Chapter 1

Hikaru was without his twin, for once.

After Haruhi entered their lives, they had been growing…apart, somehow. As in, Haruhi hadn't broken their relationship—no sirree—but she had somehow…made them personify themselves. If that made sense.

Anyway, life rarely made sense.

Like how two identical twins ended up liking the same girl, who ended up getting together with an absolutely idiotic and ridiculous, self-appointed 'King'. Loser, more like.

Hikaru sighed. Tono was, admittedly, his friend, though, so he would let it go.

But that didn't mean that he was going down without a fight.

Snickering to himself, Hikaru started to plan all sorts of tricks to play on the blond-haired "King", and didn't notice the pitter-patter of feet going his way until suddenly:

"Watch out!"

Hikaru turned just in time to see a girl (it was really just a very rapid blur) hurtling his direction. Just as she was about to slam into him, she sprang into a somersault and flipped neatly over him. Hikaru felt her hands grasp his shoulders as she expertly twirled over his head and landed softly on her feet.

Mouth slightly agape, Hikaru could only stare as the girl brushed her sweats off.

Yes, sweats. As in, training gear. As in, totally inappropriate for Ouran High Schoo, which is a school full of rich kids with too much time on their hands.

Hikaru studied her more closely.

She had black hair, lightened from the sun (and most likely constant exercise), which was tied up in a knotted ponytail. The girl was slim, shorter than most girls, and she had a heart-shaped face with bright skin and shining green eyes.

Wait a second. Green?

Hikaru squinted. Yep, that was green, all right. This girl was an oddball.

The aforementioned oddball straightened, and remembered the person that she had just flipped over. "Hey! Sorry about that. I was busy running across the campus—for training, you know—and I usually go in a straight line. But I did tell you to 'watch out', you know, so it's not really my fault, is it?"

Great. Not only was this girl an exercise buff, she was talkative and a downright airhead. Maybe she was a scholarship student. That would explain the coarse, commoner-like manners. But no, she seemed too stupid to be a scholarship student.

Sneering, Hikaru shrugged. "You're a student here? Where's your uniform?"

"Uniform? Oh, you mean that frumpy-looking yellow mess-of-a-dress?" The girl snorted. "Hah! You expect me to wear that kind of thing? Look, my mother took one look at that obscenity and burnt it. I think it was kind of a waste of fabric, though. I could've made it into curtains or something."

So she could afford a uniform. And use words like 'obscenity'. Looking closer, Hikaru discovered that her sweatpants were designer—made of the best quality fabric, and it cost quite a pretty penny, too. In fact, he remembered that his mother owned several pairs at home—courtesy of her clothing designer friend, who specialized in athletic clothing.

Huh. Interesting. Hikaru smiled, and extended his hand. "My name is Hitachiin Hikaru. What's yours?" He remembered the giant flip that she just executed, and asked another question: "And how on earth did you do that flip back there?"

She shook it firmly, and smiled. Hikaru blinked, and his smile widened into a genuine one. He would have to go tell Kaoru later about his newest find.

"I'm Yanase." Hikaru waited for her to reveal her first name, but she didn't. "Where's your brother?"

"How did you know I have a brother?" Hikaru asked. He preened a little. "I guess we're really popular. Do you go to the host club or something?" No, he would have noticed her if she did.

"What? Host club?" Yanase hooted. "That is probably the most stupid thing I've ever heard of. Let's just say that I got your whole twin info from a reliable source—nobody from the school, obviously." She stuck her hands into the pocket of her training gear and started to walk off.


She turned back. "Yeah?"

"You didn't answer my question!"

"What question?"

"How did you—"

"Oh, that question." Yanase smiled, tipping her head back in an oddly coy way. "Well, that's for me to know, and for you to find out." With that, she skipped away.

Kaoru was bored. Extremely bored.

Not only did he somehow get roped into attending an absolutely stupid all-geeks academics contest, it was morning. Early morning. Early mornings plus Kaoru equals to no good.

That was one math equation that he could solve in less than a second.

Yawning, he glanced around the classroom. Math geeks. History buffs. Blah, blah, blah.

Why were they so excited about this?

He wished Hikaru were here with him.

Kaoru drifted off into near-sleep until he was awoken by a huge bang from the door.

