I was watching a Teen Titans episode one day, and to be more elaborate, tis the one where Control Freak's remote pulls them all into the T.V. This is where the idea of someone becoming dragged into there world from ours was born.

And at that point, Fanfiction was calling.

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

The Titans had been fighting a good portion of the later evening through a battle, a chaotic scene that has set itself within an old, run-down warehouse. A new villain had appeared that night, threatening to alter the universe with his newly built machine, an instrument built upon it's own platform complete with a short, red metal staircase; five or six steps at the most. The device itself seemed it was mostly comprised of a very large control panel, displaying several sets of buttons, dials and gauges. At the top two large spires rose off high into the air.

Exactly how the device worked, or what the villain's reasoning for it was, was unclear, his glorified ramblings making little sense to anyone but himself. But the Titans had managed to get the gist, it wasn't good, and it needed to be stopped. Though Robin was starting to wonder if the villain may have done it simply because he had the means to do so.

They had come to nicknaming him the Professor because so far, that's all they knew, or at the least he had presented himself as one, donned in a white lab coat and wire frame spectacles to complete the classic stereotypical appearance. Having just fought off the last of the droids that had accompanied the Professor, Beast Boy transformed back into himself, practically panting in exhaustion.

"Dude I'm totally going to need to see a cheero-practor after this."

"It's chiropractor," Raven corrected.

"Yeah, yeah whatever," He retorted.

"Yes, this battle is most exhausting," Starfire offered.

"Yeah man, my cannon doesn't have much power left." Cyborg said as more droids came from out of the shadows, provoking the Titans into a calculated battle stance.

"No time to rest. TITANS GO!" Robin yelled his battle cry, taking down more of the persistent droids as he extended his bo-staff, while Raven droned her mantra.

"Hi-Ya!" Robin yelled as one smashed to pieces. Smack! Another piece of circuitry lay dead on the floor. He swung at another, this particular one acting with more tactic, dodging and leaping up to grab the bottom edge of a balcony, and grasping the railing above with its free hand to swing itself over . Robin followed, mimicking the droids actions till he came face to face with its red, back lit eyes. Robin swung the staff out, the bot evading it by stepping back at the last possible second. Before Robin could attempt another swing the droid repeated his actions, taking himself a level higher to yet another balcony. Robin followed yet again, but the droid was no longer in sight.

Silence drifted through the air around him, his head jerking both left and right. No droid. Robin crept along the side of the rail, trying to block out the sounds coming from the fight his friends dealt with below.


He'd heard it, that small sound where metal met metal. Robin spun, lashing out with the staff, knowing the droid would be behind him.


The staff had cleanly swept through the vacancy the droid should have filled. Robin's eyes instantly narrowed.

SMACK! A kick landed in Robin's face, bending his back over the rail and throwing his body over the side. He watched his staff fall in the opposite direction as he felt the odd sensation of total free fall griping at his senses. Twisting his torso mid air he readied his body for the land and hit with a grunt, a decent amount of pain shooting up his shins. He had landed crouched on the control panel now fractured beneath his feet and shooting out little dancing sparks, each set snapping and popping.

The fall had been short enough, he supposed. Painful? Yes. But the height of the machine had met nicely enough in the middle with the height of the balcony. Robin lifted his head back up to the start of his decent. Two eyes stared back from the dark. No body, just the red eyes leering at him from the dark shadows. It had been cloaked, its body slowly reappearing as the concealment wore off.

Robin's attention drifted back to the console, his staff had jammed straight through the panel at an approximate 55 degree angle, while random sets of buttons had been lit here and there, including the biggest red one. Robin could easily guess what it meant. The big red button was, 95% of the time, bad in movies, and it just so happened that the same rule also generally applied to their everyday lives.

The Professor standing feet from him let out a sort of gasp, but then, an unsettling smile spread across the thin lips of a half shadow hidden face before he hopped the rail to the machine's platform to run from the scene.

Regaining his composure Robin took charge. "Titans get-!"The machine gave off a small explosion, sending Robin jumping from the console. The machine's compromised mechanics began to whirl, and dim lights became dimmer while it brought itself to life. In the middle of its two top spires electricity wound itself into a ball, suddenly growing and dimming any light further yet. Giving out another little explosion, the machine sent out a constant shower of sparks from the battered console. Robin followed the Professor's example by flipping off the rail and running over to his friends, whose expressions suddenly twisted into mixtures of perplexed shock and confusion, because in the center of that large sphere of electricity, a form had become present.

"Dude…what is that?"Beast Boy asked.

"I believe to be, a girl?" Starfire questioned.

"Then she's in trouble!" Robin exclaimed. "Titans move!"

Raven was the first to act, flying towards the girl but soon falling with a grunt and thud. Soon after, swirling black smoke began drifting from Raven's body, lazily wafting through the air and drifting towards the unknown female. While the electricity no longer held any shape, it simply danced between the spires and the female it held captive.

"Raven!" They all cried. Starfire and Beast Boy took a step towards her, a thin green, smoky line pulled from each of their arms and drifted towards the suspended body, one a tone darker than the other.

"Don't," Robin said, pulling them back by their arms. Nobody else dared to step into Raven's parameter, while it seemed Raven didn't experience any discomfort over what was happening to her because she looked nothing more than confused and annoyed at her loss of flight.

