicked at my hard balls with her tongue before sucking them back into her mouth. Her palm pressed flat against my cock, trapping it against my stomach again, stroking it to the very tip. The groaning overtook me again and I try to block out the frantic pants and mewls I could hear coming from Vicky. Opening my eyes briefly, I caught Jessica looking at me. I couldn't be sure because her mouth was buried in pussy, but it looked like she was smirking at me.

I turned my eyes back to Bella, who was also looking at me. She winked and let one ball slip from her mouth. She encased the other one with her lips and tongue before letting it pop out. Blowing on it, I shuddered at the sudden temperature difference.

"That's it, baby, that's it." The soft encouragement came from Jessica moments before I saw her stroke her long tongue slowly up Vicky's pussy. Jessica's fingers spread Vicky's dripping folds apart, getting deeper and deeper with each pass of her tongue.

During this, Bella had switched to my other ball and gave it the same treatment. She continued alternating. Sucking one in, warming and wetting it before releasing it to the cool air and her soft breath. Letting my tight and tense balls cool in the air for a second, Bella returned her hands to my cock. Pulling it away from my abs, she wrapped both hands firmly around my length and started gently twisting her hands in opposite directions. Stroking her hands closer and closer to my head before returning all the way to the base and starting all over again.

Hoping that Vicky was about to give into her building pants, I saw Jessica stretch her arms over the red head's torso. Her fingers gripped onto Vicky's nipples and tugged and twisted them, bringing Vicky's cries to a whole new level. Pulling back just far enough for me to see, Jessica stiffened her tongue, winked at me and then plunged back into Vicky's pussy. Twisting her head side to side, Vicky writhed in the water. It was a good thing she was holding on to the edge of the pool. Her head would dip under the water briefly but then re-emerge as she gasped for air. Whether her gasps were because of being underwater or because of Jessica's tongue, I couldn't be quite sure.

And I would never find out. I couldn't watch them any longer. Tightly closing my eyes, I gave into the sensations that Bella was lavishing on me. The tugging. The pulling. The twisting. The warm heat of her mouth was on my balls again, sucking them both in. They tightened and pulled up immediately, no longer able to hold off my impending orgasm. As they hardened in her mouth, Bella started nipping with her teeth. Working her jaw side to side she scraped her teeth lightly across the skin that was getting harder with every passing second. One hand went back to tugging on my cock, stroking it upward. Stretching and pulling on me, her bites became a little more pronounced as her hand sped up.

My chin fell to my chest and then snapped back. My body didn't know what to do. Waves were rippling around Bella in the water as my legs shook from the force of her hands, mouth and tongue. My fingernails scraped on the pool deck, clawing desperately as I climbed toward my release. My head snapped forward and back again. I wanted to collapse onto Bella in the water, lay the weight of my heaving body on her. But the angle she held my cock at had me at war with myself. I didn't exactly want a face full of jizz when I finally blew my load.

Vicky's pants and whimpers had grown into screams and feral animal noises. Every now and then a frantic gurgling was mixed in and I had to wonder if she was drowning. If she was I could hardly find it in myself to care. Sure, I was a gentleman and a good swimmer. I'd gladly save her. After I came.

Bella's strokes on my cock grew faster and shorter, her mouth tightened on my balls. Swiftly pulling off of me, the rush of cold air followed by her sharp licks to the underside of my balls pushed me over the edge. Her hand milked the cum out of my cock. My head fell forward against my will but Bella had the presence of mind to pull my cock toward her. Groaning through her languid strokes, I could feel the cum pulsing from my cock in strong spurts. Finally able to open my eyes, I saw Bella standing in the water, dripping wet. No longer with just water, but also my cum. It decorated her bejeweled tits, dripping from her nipples like glistening drops of sex. Closing the little space between us, Bella took my still hard cock and smeared the head of it in the mess on her chest. Biting back a growl, I inched my hips away from her.

The pout was back. Before she could plead with me and get me hard again in a matter of seconds, I slipped my finger into the ring around her neck.

"You gotta let me get soft for at least a minute if you want to get that cock ring on me."

She bit her lip and tipped her head to the side, pretending to consider my offer.

"Alright. Just one minute though."

Exhausted, throaty laughter followed her statement and I suddenly remembered that Jessica and Vicky were still here. And apparently they were done too. At least Vicky was. Her body was back in the water, the two girls wrapped loosely in one another's arms in the middle of the pool.

Bella swiveled to face them, backing against the wall of the pool. Her wet hair stuck to my stomach and chest and I couldn't help but wrap my arms protectively around her. One hand fell to her ribcage and the other grabbed a firm tit. Flicking her nipple in a playful manner, I placed a light kiss on the top of her head. Bella moaned and pushed her tits into my hand just a little more.

