They stood in a massive church, made of stone but somehow feeling alive. The place was almost all dark with only the stained glass letting in light. Lyra gazed at the other girl. She had brown hair in dressed in the trousers worn by girls in Will's world, but the finer details were lost to Lyra in the darkness.

She spoke in a Cockney accent with somewhat of a disturbing cheer to her words. "This one is strong. Got to be a nice and strong Grief Seed."

Lyra looked down to the earth. How could I let this guy die? And why is she so happy? "So why are you celebrating another one of these monsters?"

"Grief Seeds." The girl said. "Don't you want to keep the magic flowing?"

I don't think she knows. Lyra thought. That's even lower. "Well… Forget about it. The Queen is my responsibility. I didn't sign up to let people die."

The girl grabbed her. "Heroics like that do more harm than good. Sit back and let me handle it." She said. Maybe she does know? Lyra reconsidered.

"Regardless. Try to stop me if you can't catch me." Lyra said defiantly. She glanced at the ledge beneath the stained glass window. She thought for a moment and she was there somewhat winded. I've got to be careful with stuff like that. Don't want to overexert myself. Lyra thought remembering "Shelly"

Lyra, from her current height was incapable of seeing the other Princess Mage below. But she did hear the cries of frustration echo through the cathedral. I've got to find that Queen fast.

Lyra glanced at the runes that were etched on the walls. 1) It has to mean something… Lyra thought. Could it help me find the Queen?

Lyra then saw that below the sketch was a large bell, one that was common in her world as a signal for time. Is the witch hidden in the bell tower? She fought.

Lyra decided not to hesitate. She took a leap toward the ground, barely feeling it when she landed. She searched in the shadows for a staircase. She noticed some of the Pawns were lighting up.

Pawns usually guard the Queen. She thought. Lyra took the Chakrams, one in each hand and began slicing at the candles. Remembering her past failures she looked around for holy water. Finding a spring of it she used a bit of magic to dump it on the Pawns, extinguishing them. On to the Queen.

Lyra looked for the staircase to the bell tower but found it nowhere to be seen. She wandered for a few minutes before hearing the echo of the other Princess Mage's laughter. These candles are nothing but a lure! Lyra realized.

There was another light shining through the darkness of the barrier. Lyra charged at it, only to find Ana waiting for her, the Soul Gem glowing.

"What are you doing here?" Lyra said. "How did you even get to Will's world?"

"I know the way to the folds that go between worlds." Anna said. "They still exist, a part of the grand design of all worlds."

Lyra spat at her in anger. "Can you say something that isn't a puzzle or a bold faced lie!" Lyra asked.

"Here's something straightforward for you. This whole domain IS the Queen. But she can be destroyed by enraging her into ringing her bell." She said.

Lyra asked. "That's what the bell meant. But why do you know all this? And why can't you just tell me?"

Anna said. "I serve a higher power, Lyra. This wisdom granted was a gift for such."

Lyra scoffed. "There is none. The Authority is only Dust, and Dust has no Authority." She said.

"There's something else…" Anna said. "But this isn't the time for matters of philosophy. We must defeat the Queen after all."

Lyra nodded glad to find SOMETHING that she could agree with. The duo ascended the stairs of the tower.

"So how do we get this Queen to shake when she's doomed once she does?" Lyra said.

"She is reckless." Anna said. "She so hates humanity that she'll destroy herself to destroy her foes." Anna said.

"I can work with that." Lyra said.

She reached the stop of the tower to find the other Princess Mage desperately looking for the entrance to the Queen's final room. "It's got to be here." She said.

Lyra looked around but noticed no bell. "You sure about this plan Anna?" she said suspiciously.

Anna smiled. "We need to meet the Queen at her throne first." She said.

Anna stood up to an altar placed in the center of the room and prayed. Lyra tried to hide her disgust, while the other girl blatantly sniggered at her. There rose a curtain in the air, right where Anna prayed.

"Guess you nutters led me right to the prize." The orange girl said, stepping into the curtain.

Lyra followed the girl recklessly watching as Anna prayed keeping the gate open. She encountered great hideous gargoyles holding aloft a bronze bell. Her Pawns lit the place in all of its terrible beauty. Images of men and women burned, lit in the soft glow of the Pawn's candles.

Lyra teleported up to the gargoyle's charging at the bell. It didn't ring or even budge from the force of her attack. The gargoyle's changed their expression from solemnity to a mocking sneer.

The other girl laughed. "The bell? Did you really think it would be that easy?"

Lyra considered for a moment. That gives me an idea.

Lyra moved below the bell, standing entirely under its dark narrow shadow. "You're just a big ugly brute." Lyra said. "No wonder you got stuck as a Gargoyle. "She said.

The inner sanctum rumbled with that comment. I'm on the right track.

"Well I can only imagine what you were like before if this is what you got stuck with. Utterly repulsive. No redeeming value, and frankly a bit unoriginal." Lyra said. "The whole church motif… Isn't that centuries old?"

The witch shook harder. Lyra braced herself on the platform and decided to teleport off the second the bell rang.

"All this pomp, and all these candles and you can't get rid of a couple of pubescent girls. You're a weak coward, that's what you are."

The domain shook hard enough for the massive bell to ring. The domain came crashing down. Lyra ran seeing the orange girl follow her out of the curtain. As soon as the pair exited the place the entirety of the domain disappeared leaving the three girls on a rooftop with a black jewel on the ground four meters away. Lyra dashed over and scooped it up. "I think I've earned it." Lyra said, hiding her exhaustion.

The other girl said in anger. "Well excuse me if I can't randomly insult bells like you do. I've got a date tonight, and I'm going to make it there on time.

Lyra took the crystal and vented her sorrow into it. Anna said quietly. "I'll take you to the one you seek. " she said.

The pair walked the streets of Will's Oxford, transformed into typical attire of the world. Anna knocked on a plat door only to be greeted by a smiling and familiar face.

"Lyra!" Mary Malone said with her chough d aemon flying back in shock. Malone was utterly surprised and a little nervous. "What on earth are you doing here?"

Lyra smiled. "It's a long story Ms. Malone. I'd like to tell it to you and Will."

Lyra spotted Kirjava, Will's cat daemon licking herself and nervously glaring at Lyra.

"Well he's rather busy at the moment." Malone said with the distinct impression that she was hiding something.

"Ms. Malone. It's no big deal." said Will's voice. He was dressed up in clothes that Lyra thought seemed different from normal attire. "I'm going on a date tonight. But it's not a big thing."