Quinn fixed the skirt of her dress and knocked on Sam's front door. Today she was going to meet David, finally. He and Sam were the only ones home, she'd been told earlier. There was no answer at the door, so she knocked again, again. No answer. She was about to knock a last time before she heard something crash inside the house.

"God damn it, David!"

The shout was so loud that Quinn herself jumped at the voice. Sam.

"Just a second!" She heard from a new voice, the sound of a young boy. This was followed by a giggle, and then more shouting from Sam. Quinn slowly turned the doorknob to open the door, when there was a loud bang. She jumped again and slid her bangs behind her ear, deciding to wait until someone opened the door.

"Stop, don't even think about it!"

She heard a shrill giggle beam from the household, and Quinn herself began to giggle. Just then, a very tired looking Sam opened the door. He quickly smoothened out his hair and greeted her.

"Hey," He said with a smile, out of breath.

"Hi…" Quinn said with a smirk. "Um, are you okay?" She laughed, earning a big sigh from the boy.

"Yeah, come on in." Sam begrudgingly moved aside, granting Quinn access to his house for the first time. It was smaller than her own, but very much how she pictured it looking. Straight ahead there's a staircase. To the left, a living room, the right a dining room.

"Can I get up yet?" There was a loud shout coming from what Quinn thought to be a living room. Sam stomped his feet angrily and ran his fingers through his hair.

"You can get up when I tell you to get up." He yelled in response to the small voice from the room on the left. He turned to Quinn. "Sorry about that."

She smiled. "It's okay," The girl began to walk into the living room before she was grabbed by the waist and pulled quickly into the kitchen. "What are you doing?"

"Want some water or something?" Sam asked, his voice shaky.

"No. I came here to meet your brother, that's what I'm going to do."

"Okay, okay. I just… he's twelve years old, but he has autism so he acts a lot younger than that. He doesn't like loud noises unless he makes them, and he gets off topic a lot."

She respectfully nodded her head as Sam sighed again, taking her hand and leading her into the living room. It was a bright room, yellow walls, and comfy looking couches. Sitting on one of those couches was a boy with a navy colored hot-wheels shirt on, jeans, and light up sneakers. Quinn smiled widely and waved at him.

"Hi, I'm Quinn."

"I know," The boy said rather loudly. "I'm David." Sam groaned from across the room and sat down, burying his face in his hands, oblivious of the fact that Quinn didn't mind the volume. "I'm not allowed to get up." She laugh and sat down next to him.

"That's okay, I-"

"SAM!" David shouted at the top of his lungs. Sam picked his head up out of his hands, glancing at Quinn who still didn't seem fazed by the noise. "I want a drink."

"Mmmh." Sam groaned, getting up and trudging into the kitchen. When he returned, Quinn and David were sitting opposite to each other next to the coffee table and were playing checkers.

"Can I move here?" The boy asked.

"How about you try to go to a blue spot, like right about…" She pointed to an open place on the board. "Here." David moved his piece to that spot. Sam smiled to himself and leaned against the doorway.

"Hey, look! Look!" David shouted, pointing to a line of his pieces. "I win, don't I? I win!"

Quinn laughed. He hadn't won, but she gave it to him anyway. "Aw, you did win!" She faked a sad sigh and sat back against the couch, smiling. David stood up and started to dance around the room.

"I win, I win!" He caught Sam in the corner of his eye, holding his water. Sam was looking at Quinn, a look of pure adoration in his eyes. Once she saw him looking at her, she smiled and stared back into his eyes. David interrupted their gazes when he walked over and took the water right out of Sam's hands.

"Hey," Quinn said, pointing her finger out at David. "What do you say?"

"Oh. Thank you." He said with a large smile, similar to Sam's. His eyes widened. He couldn't think of one time in which David had ever used his manners. Quinn stood up and brushed up her skirt. Sam still looked at her with awe in his eyes. She blushed and went back to playing with David.


Shortly after Sam was spending an hour trying to get David to get in bed, Quinn stepped in and he surrendered almost instantly. Eventually Sam's parents came home and he had to drive Quinn home. Once they reached the Fabray household, they saw that there were no cars in the driveway. Quinn scoffed.

"She's probably out with Jerry." She spat as she got out of the car. Sam held her hand gently and walked her to the door.


"Boyfriend number six."

"Ah," Sam said, nodding his head.

"Do you want to come inside or something?"

He smiled widely and squeezed her hand. "Sure babe." Quinn blushed. Chills went up her spine whenever he called her that. She unlocked the door and walked inside.

