Fairy Tail Deadliest Sins

Envy - a desire to have something that is possessed by another!

There he was – sitting with Lisanna on his his lap and not-

-not her.

It was supposed to be her, damn it. Her touching him and kissing him and whispering sweet words in her ear like she used too...

like she used to!

A frustrated sigh escapes her full lips, going unnoticed by her surrounding nakama , lifting the half empty glass of strong booze to her lips she downs it in a desperate attempt to have a dreamless sleep. A dream that isn't filled with images of tanned hands stroking and caressing her peach skin, lips dancing across her ribs and of a moist tongue that makes her wither and scream in waves of


Brown eyes watch as he laughs at Lisanna's attempt to get him to dance to the blaring music in a background as it washes over them, having enough of torturing herself she stands and turns to her company, a string of excuses leave her mouth mumbling something about getting up early to get a job. Wary eyes understand but say nothing only nodding and wishing her a safe journey.

How could they say anything they were Lisanna's family to them she came first and Lucy second, always second.

She was lonely and forgotten only wishing he would turn around and look her way just like he used to do, pushing through the crowd she made her way to the door, heart won over her head as she took one last look over her shoulder.

Pale gold locked on to her chocolate brown eyes and time simply stood still, nothing else mattered, for a second everything was back to normal, her broken heart was mended and she was loved.

But the spell was broken when Lisanna pulled him away to sway to the loud music, smiling sadly at the departing forms she headed out to the cold November air. New Year was coming up maybe she would make a selfish wish to have her heart mended...maybe.

Her sin was envy, something she was certain she would go to hell for, but if her sin allowed her to get him to love her then she would gladly burn for it.

A/N: OK this was done at 4.27am so please forgive the badness of it. I really love Lucy to me she's the best female character in Fairy Tail, but I was thinking of her feelings when Lisanna comes back. I'm a smut girl so I'll try get more smut in the rest of the sins I'm really looking forward to writing Lust lol, ahh I'm a bad girl. :D

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