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A very strong sexual desire for someone

It wasn't a gradual thing. It hit him like a train.

Attraction was often hard to define.

Not in this case.

From out of the blue, thin air, nowhere, in perfect clarity.


He wanted to know what she felt like beneath his fingers. What she tasted like.

His dreams were taunting, everyone was filled with heated images of tangled legs and glazed eyes, his tongue would travel up the middle of Lucy's stomach, hands pinning her arms in place as she wriggled with the slow torture he was doing to her.

He would instinctively know where to go, how to make her moan and curl her fingers in his hair.

He'd know how to make her call his name when his tongue brushed just the right spot inside her and she'd then shudder, her walls tightening and her eyes squeezed shut.

Then he would wake, sunlight streaming through his window, her loud moans of his name echoing around in his head.

He wants her so badly that it aches every time he sees her, those perfect breasts, long shapely legs and god those big browns eyes.

He wanted to know.

But how to ask?

It's lust!

It has to be, this strange tingle in his chest has to be lust. Right?

Can it be love, he's not sure, to be honest thinking about it hurts his head.

He also won't admit that he's afraid, afraid that maybe after they've been together he won't be able to let her go, cause everyone knows he has abandonment issues letting her go might literally be impossible for him.

He doesn't know how to ask her; words, he is sure are to crude to express how he feels.

And so he waits for her to speak first, waits for her to speak to him of love and need.

He's sure he won't need to wait long, the long looks of longing she gives him when she thinks he's occupied are a good sign.

She's his partner, the one he trusts without doubt

He doesn't know how to tell her, and so he waits.

She means everything.

Envy, which led me to want what wasn't mine

Greed, which drew me back to her

Gluttony, which made me need her

Sloth, which fooled me into thinking she would always be mine

Wrath, which led me to lose her

Pride, which forbids me to forget her

Lust, which makes me yearn for her



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