Hydreigon shook his head as he prepared for combat. The Ferrothorn was intelligent in raising his defense, as Hydreigon attempted to smash him with his tail. However, Hydreigon yelped in pain as the iron barbs on Ferrothorn protected him. Growling as his tail was in pain, Hydreigon attempted to use Crunch, but the steel had protected Ferrothorn from such attempts. All of his sharp teeth breaking apart, Hydreigon became enraged and flew high into the sky, above the entire tropical jungle. Taking in a deep breath, he fired an immensely charged Flamethrower from all three of his heads at the spot where Ferrothorn was, not only burning Ferrothorn alive, but the entire jungle with him. After three straight minutes of burning, of which by the time he was finished, the entire jungle had been burned away, Hydriegon let out a sigh of relief as he came back to the down. Much to his surprise, Arceus popped up from another warp portal, who was disappointed with Hydreigon's performance.

"Hydreigon, I am disappoint. I sent you on a very important mission, and what do you do?" Arceus bemoaned as he shook his head, "You've completely abandoned the original plan as well as burning an entire jungle filled with innocent life! Have you no shame at all?"

Hydreigon let out a yawn to express that he had no caring. Arceus was about to cast Judgement, but Hydreigon blasted him with a Dark Pulse, knocking the Pokemon God out cold. Finally at peace with the world, Hydreigon flew away towards the western direction, to find his new volcanic home.

"Just keep flying..." Gamera chuckled as he pounded his fists together, hiding within a set of dark stormy clouds nearby as he licked his lips together upon seeing Hydreigon fly. "You have no idea what's about to come down to you..."