-part 1 flash backs-

'i hate airplanes!' i screamed in my head. hey, you would say the same thing if you stuck on a airplane quished between a fat man a wall. when your 12, almost 13 ,you need space. plus the man was asleep so he kept leaning twordes me. and i was in this mess just because my step dad decided to kill my family. thats not even the worst part. i did'nt even find out for 3 years because of how much he scared me. i can still remember everything, like it was yesterday.

-flash back-

i was walking home from school and decided i would go visit my mom, even it me and takeo got in a fight. me and him nevered liked each other, even when i was little, i decided to throw a water balloon at him filled with lemonade to make him think it was pee. wait maybe it was pee, whatever i was 3 when i did that and did'nt realy see a difference.

'good times.'i chuckled at the thought while opening the door to my mom's house. it was messy and i saw a few spots of red. 'what happened here? its a hell hole.'

"hello, toshio? mom? tokeo?"i yelled out walking up the stairs. when i got to the turn i jumped a little, Tokeo was sitting right there with ketchup everywhere, at lest i hope it ketchup."wheres mom?"he looked up at me and said nothing and had kinda a dazed look in his eyes."come on Tokeo wheres mom, you can't keep toshio and her to yourself. you have to share they are my family too."

he got up and peered down at me making me back away. he grabbed me by the shoulders."she never loved me."he said.

"what? of course mom loves you, she married you."

"the kid's not even mine."

"what, of course he is?"

"get out."he said pushing me to the wall.

"Tokeo your scaring me. what happened?"

"get out!"he yelled. that was enough for me i scooted to open the door as fast as i could. i was about to step put put he grabed my shoulder, he bent down to whisper in my ear."don't think about looking at the news." he said that in such a cold voice it sent shivers down my spine and the hair on the back of neck to stand on end. he reached to open the door all the way and pushed me out making me land flat on ass. the last thing i saw in his eyes were pure hatred of everything around him. i ran all the way back to my aunt naoko house. scared shitless, when i finely got home i ran and sat right in my aunts lap and cried. hey, i was 9 at the time, it felt like the right thing to do. she shooshed me and patted my hair in till i fell asleep.

~3 years later~

my nemesis curiosity decided to take over me today, it was telling me to go to my mom's house today. i haven't been there in 3 years and have'nt touched a newspaper since what tokeo did to me. it still scares me today, that look in his eyes, the blood on the floor, the blood on his body, not to mention i could have sworn that i saw feet in the corner, they were ghastly pale.

"hello is any one home?"i yelled knocking on the door. i tried to just open it and it worked. 'they should realy think of locking the door.'

"oh, i'm sorry."said a blond women coming into the room."i should have hurried, i didn't think you would let yourself in."

"yeah, my mom sourta lives here."

"oh, the Williams have children."

"no, you must be mistaken. the Saeki live here."

"no,they must have moved. what is your name?"

"kagome saeki."

"oh, well i'm Karen Davis."

"it's nice to meet you,Karen."i said walking up to her and shaking her hand. she took it and shook, when we let go we herd a noise coming from upstaires. we walked up staires. i heard it coming from toshio's room so we walked in. i looked around and it seemed normal.. intil i looked to see the closet taped shut.

"you wanna take the tape off?"Karen asked.

"no i'm cool. you do it."

"fine."she said walking up to take it off. while she did that i slipped out to the hall way to call my aunt to say i won't be home for a while.

"hey aunt Naoko."

"hi Kagome, what do you need."

"just telling you i won't be home..."i was cut off by Karen screaming. i put the phone done a sec. to see her on the floor with a terrified look on her face.

"Kagome what was that?"

"nothing aunt Naoko, i got to go. see you later."i said in a hurry despite her protest. i ran to Karen a knelt beside her."are you alright?"

"ya,"she said raising her hand to point at something. i looked at the closet to see Toshio."who is that?"

"my brother Toshio."


"i have to go."i said and ran out the house.

"wait."Karen yelled but i was already out.

i ran all the way back home. i barged in and ran to the nearest person, which happened to be my uncle. i hugged him and asked the dreaded question that has pained me for so long."are they dead?"

"yes."he said and i cried for at least an hour in till my aunt came home, she was the only one who could make calm down...at least the only one alive.

-end flash back-

finely the flight ended and now i was going to meet my aunt Gretchen who is on my father's side. hope this will be good.