There she was in the garden. The same garden she's promised Will she'd meet. The midsummer breeze was flowing through the trees. "So close... But so far..." Lyra said. She was blond haired blue eyed and 15. She knew she'd never see him again. Never. But she had to live her life... It wasn't worth it to throw herself to death for his sake. "Pan... I think we've been here long enough." she said. "There's the symbology exam I need to study for." she said sadly. She listened for the rustling of her deamon returning to her.

"Hello there." a voice said. She stared at the creature. It wasn't Pan. He was vaguely weasel shaped true. But he was pure white and looked like he was part cat. "My name is Kyubey." Lyra was still confused. The thing wasn't a deamon that was for sure. Lyra had never seen an animal like that and daemons were the same as real animals. But more oddly the creature was not truly speaking as daemons had to do. His lips were motionless and frozen in a smile like expression. "I'm communicating with you telepsychiclly*." he said. "Where's your daemon?" he asked in a shockingly upbeat tone.

"Oh... Um..." she said. Is he from this world? Lyra thought. He's very non-chalant about me missing my very soul. "Pan!" she called again not taking her eyes off the creature.

The marten rustled through the bushes. He smiled for a moment when he saw his Lyra. But then he stared at the white creature stopping for a moment before comforting his human.

"There he is." Kyubey said without any degree of shock. "Humans on this world usually have those things." he said with not even a degree of change in his voice.

Pan ruffled in agitation at being called a "thing". Lyra tried her best to ignore this slight. "I've trained with the witches." Lyra lied. Lying still came naturally to her and she felt this wasn't a creature to be honest with.

"OK then." he said. She indicated a brief shake their. As if the word "witches" had set him off.

"I don't trust this thing." Pan said snuggling up to Lyra. "He seems so... distant."

"Differences aren't to be feared." Kyubey said, his cheerful tone finally seeming appropriate.

"Come on Pan. We've dealt with the armored bears and the mulefa." she said. "Which begs the question..." she didn't dare to call the thing either "sir" or "ma'am" to avoid offense. "Are you from this world?" she asked.

"Ah... You know of other worlds then." he said. "Indeed our kind come from another world."

"But those gates..." Lyra said. Interuniversal "windows" had been eliminated. They were doing serious damage to the worlds Dust supply and had all been sealed. Please let out sacrifice not be in vain. She thought thinking of her last night with Will...

"Something's troubling you." Kyubey said. "Our kind don't use windows. It's such a waste. All that entropy out the window."

Lyra tried to look into its face seeing if that was meant as a joke. She couldn't read the weasel at all.

"You don't!" she said suddenly realizing the implications. "Can you teach me?" she said. If the creature was as good at recognizing emotion as it was at hiding them he would have noticed the desperation in her voice.

"It's not something you can be taught." Kyubey said. Lyra's brief excitement faded. "But it is something that can be wished for."

"A wish? What kind of nonsense is that?" she said incredulously. Pan was now wrapped tightly around her neck staring at the white weasel with eyes of pure terror.

"It's true!" he said. "We incubators can grant wishes... For a price." he said.

"What price?" she asked.

"We want girls... Around your age mind you." he said twitching his tail. "To form contracts with us. These contracts grant you magical powers of your own. But..."

"Tell me the catch!" Lyra said. "I've lived by life on the streets far to long to get into something if you don't know the catch." she said indigantly.

"Become a Princess Mage*!" he said. "And fight the Dark Queens* that plague this world." he said.

Telepsychicly is another word which I imagine might have developed differently in Lyra's world. Tele means far and psyche means soul in this case.

But I know this will be a bigger issue with fans. "Princess Mage"? "Dark Queen?" Well this was honestly the best way I could think of to preserve the original Japanese wordplay. Plus there would be confusion with this worlds non-evil witches otherwise.


"In this country they call those who are becoming women girls (shojo). It is only logical that we call those who become witches (majo) magical girls. (mahou shojo)."

This would be given my translation of the term. "In these countries we call those who inherit power Princesses. But their true power will only come once they have fulfilled their destiny as Queens.

Everything Is Better With Princesses but God Save Us From The Queen!

So this is a His Dark Materials and Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover obviously. Lyra will eventually accept the contract (with a wish which will shock absolutely no one) But there will be more magical girls, all of them OCs. I'll try to keep up at least a weekly update schedule. Enjoy!