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Quinn sat alone in her room. It was late, a bit past midnight. She was on her computer, scrolling endlessly on her Tumblr dashboard, when her phone buzzed. She didn't recognize the number, but she opened the text anyway.

hey quinn, it's sam, She read. Sam? The new kid? He seemed sweet, and he was definitely good looking, but how did he get her number?

Hey, what's up?

not much, on the computer. you?

Me too. You're the quarterback on the football team… right? She knew it was a random question, but to her it wasn't. If he was quarterback and she was head cheerleader, maybe he would be interested in her.

not anymore. i was, but I hurt my arm so coach put finn as QB for now.

Oh, alright.

why? what were you thinking? The thing is, Sam knew exactly what she was thinking, and he was thinking it to. There was no doubt that Quinn was beautiful, and her eyes. He was hypnotized by them.

Forget it.

no seriously. want me to pick you up and we can talk?

Quinn wasn't expecting that. Of course she wanted to, but she couldn't give in that easy.

Are you insane? It's almost 1:00!

great, pick you up in 5.

She couldn't help but smile, but she wouldn't fall too fast this time. She wouldn't let herself. Quinn prettied herself up a bit and slipped on some jeans, she didn't bother changing her shirt, and grabbed her phone. She quietly tip-toed down the stairs and sat on the front stoop of her house, tapping her foot. A small, black, run-down Jeep pulled up. Sam's big wave put a smile on Quinn's face that she bit back as she ran to the car. She began to wonder if this was such a good idea. Well I guess I'll find out… she thought.

"Hey, hop in." Sam said with a dorky grin on his face. Quinn got in the car and closed the door. He waited for a response, even a 'Hello', but nothing. She just sat there, looking at her feet, smiling. He took it that she was a bit shy, and he drove off. After about five minutes of driving, she spoke up.

"Where are we going?"

He flashed a smile. "You'll see, we'll be there in a second." She sighed before he pulled up at a small park. "Here we are." Sam got out of the car and took a blanket out from under the seat. As he lied the blanket down on the grass, the girl got out of the car and sat down on the blanket. Sam lied down next to her and looked at the stars, admiring them, while Quinn kept her eyes on the big pond in front of them. She wished she'd had her camera. No one really knew this, but she love photography. Quinn could picture herself taking multiple pictures here.

"I've always loved astronomy." Sam stated.

"Really?" She asked, lying down next to him but still keeping her distance.

"Yeah. The sky is just so big, it makes all of my problems seem kinda small." He said with a sigh. She turned just her head to look at him, her hands placed over her stomach, as were his.

"Problems? Like what?"

Sam put his hands in his pockets. "Well I'm dyslexic so my grades aren't great, and my parents are divorced so things are sorta hard." He forced a smile and turned his head to face the girl.

"My parents are divorced too." Quinn half smiled, staring into his eyes. She had never noticed how deep they were, probably because they had never really talked until tonight. She already felt like she had known him forever. Quinn awkwardly looked away from him and sat up, hugging her knees to her chest.

"Tell me something about you, you haven't really told me anything." He sat up and looked at her in profile. She had a lot of things that she could tell him, that she should tell him, especially if they were going to get close. She ignored those thoughts.

"I really love photography." Quinn mentioned with a small blush. She could feel Sam smile as he watched her.

"Really? Like pictures? Do you take your own?"

"Yeah, mostly of nature I guess. Trees, flowers, the works…"


Quinn turned her head to face the boy. "You really think so?"

"Well, yeah. I tried getting a fancy camera a few years back. I thought it would make me feel artsy and stuff." He let out an embarrassed chuckle. "It didn't work." She grinned at him and looked back to the water.

"You see the moon? How the light reflects off of the tiny ripples in the water?" He glanced at the water for a moment, then back to her. Quinn looked back at Sam and she felt herself getting lost in those eyes of his again. She wanted to kiss him, but she knew it was too soon.

Sam stared into those perfect, brown eyes of hers. He wondered what she'd do if her kissed her… he really wanted to.

Before either of them knew it, their lips were touching. Quinn moved closer to him and ran her fingers through his hair. Sam pulled away slightly, realizing that this really wasn't a good idea.

She blushed and turned away.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't…" Quinn stood up. "I should go, we shouldn't be here so late. I shouldn't have come here." He quickly stood up and tried to hold her hand.

"Quinn, I-" She interrupted him and pulled her hand away.

"Please take me home."

Sam sighed and ran his fingers through his head, then nodded.

The car ride home was awkward and quiet. Quinn looked out the window cautiously, waiting to be home, in her bed, asleep, where she should have been this whole time. That's what she told herself, but in reality, she can't shake the feeling of his lips on hers. It was better than any kiss she'd ever experienced, even Puck's. Although, all Puck's kisses did was make her feel risky, and of course guilty. Sam's kiss made her feel something… bigger.

He pulled up in front of her house and put the car in park. As she got out, Sam spoke up.


The girl turned around but said nothing.

"I had fun tonight, with you." He said with a guilty smile. Quinn bit back a smile.

"Thanks." I had a good time too… thank you for bringing me… I really enjoyed it, she thought. "Goodnight."

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