Hydreigon's Sexy Suspender Striptease

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: It's Hydreigon, what more could you want? Enjoy, everybody, enjoy.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Hydreigon was taking a nap. A very peaceful nap. In the middle of an un-active volcano.

That would now be active because an Infernape crashed into it. And how? Because said Infernape was fighting with a Blaziken, as the two were having a muffin fight. Why? Because they're fire-fighting Pokemon, they love muffins.

But Hydreigon was not pleased. Not in the slightest. Getting up, he roared with all three of his heads as the volcano spewed out hot red flames, the dark-dragon type Pokemon flying out as he flew towards Blaziken and Infernape, landing in front of both of them, growling with rage in his eyes. Blaziken and Infernape glanced at each other, then back at Hydreigon.

"Hey... wanna muffin?" Blaziken asked as he raised a tray full of warm, delicious, sugary muffins.

Hydreigon snarled as he wiped the tray away with his tail, the muffins tossed into the molten magma. Blaziken glanced back at Infernape, who merely shrugged. Hydreigon roared loudly into the faces of Blaziken and Infernape, showing that he was enraged.

"Dude. Were you born inside a cocoon?" Infernape asked as he scratched his head.

Hydreigon narrowed his eyes as he grabbed both Blaziken and Infernape with his side heads, flying into the sky and tossing both of them into the molten magma below. Suddenly, a bluish warp portal appeared, with Arceus appearing right in front of Hydreigon.

"Hydreigon, I have been watching you, and we need a savior for the townspeople," Arceus stated as he used his mind to control Hydreigon, "Come with me, my son."

Hydreigon followed, regardless of whether or not he wanted to go. The warp portal disappearing, Infernape and Blaziken started tossing burnt muffins at each other, giggling like schoolgirls.