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Having To Find Him

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"You need to practice, Kokaku." I said calmly to him and he gave me that look. The look that says 'I don't want to practice and I don't need to practice'. Hanshu-San has warned Kokaku about that attitude.

"I'm already strong. So I don't need to practice." Kokaku told me, his arms were crossed, and cheeks slightly puffed out. He looked annoyed and I felt irritated by his attitude. Kokaku is two years younger than me, he is currently six years old, and I'm at the moment eight years old.

"Hanshu-San warned you about your attitude." I stated bluntly and he gave me another one of those looks. We exchanged words I called him a 'Brat' while he called me a 'Jerk' for some reason. I'm not a jerk.

"Like I care! Whatever! Take your practice and cram it!" He yelled at me angrily, I watched in somewhat of a daze as Kokaku raced way quickly, and then realized after Ran's comment that I will have to be the one to find him otherwise I would be punished again. Why me?

I decided to try and find Kokaku. I searched the inside of the house while sighing to myself and wondering where he decided to go today. Sometimes he hides in one of the rooms or inside of a confined space and it does not help that he is short. In the end Kokaku returned and he seemed to be a bit different.

"I want to protect people. I want to become stronger and stuff." Kokaku told me, he looked serious, and then I decided to ask.

"So you will be practicing instead of napping, right?" I asked smoothly and looked at him calmly. Maybe he will finally stop racing away and start to practice instead of acting like a brat.

"I will become stronger by eating peppers." He said and I felt like hitting him with my practice sword. "I don't need to practice. I need peppers. A lot of peppers and I'm planning to make a field of them."

How can eating peppers make someone stronger? That makes no sense at all, but maybe he'll grow out of it.

"It is not possible to become stronger by eating peppers." I told him bluntly and he puffed out his cheeks along with giving me that look.

"Just watch and see. It is possible, Jerk." Kokaku stated firmly and I sighed to myself.

"You are still a brat." I said calmly and he yelled at me, but after a minute ran and I had to go find him again or be punished again. It is a never ending cycle.

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