"thanks for letting me visit him Dr. Sullivan."i said talking to the lady in front of me that was taking care of Jake in this mental home.

"you welcome, remember you only have a few minutes just like every other time, i can't bend the rules as much as i already have."she said unlocking the door for me to walk in. i saw he was asleep so i went up to walk him."Jake wake up." he moaned not wanting to get up so i started shaking him. he opened one eye and smiled before getting up to hug me.

"hey Kagome." he said digging his head in my hair." your hair smells nice." and moved back.

"thanks." i said moving my hair back revealing a scare there from 3 years ago when my mother attacked us. it used to be worse to the point that when i first got it i had to be taken to the hospital to get it stitched.

"you still have the scare." Jake said running a finger over it."dose it still hurt?"


"how is Rose?"

"fine, she asks why your not there sometimes but i just change the subject."

"she still plays with dolls right?"


"how come you not in here with me? you were there with me."



"i can keep a straight face when i lie."

"Kagome, its time to go."Dr. Sullivan said opening the door."you can come back tomorrow."

"alright." i said and gave Jake a quick kiss."bye."

"i hope you get home safely."Dr. Sullivan said locking the door again.

"i will i have a friend picking me up." i said as i walked out.