"P-Please, I can't—I'm sorry, but I really have other things I need to do—" It was a girl's voice. Yawn. Nothing special.

"Please! You just transferred into the school, and you got the top score on the entrance exam! And, according to the rumors, you took it with a 102 degree fever!"

So it was a brainy girl with guts. Either that, or she was one of the totally dedicated, 4.0 GPA freaks. Not that it wasn't good, but…


"Please don't believe rumors so easily." Oh? So the fever was just a tall tale then. "It was a 101 degree fever."

Kaoru snorted loudly, and he finally raised his hand to look at the geek.

Except it wasn't a geek.

She was slightly on the short side, with long, black hair with streaks of brown in it. And the interesting thing was that she had green eyes. You didn't see black hair and green eyes often in Japanese people.

And she wasn't a geek.

Very far from it, in fact. She was—Kaoru had to admit—beautiful.

Not in an unearthly way, of course. It wasn't like Haruhi, or a model's beauty, either. It was more of…bright innocence. Like a little daisy.

Kaoru stood, stretched, and walked over to the girl. "Hi. I'm Hitachiin Kaoru. You were dragged here, too?"

The girl studied him for a moment, and smiled almost blindingly. "You could say that." She took his outstretched hand and shook it once. "I'm Yanase." He waited for her first name, but she didn't give it. "Where's your brother?"

Kaoru was surprised, and a little bit pleased that they were so popular. According to what he had heard from the conversation between Yanase and whoever she was talking to, she was a newly transferred student. "So, you're going to the Host Club, then? I hope you'll designate us."

"Um, thanks, but no thanks." Yanase grimaced. "I'm not interested in those kinds of things—it's awfully dumb, don't you think? And besides," she continued, "I don't know you and your brother because you're popular—I got it from an outside source." Smiling mysteriously, she waved goodbye. "Well then, thanks for distracting them so that I can make my escape."

"What do you—" Kaoru was cut off when Yanase yelled,

"Hey, guys! Hitachiin Kaoru promises to disprove Einstein's Theory of Relativity in less than five minutes!"

Kaoru paled. "Hey—what—"

It was too late. The crowd of over-achieving students swamped him, and Yanase was gone.

He'd really have to tell Hikaru about his newest find.

"Hey, Kaoru!" Hikaru ran to his brother.

"Hey, Hikaru!" Kaoru ran the rest of the distance as well.

"Guess what I found?" they yelled at the same time.

"A new toy!" they cried in unison.

"Oh, good, this means you'll stop bugging me," Haruhi grumbled as she ducked in between them.

They followed her into the classroom. "Oh, don't worry; we'll never stop paying attention to you, Haruhi!"

"Oh, joy." Haruhi sighed.

The teacher walked in, and the class quieted down. "Ahem," he said. "We have two new transfer students today."

Both Hikaru and Kaoru's ears perked up. Yanase?

"Uh…please come in." The teacher coughed loudly.

The door slid open, and two people walked in. One had a baggy jacket over tight black leggings and combat boots, as well as a dark blue hat on the person's head. You couldn't see much of the person's face or hair.

The other (a girl) had her hair up in a high ponytail. She was wearing a pink dress and, oddly, a pair of Chuck Taylors. She also had a pair of dark sunglasses on.

"Um…" The teacher hacked again. "You. On the left." He was pointing to the boy/girl. "No hats. And all female students are required to wear dresses." Now he directed his gaze to the girl on the right. "And you: no sunglasses, and no sneakers."

The more feminine girl's mouth turned downwards, and she sighed audibly. The other girl laughed. "Don't be so stingy, sensei," she said. "You'll never be able to get a steady girlfriend."

I know that voice, Hikaru thought.

The sunglasses and hat came off. The jacket opened to reveal a slim body sheathed in a polka-dotted frock.

Blackish brown hair. Emerald green eyes.

Two identical faces mirrored each other.

The boyish-girl waved a hello. "Hi, I'm Yanase Rei, transferred in from America, but Japanese, in and out. I do gymnastics and dance, by the way. And volleyball, and swim, and tennis, and—"

"Show and tell comes later, Rei." The feminine girl bowed correctly, but a lopsided smile appeared on her face. "I'm Yanase Aria, also from America."

Together, they said, "We're identical twins."