After watching FFXIII, this story was born.

A/N: An A.U. (obviously) with a twist.

Warning: For those who haven't played, seen, or read about Final Fantasy 7 or 13, this story might contain some spoilers. Not sure how though.

So with enough chit chat and dilly dally, let the chapter commence.

Lightning kept walking through the darkness. Wondering just what was at the end of the path.

Just how long have I been walking? She thought as she glanced left and right through the darkness. Hoping to find something that would her to an exit.

How did she end up here again anyways? She's been traveling for so long she seem to have forgotten the reason. "Will I ever find a way out?" as if answering her request a dim blue light twinkle in a far distant. Her head tilt to the side as she walked cautiously to strange inanimate object that appeared out of no where.

When she reached the twinkling light, she saw that it was a shiny blue orb hovering before her.

"Where did this come from?" she asked herself.

A part of her told her to just walk away from it while the other told her to touch it. For some strange reason she chose the ladder.

Her hand raised up as she try to reach for it. Once she gripped it in her hand, her body began to glow as everything around her vanished before her eyes and soon she felt herself falling.

Lightning fell for what felt like eternity to her. Heading straight on to where ever she was going to.

She closed her eyes to calm her nerves down, until she felt a strange pulse run through her body as a new scene before began to form.

She slowly open her light crystal like blue eyes and found herself now falling from a sky and was about to land on what appears to be an outskirt desert.

But that wasn't what caught her attention. No, it was what her eyes were witnessing before her.

There were corpses scattered almost everywhere and only four figures were standing in the massacre.

It appeared to be a man with black spikey hair holding a huge sword seeming to be tired and out of breath as three other soldier looking men walked towards them reading their rifles at him.

Her eyes narrowed. If there was thing she didn't like, besides taking orders from he enemies and having friends and family's life on the line, its when people do cheap shots when their opponent's guard were fully down. I should make this fair.

She waited until she was about in mid section of the air and she quickly whipped out her Blaze Edge before switching it to her gun mode and shot three bullets in front of each guard to get their attention.

The second they looked up, and before they had any time to react, she did a front flip and flying side kick onto the middle infantryman hitting him directly into his chest and making him fall to the ground as she performed a perfect back flip and landed a feet away from the lone fighter.

All three men stared at the new comer before them as she stood up and sheathed her sword back in its case.

"Sorry boys, but I'm adding myself into your play time." she said sternly.

"Hey lady, you shouldn't be here." the spikey raven hair panted as he try to raise his sword.

"Quiet, I'm helping you. Besides," she look over her shoulder "These guys don't seem so tough. You've done, I'll take it from here."

"You really wanna try to fight against us. Doesn't seem fair." One infantryman said cockily. Judging by the red scarf he wore he must be the captain.

She turn back to her two opponents and scoffed"All three of you ready to shoot down a solitary man who can barely put up fight anymore seems pretty pathetic if you ask me."

"I've had about enough to hear it from you!" he flipped the saftey lock off and aimed it at the lady's head but he was too slow however because the last thing he remembered was he try to pull the trigger only to feel a rush of pain through his stomach causing him to chock on his saliva before being knocked out by Lightning's elbow.

The last grunt standing froze as he saw what had happen to his last comrade before slowly raise his rifle. The sound of a sword swish echoed and in a second the infantryman fall limp on the ground.

Lightning look back and saw the tired man effortly lowering his sword down. She let out a dry chuckle before placing her hand on her hip. "Maybe I didn't have to step in. You still got some fight in you." She took a better look at the man.

He was fit and had tan skin and his spikey hair was pulled back leaving one strand on his face. He wore what look like a type of uniform that was contrast to the other two. Probably a higher rank.

The man laughed painfully "I still appreciate it. I probably wouldn't have last long enough." he straighten himself up strainfully before introducing himself. "I'm Zack Fair. Ex-Soldier First Class."

"You were in the army." she stated as she rested her hand on her hip as she looked around the battle field. "You fought all these men?" she gestured to all the lifeless body's on the ground.

"Yeah, had to fight for the both of us."

"Both of us?"

"My friend Cloud. He's sick and I have to take care of him." his eyes widen as he began to cough violently.

The woman's head shot up when she heard out clash of thunder coming from the sky. "A storms coming." she look back Zack who was wheezing. "It's not wise for both you and your friend to be out if it rains. You have to find shelter."

Zack stood back and nodded. "Right." he pierce the sword into the ground and swayed to a boulder few blocks away.

Curious got the best of her as Lightning found herself following the ex-soldier.

When she caught up she saw Zack kneeing down to a sleeping blonde. The pinkette had to do a quick double take on the new male before her. Either her mind was playing tricks on her or this man before her could be her long lost twin. This is weird.

"Hey, Cloud. Guess what? We're gonna be okay now. Shinra's not gonna bother us any time soon, okay? We're heading back to Midgar now."

Lightning blinked. The man does realize that he's not responding right? Must be a friend thing.

"C'mon, we can't stay here." he help the blonde to his feet and wrapped his arm over his shoulders. "We better get there as fast as we can." he winced when he took a step forward.

Lightning could have left them and went on her merry way. She could have just walked away and not look back. This wasn't any of her concern. She had her own problems to deal with. But then again, she did save the man and he's still a bit sore from his fight. I'll help them get to where they need to be then I'm out of here. So without having a second thought she walked up to them and took Cloud from Zack who looked puzzled.

"It'd be faster if you didn't have the extra weight." This guy's kinda heavy but nothing I can't handle. She thought as she put his arm over her shoulder and adjusted him on her back. "You can carry the sword and keep up right?"

Zack nodded and 'hurried' to retrieve his blade.

As Lightning waited for him to return she took a quick glance at the blonde. No doubt they had the same features but the only difference from them was the gender, hair, and skin tone. Let's just seem how his personality is.

When Zack came back both soldiers began their journey.

Lightning ponder on this new world she is now in and wonder just what was in store for her?

But the main question was: would she ever be able to return back to finish her quest?

There you have it chapter 1. Please leave a comment on what you thought of it. Hope they were all in charater.