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Deep in the concrete jungle of New York, a slaughter fest took place within the 4th week of the infection. It spread relatively quickly, for it's always crowded in the big apple. Within the town square lay the cities residences, infected or not.

Suddenly, a black figure is seen rising from the distance, among the thousands of dead bodies, it walks steadily away from the death and decay, as if scouring for something. It was what they called a "Jack Ripper". It was a He, and had the strength of 3 tanks, but was the mere size of a hunter. And it wore the attire of one, but a black hood with tribal designs on the back, and on the hood the shape of teeth rimmed the edges. A scarf is worn around his neck, red as blood, as scarred like a warrior. His sleeves hid part of his long claws; they had cut down those who had obscured him from his target. And fear them, of the owner knows when to use them wisely. Jack was surprisingly, not a zombie. But he was not human either. He wasn't even sure what he was. He didn't need to eat, nor sleep nor breathe, but his heart was pumping the same blood. His skin was pale, but still held the cream color of life. His eyes were like black holes with all the stars inside. They shone like them as well, twinkling as he looked around. He walked around the scenery, his eyes showing sympathy for the dead, be they infected or not. He would look up, sighing. He would notice a young girl's corpse, lying alone around the mounds of others.

"Fate has been cruel to both of us little one…" He spoke, out of sadness and out of rage of this outcome.

He then dug up a grave hole, small enough for her, and buried her there, only to have a small rock to mark her grave. With his claws, he wrote: Dear Reader, here lies a child, taken by the cruel Mistress Fate. Spare a thought for those as unlucky as her.

"At least, you can have a grave…" He would say softly, trying to lighten his mood. As a gust of wind blew, his scarf would lift up and flicker like fire, and he would turn away from the grave. He was about to leave the scenery when, a young girl is heard, crying. At first he assumed it was a "witch", one of the few girl special infected that had always seemed to be alone, until it yelled out names. The figure turns his head to the source of the sounds. His claws stretch out to their full extent, his legs bending down in preparation. As his eyes slowly invert from their serene black to a bloody red, It leaps with twice the distance of the average hunter, and silently, as the cold edge of the night. It stops for a moment, for the sound stopped. Then, suddenly, a screech and a scream had come from the very same source of the crying. He leaps as fast as he can, hoping not to be late. He finds a hunter aimed right for her, and the girl frozen in fear. He would then let his animal instincts take over. To him, whenever his instincts controlled his actions, everything else was in slow motion. His body skid towards the Hunter, impacting his fist into the hunter's face. It flew a few yards away, yelping. It then got up from anger, and jumped at Jack in search for revenge. It had not known that when Jack was in his "Animal Instincts Stage", not even bullets could catch him. His hand would merely grab the Hunters face as it tried to grab him, and then crushed its skull within an instant. He growled, as the force of his fist cause a small sonic boom to rupture the air.

(Lucia's P.O.V.)

I had seen my mother, or that's how she wanted me to call her, brutally murdered by a mindless creature right before my eyes as she tried to save me, successfully killing it but losing her life in the process. My adoptive Mother, and my biological Aunt, was right in front of me, cold dead against the concrete. It only took me a moment until the gravity of it all fell upon me. I cried my heart out, my warm tears rolling down my pale cheeks. As I mourned for my family, my past, and myself, I sat down, burying my face into my knees. I continued to cry until I heard a low steady growl. As I looked up, a hooded creature bared its teeth at me. They called this thing a "hunter". It had the body of a human, but it was covered in dry blood and had the hands of a beast. I could assure myself that whatever it wanted to do, it would not want to give me a big hug and let me go. I slowly rose, seeing if the hunter would react. It did nothing for a second, staring at me completely motionless like a statue, until I slowly started to walk away. As I reached a fair distance away, it jumped at me, giving a loud yell. It had only grazed my back ever so lightly, yet it burned at touch. I screamed in response, running as far as my weak legs could go. But in my weakened state, I collapsed instantly, turning around only to see the hooded creature about to pounce me in mid air. I blinked quickly, swearing under my breath, wishing this was all just a bad dream.

Suddenly, another creature had then jumped r its' way right next to the hooded one, as if it were merely jogging, then punched It away from me, only seconds to spare. I looked at the new creature, with pure amazement. He wore a black and red jacket with a red scarf, which had made me presume he was a hunter and first, but his claws were larger, much larger, and had pure pale skin. his eyes were red with rage. The hair that stuck out of his hood was a curly mess of black with a few stains of blood, his mouth forming a gritting face full of disgust as it was revealed for a moment from his jump, as he struck the hunter, as if he had done it all his life and he was sick of it. As I looked at the hunter, it had landed a good 10 yards away, sliding on blood and bumping into a few dead bodies. It lay still for a few moments, until it stood up. He slowly limped, but his growling continued to be heard. It leaped at the new comer, its screech even louder, as if fed by anger. But then, the new person merely grabbed the hunter's head with his bare hand as it was in mid air, and crushed it as if it were a mere grape. As his hand enclosed on the hunter's head, my ears rang with pain. It was so sudden, then I cried out in shock at first, covering my ears. I watched it all happen so quickly, yet so slowly. The air around the head of the victim shook from the killer's might. He dropped the corpse, and then he looked at me. His eyes at fir were a sudden deep blood red, only to suddenly form into black eyes like the night sky, with sparks inside; it made it seem I was looking at the stars. He walked toward me, adjusting his scarf with one hand and his claw retracting from the other, but my instinct was to curl up away from him, sobbing, fearing his might.

He crouched down and he offered his hand.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Y-you can talk..?" Was all I was able to utter. I accepted his hand with hesitation and stood up. And it was then I noticed I was slightly attracted to him, despite the fact his hood covered the top half of his face, and a scarf on the lower, but his eyes were like pools of midnight with stars twinkling at me, and he was tall, so tall I had to incline my neck a little. I had also noticed he had no under shirt, and that his jacket was open. His body was lean. For a young teenager, he had the body of a God. It was as if it was painted by Michael Angelo, if Michael Angelo painted dead people.

"Of course I can," He spoke, his eyes showing enjoyment. "I'm not a zombie…and well that doesn't exactly mean I'm human, but…well..." He trailed off.

"You're not a hunter?" I asked, still a bit shaky, holding his hand.

"I'm not so sure myself," he chuckled, as he wiped away my tears with his claw-free hand.

Then, he gazed into my eyes for a good 2 minutes, as if waiting for something; I had also done the same, blushing more and more at the sight of him. Dead or not, I had felt love on first sight, which felt silly since I haven't even seen his face. Then, as if to break the awkward silence, my stomach growled loudly, and I turn away, blushing as hard I could.

He was taken aback from my motion, but knowing what the problem was, he took my hand.

"Come, I know a place, where you can get some decent food…Hopefully." He took my hands, wrapping them around his neck as I leaned unto his back. He lifted me with ease, as I dug my face into his jacket, I could smell him, past the blood and flesh, his smell made me feel as if I wasn't alone anymore. I had only met him, but it had felt like he was the most important person to me. I'm not sure why, it could've been because he just saved me, or it was because I was slowly going insane.

"Where are we going?" I asked, shyly. Dream or not, I wouldn't have minded if the moment could've lasted a bit longer.

"You'll see..." Was the last he said as we disappeared into the darkness with great speed.

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