Their attention was forced back to the girl when a scream produced itself from her bared teeth the moment the smoke grasped her body, poring into her as if she were a sponge. The Titans watched shocked while her head flung back as her spine went rigid. Raven stood up, swiftly walking back to her friends, and while still suspended in the air, sounds of the female's expressions of pain could continue to be heard.

"What the-" Beast Boy began as smoke was still leeching off from Raven.

"Raven, are you-" She cut Cyborg off.

"We should probably get her down," She said, offering logic as she pulled up the hood that had slipped from her head.

"Cyborg, can you use your cannon to disable it?" Robin asked.

"I don't know. I can try but-"

An ear splitting explosion erupted, cutting Cyborg off. The machine finally having released its tensions, exploded into thousands and various types of shards. The form dropped, the machine no longer having hold of her body, hair sprawling across the floor, unconscious while the world crumbled down around her. The Titans had no choice but to shield their eyes before running for cover.

It was mostly quiet. Stray pieces of debris fell from a partly blasted ceiling. Robin and Raven brought their capes down from their eyes as the others came from hiding. Whilst dusting themselves off, all eyes searched through the debris until a sharp gasp and raspy coughing was heard before ceasing into silence. Some of the rubble to their right shifted and moved.

"There," Said both Starfire and Beast Boy, pointing in her direction.


Lungs spasmed, choking on dust thick air. Muscles jerked against her will, tingled painfully throughout her body. Somewhere her brain made the connection, she hadn't been breathing. A disturbing notion.

Opening her eyes to slits, her brain assembled an explanation. She was dreaming.

Lucid dreaming, her mind recalled.

Everything seemed to be slowly getting heavier. Her body, her head, whatever was object was lying on top of her. Slowly she shoved it off, resulting in a small amount of comfort before a strange fatigue continued to set over her like a lead blanket.

Could you be tired in a dream? She had never remembered being so before.


"Dude...Does this means that machine thing actually worked?"

"Maybe," Robin replied. "I'm not entirely sure that's what it was supposed to do."

"Were not entirely sure what it was spose' to do in the first place," Cyborg added as Starfire slowly began walking ahead.

The others followed suit, stopping short five feet of the form nested between bits of building and electronic pieces, except Robin, who continued on until he knelt beside her to check for a pulse, Starfire coming to kneel on the opposite side. When Robin seemed satisfied that there was indeed a pulse Starfire placed a hand on the unknown's shoulder.

"Please, you are conscious?"

"I don't think so, Star."

"Then what is it we do now, friend?"

"We take her back to the tower, I guess. Make sure she's not seriously hurt."

Placing a thoughtful finger to her lips Starfire rose and stood to the side. Robin turned the girl over gently until a glance across the room set his eyes on a particular object, it's shape uniform to a rectangle. Which was odd only to the fact everything else in the immediate area, aside from the bulk of the machine, had been reduced to the size of slivers. Or smaller.

Beast Boy followed Robin's line of sight.

"What is that?" Beast Boy wondered out loud. Walking up to it he flipped it over with his shoe. "It's a suitcase dude. But I don't remember seeing it before. I mean-I mean really? What the heck? How'd a suitcase get here?"

"Perhaps, it belongs to her?" Starfire suggested.

"You don't really think..." Started Cyborg.

"I have no idea, but can you grab it, Beast Boy?"

"Uh, sure, I guess." He did so and stepped back to join his team.

Putting his hands both under her knees and shoulder blades Robin stood, feeling slightly sore, to lift her up. Dust fell from her clothing and hair as if he had just pulled her from the dirt of a grave. She was light. Slightly lighter than he had expected from her size. Her hair was on the darker side, possibly black, it was hard to tell in the darkened area. Robin was just about to leave when the body in his arms twisted and stirred, startling him just enough to give a little jump. "No, don…" A light voice said before her muscles relaxed and her arm fell listlessly towards the ground. He waited just a second for her expression to turn peaceful before motioning the Titans with his head and walking toward what he presumed to be the exit. Or was presumably the exit at one point.


Gravity was shifting. More strangeness of the dream? She was falling, or being lifted, she couldn't be sure. Her intent had been to demand gravity to stop moving as every shift resulted in discomfort, but realized she didn't know who or what she was trying to command and so let herself succumb to the motion.

Though fatigued her mind briefly retained its presence, hearing someone talking, but unable to grasp what was being said, catching sections of distorted voices and wondered distantly if her ears had suffered a blast effect.

A steady rocking motion matched a pounding in her head.


Out of the warehouse Robin could see the Tower sitting in the distance atop of its little island.

"Are you sure we should be taking it home with us?" Raven asked, her voice on the edge of sounding snippy.

"Well, she's not an "It", she's a girl," Robin said, slightly amused at Raven and her choice of words. It seemed Raven truly hadn't been affected by what had taken place, or at least her disposition. "And I think we can handle it," He finished. Though truthfully he didn't know what exactly they might have to 'handle'. Other than she was girl, who it may or may not possibly be from another 'dimension'. But after the Terra encounter, Robin resolved he was going to have a firm handle on the situation, whatever it turned out to be.

After a moment of silence and unable to stay quite any longer, Beast Boy started rambling excitingly about what had happened that night and the tofu toppings for tonight's pizza, in which Cyborg readily objected as they reached the two vehicles.

- Insert Teen Titans theme song here-