AN: Basic knowledge of #KillerTunaFish from Sam & Cat is going to help you get through this chapter. Also amazing that I have written 94 chapters about Sam and Freddie!


Sam really did feel bad about Freddie's injuries, and because he couldn't talk, she had had to call his mother; and that had been a nightmare. While she was sobbing over her baby boy being hurt again, Mrs. Benson had somehow managed to scream at Sam that her little Freddiekins was hurt by Sam for the umpteenth time.

Sam supposed Mrs. Benson had a fair point so she did not interject or correct because actually...she had saved Freddie. After getting Mrs. Benson set onto the next flight to LA and comforting a crying, exhausted Cat who was finally hit by all the emotion of the past few days, she walked back into the room Freddie and Robbie were sharing.

Cat was curled up in a chair beside Robbie's bed her small hand in one of his cast covered hands. Robbie also appeared to be asleep, his glasses resting on the nightstand and his eye shut tight. Freddie's eyes were open and as blue met brown, Sam was surprised to find that her eyes were filling with tears.

She blinked and managed to keep the tears at bay. She perched herself carefully on the edge of Freddie's bed. "It's been a few years and really this is all my fault sooo... I'm sorry Freddie." She spoke quietly but Freddie blinked at her and attempted to wave his arm.

"What? Are you trying to tell me something...?" Sam paused realizing communicating with Freddie might be harder than normal, "Blink once for yes, twice for no. Okay?"

A deliberate slow blink answered Sam and she couldn't help the small smile that formed on her face. "were you asking me to get you something?"


"From this room?"


"The guitar?" Sam had heard enough of the song Robbie wrote for Cat.

Blink. Blink. Then Freddie held up his hand stiffly, which Sam interpreted meant wait, then he blinked once.

She laughed, running a hand through her still damp hair, "Okay, I will get the guitar too. Something of yours then?"


"in your backpack?"

Blink. Blink.

"Your clothes?"


"Your jacket?"

Blink... wink... Sam was confused for a moment. "do you want your phone that is in your jacket pocket?"


"Freddie, that phone is not going to work, here use mine." Sam reached into her pocket (her phone had been in her motorcycle saddlebag and thus avoided the water) and placed it in Freddie's hand.

Awkwardly, Freddie began typing with one hand into a blank text box, Thank you.

"For what?"

For saving my life.

"Yeah, but it is my fault you needed saving in the first place, if i hadn't made friends with Cats friend Jade this never would have happened." Sam replied, then remembered she was still kind of mad about that. "You said ou came to LA because Cat said I was hurt right?"

Freddie blinked once. "So... then why didn't you come try and find me right away? I found you hanging out with Cat at Bots."

More typing it seemed to be sort of frantic this time.

I did. First I asked Cat if you were in the hospital. The she said you were home, and then I walked in and went to look for you and she said you were not home and the... confusion, it is all kind of a blur, I think there was some Spanish involved.

"But you didn't text me all day or call me..."

Tried to. Cat told me you were on special pills that made you super sleepy.

"Oh. But you looked like you were on a date with her..."

I have not been on a date with anyone since we broke up.

Sam takes a moment to read that text, as there was a mutual agreement, not to speak about the time they dated at all. "Oh..." Sam says quietly and there is silence before Freddie began typing.

Cat seems nice... and a bit strange... but she is not my type.

Sam laughs at Freddie's recalling the earlier conversation her and Cat had in front of the boys. "She's not?"

Freddie's response is typed slowly and deliberately. I prefer blondes.

Sam feels her smile spread across her face, her heart beating just a little faster than it should. She stands up, moves closer to the head of Freddie's bed and leans over.

Freddie's eyes widen as Sam's face moves in closer to his. Her lips kiss his forehead as one hand gently runs through his hair, and she whispers, "I still love you Freddie." Then just as quickly he stands up and says, "I am going to go home to change, then pick your mom up from the airport, I'll be back soon, get some rest Fredward."

On her way out Sam grabs the guitar and as she exits the room, Freddie thinks he has always preferred that particular blonde.