Sam smiled and pulled her over to the couch and sat down with her sitting next to him. He placed her petite hands inside of his and rubbed his thumbs across her palms. He appeared to be deep in thought, and laughed for a moment before looking up at her with tear brimmed eyes. Quinn's smile faded quickly and she placed her free hand on his cheek, playing with the tips of his bangs.

"Thank you," He managed a faint whisper.

"For what?" Quinn's eyes were wide and sympathetic. She could see the watery glare in his eyes.

"For helping out today, he really likes you." Sam sniffed and took a deep breath. She smiled and bit her lip.

"I'm always here Sam."

They were both speaking so quietly that someone across the room wouldn't have been able to hear them.

"Quinn," He sighed and sat back against the couch, facing away from her. "We don't know how long he's gonna make it for."

"What do you mean?"

"The doctors say that if his," Sam cleared his throat. "His 'condition' gets any worse, he probably won't make it to next year."

"Wh-," Quinn sat back against the couch and started at the wall ahead of her. "Oh my God."

"Yeah." Sam's words were caught in his throat. "That's why I didn't want you to meet him." She turned her head to meet her eyes with his. She couldn't think of anything to say. He yawned and lied down on the couch, patting the space next to him. Quinn smiled a small smile and lied down next to him. They lied there together; their arms wrapped around each other, and cried themselves to sleep.


Judy Fabray opened the door to her house and walked inside. She flipped the lights on.


She let out a loud shriek, waking up the two teenagers in which she'd found snuggling on the couch.

Sam, being his ever-so-graceful self, flailed his arms around which sent Quinn rolling off of the couch and hitting the ground, resulting in a loud 'bang'! Pillows and blankets flew up from the couch.

Judy slipped a small aerosol can of pepper spray out of her bag and closed her eyes, running around the living room and spraying everyone and everything. Sam sat up and got pepper spray in his eyes.

"Ow, sh- OH MY GOD!" Now it was Sam who flipped off of the couch, conveniently landing right on top of his girlfriend.

"Get out, get out!" Judy shouted, waving her arms all over the place. Sam stood and helped Quinn up, both of them unsteady and Sam coughing on the pepper spray. "Quinn Celeste Fabray! What are you doing?" Quinn brushed dirt off of her skirt.

"Well I was sleeping," She explained, fixing her hair. "But they I woke up to being pepper sprayed!"

"Why were you with him?" Judy asked, saying the word 'him' as if it were poisonous.

"His name is Sam."

"I know what his name is, Quinny."

Sam looked down at the floor and clicked his heels together.

"Well," Judy said awkwardly. "Sam, you have my permission to leave."

"He doesn't need your permission."

"I should probably go though," Sam said, speaking for himself now. Quinn looked up at him with sad eyes, only to see that his were even sadder.

"Alright." She said softly, taking his hand. "I'll walk you to your car."

"Hurry back inside, we need to talk Qunny." Her mother said quite loudly. Quinn ignored her and walked Sam to just outside the front door.

"I'm really sorry.. that was… crazy." She said looking down. Sam chuckled softly and kissed her cheek.

"I thought it was funny."

The girl looked up at him and stood on the top of her toes, leaning up to kiss him softly. Sam smiled against her soft lips and cupped her face in his hands, deepening the kiss only a little bit. Quinn was the one who decided to take it farther, wrapping her arms around his neck and jumping on top of him, practically tackling him into the door. She pried his mouth open with her tongue and clung to his waist by her legs. He was surprised to say the least, but he went with her. Her kisses were so passionate that she kept knocking him backwards into the door. Quinn slid her hands down his neck and down his chest. Sam was mostly concentrating on not dropping her, but he managed to rub her sides roughly while keeping her elevated. The kisses were wet and sloppy, heated. Sam could feel himself growing, and when he began to poke into Quinn's stomach, she giggled across his lips.

"Quinny! Don't take too long, we have lots to talk about." Her mother called from inside. She was ignored by the both of them.

"Mph, Quinn." Was all that Sam could muffle out. She scratched her fingers through his hair and repeatedly slammed the boy into the door.

"Are you alright out there Quinn?"

She groaned into his lips and he placed her back on the ground. They both mumbled gibberish words and Sam kissed her cheek goodnight before walking over to his car.

Quinn walked back inside speechless. It was so cliché, her leaning against the inside of her door after a kiss. Either way, she was happy. That was all that mattered.

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