Chapter One:

After the twins and Haruhi had graduated, the host club found half its members scattered across the world. Hikaru was studying design in France, Kyoya was at Harvard, and Kaoru had taken up residence in San Francisco to study business, while our four remaining members stayed in noble Japan to study at Ouran University.

This particular story revolves around the low blood pressure demon lord, and how he came to meet Bobby.


Harvard University would turn 377 in 2013. The private Ivy League college located in Cambridge Massachusetts and due to its prestige as one of the best universities in the world, it attracted merit scholars from every corner of the world.

When you're looking at schools, you have to pick on that suits your learning style, major, and all possible living arrangements. Kyoya Ootori could have gone to the best business school in the United States, but Stanford just didn't suite Ootori's 'cool' style.

Harvard had a certain glamor that made Stanford pale in comparison. There was something about the history that was contained in Harvard's Ivy covered walls. Stanford wasn't nearly as old and had the feel of a modern college campus.

Kyoya spent his freshman year in the Harvard dormitories and had grown accustomed to having someone around. Unfortunately, he no longer wished to live on campus. It was loud, boisterous, and reeked of college desperation.

Sure, the campus had the libraries where he got all of his research material, but woman lurked in the many rows of books. At first it was flattering as they would sneak a peek at the young heir, later the women would gain the courage to talk to him. That's when it became a nuisance. Kyoya started going to the library only to copy the work he couldn't check out, and take the books he could. He never spent more than an hour in the library. It was a death trap.

Harvard had a house system for their upperclassmen, but Kyoya wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, he would share a condo in Boston. It was close by and he would have a quiet place to study.

He wanted a roommate simply because after spending all of high school surrounded by friends, he now needed someone around, if only to chase away the occasionally lonely thought. There were days where he thought that maybe Ouran University wasn't a bad idea. But he had dedicated himself to the idea of studying business abroad, and having spent a year in Boston, he was already convinced that he liked it.

He talked to the others through web cam and emails. So he knew what was going on. Tamaki and Haruhi were still working on their relationship after three years. Kaoru was getting nightly meals from a Japanese ex-patriot, a mediator had fallen on Mori-senpai, Hani-senpai had found a new cake shop, and Hikaru was enjoying his time in Paris with a girl who liked to take photos. Life seemed to be working out for all of them.

Kyoya stood in front of a newly built condominium complex. Apparently he would be sharing the place with a guy named Bobby Masters. He was a student at Boston University. Another reputable private college in the state of Massachusetts, Kyoya thought as he pushed his glasses up.

He entered the building and walked to the elevator. His condo would be located on the second floor. Actually, it was a two bedroom loft with three floors, the ad made the distinction very clear. The top and bottom floors were large bedrooms while the middle level was the main living space.

Bobby had been renting with another Boston U student, but they had graduated and moved. This meant the top floor and its bedroom were open for Kyoya to inhabit.

He stopped in front of unit 205 and knocked on the door.

A young woman opened the door. She was his age with long red hair, and sparkling green eyes. She stood in a black and white checkered flannel button up, blue jean, and a pair of All-Stars that matched her shoes. Her sleeves had been rolled up past her elbows. Her hair was pulled back to reveal black zipper earrings, and a Tinkerbelle necklace. Overall, she looked like any number of the Americans roaming around Boston a daily basis.

"I'm looking for Bobby Masters," Kyoya stated in perfect English.

"You're looking at her," The girl smiled. "You must be Kyoya Ootori."

Kyoya stared at her. She was British. He could tell by the way her vowels were gentler. He blinked, stunned that he had failed to look into the woman so little. How could he have missed the most important piece of information?

"I was under the impression that you would be a male," Kyoya stated.

"Does it really matter if I'm female,"the woman asked. "I just need a roommate to share the rent. Male or Female, I do not care. So long as I'm not paying for this place by myself."

"Your name is Bobby."

"Why don't you come in?" Bobby moved out of the way and let Kyoya in. "My legal name is Barbara, but I've been called Bobby since I was small." She explained as she walked farther into the simple living space.

She leaned against a dining room table. "Good luck trying to find a roommate this close to Harvard though," She said. "Or, you can ignore the fact that I'm a woman and just live here. That way you're only fifteen minutes away from your campus."

Kyoya mentally groaned. If he didn't take this place, he would be forced to live in a house system where he would be required to participate in the ridiculous house traditions. He pushed his glasses up and smirked. At least now he could move out of the hotel.

"What are the conditions?" He asked.

Bobby pushed herself off of the dining room table and smiled. "It's simple really. I'm an English Major. So long as you aren't some freaky guy who likes a loud house, it should be good. Is there anything I should know about you?"

"Don't wake me up before ten on the weekends and we can have a civil living arrangement."