"Your minute is almost up."

I heeded her warning and kept my hand wrapped around the bottom of her tit but left her nipple alone. Resting my chin on her head, I looked over at the lazy, spent girls floating in the water.

"So… who won?" I asked.

Jessica raised an eyebrow at Vicky in question.

Vicky sighed. "I'm afraid it may have been a tie."

"I'll take a tie," I said.

"You may," Jessica spoke. "But not me."

"Sounds like a rematch is in order," Bella challenged.

Sneaking a hand around behind her back, she placed a light touch on my softening cock.

"How about round two in about five minutes?" She said to the girls.

Jessica laughed and shook her head. "No way, Bella. Not with your cock ring in play. That's cheating. And don't try that pout on me. It will get you nowhere."

Bella giggled and sank back into my chest, her arms lazily lying across my thighs.

Vicky started toward the edge of the pool and slowly walked up the steps, out of the pool. Water streamed down her long, lean body as she turned and crooked a finger to Jessica.

"Let's go, Jess. My mouth wants a turn. Besides, stay in the water too long and your tits will shrivel up."

Jessica was already making her way toward Vicky when she stood and grabbed her generous tits in her hands.

"These babies? Never."

Rolling her thumbs across her nipples, they hardened immediately. She tugged her left breast upward and leaned down to flick her tongue out. Another centimeter and she sucked the long brown peak into her mouth, slurping loudly.

"Fuck baby, I love when you do that." Vicky grabbed Jessica's hand and pulled her from the pool. The two embraced and stumbled back into the suite, tongues tangling. From just inside the sliding glass doors, I could hear Jessica call out.

"Nice to meet you, Eddie. Looking forward to seeing more of you."

Bella was still relaxed against my chest. One hand traveled up to wind in my hair.

"I don't see how that's possible. She's already seen quite a bit of you."

I turned her in my arms and she looked down briefly before looking up at me. Her big brown eyes looked disappointed. Glancing down I saw that I was hard again.

"You liked that huh?"

"Fuck, Bella. She can suck her own tits. That's pretty damn hot."

"Hmm," she seemed to consider my thought. "You're right. That's something I'd like to see."

"Maybe during our rematch," I nodded.

"Oh no, you misunderstand." Bella placed a finger on my lips. Knowing I would open my mouth to her, she let me lick her finger before trailing her hand down. Finally she reached my cock and tapped the head of it.

As most of my blood and thought processes were currently residing in my cock, I was not comprehending what she meant. Another trail from my tongue to my cock and yet another before I finally got what she was saying.

"Suck my own cock, Bella? Seriously?"

"Why not?" She shrugged. "You're definitely big enough. Besides, I didn't get the cock ring on you in time. I need this," she tapped my swollen head again. "…soft. So get busy."

I shook my head and curled my lips up at her. "If you want him soft, you're gonna have to lend him a hand."

"But I've already done that."

Goddamn that pout.

"Yeah, but she didn't." My hand dipped underwater and a long finger slipped quickly into her warm heat. Withdrawing my finger and stroking up to pinch her clit, Bella smiled through her moan.

Taking me by surprise, she jumped up onto the deck, straddling my legs. Grabbing my cock roughly in her hand, she positioned herself above me.

"In a rush?"

"Hell yes," she growled. "I want to use my birthday present."

It was only then that something dawned on me. I still had another present for her. My last present for her. Hopefully the best.

Gripping her by the waist, I quickly rolled her onto her back. Pressing her into the floor, I hovered over her.

"I still have one present left."

"Oh?" She quirked an eyebrow at me as I slipped out of her view and into the water.

Her pussy was in the perfect position, right at the edge of the pool. Flicking my tongue out of my mouth, I clacked the brand new tongue ring against my teeth. Bella's head snapped up. Lifting my mouth into a crooked grin, I slowly extended my tongue for her to see.

"Ooh… that looks like fun."

"Let's find out, shall we?" I lowered my face to her gorgeous, wet pussy. Bella groaned and dropped her head back to the deck.

Sticking my tongue out, I placed a slow, lingering lick up the hot folds of her pussy and felt her writhe under me. Dipping my tongue lightly into her, I placed light circles around her clit with my thumb. Pulling back to kiss along her inner thighs, I lifted my head to see her face with a look of pure pleasure on it.

"Happy birthday, Bella."

Her hands shot up to grab at my hair. One fierce look from her had my knees buckling.

"Blow out my candles already, Eddie."

Anything for you, Bella.

I dove my long, stiff tongue back into her pussy. Stroking and twisting, hitting her clit with my tongue ring, I was finally wishing my girl a happy birthday.

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