(Lucia's P.O.V.)

With me on his back, he leaped forward; I was pulled back by the momentum, but held firm. After awhile, he slowed down, leaping smaller distances. After I relaxed, I let out a sigh of relief.

"Um, hey…" I asked, "What's your name?"

"Oh," He spoke without turning his head. He leaped again, landing a good 40 meters away from where he landed. "Well, they call me Jack. What's yours?"

"L-Lucia…Lucia Auldrin." I gripped his jacket harder, as we dropped down from the air. I had not gripped his clothing due to the drop, but because the name Jack hurt me. I couldn't tell him that though, for it would seem rude. I grimaced, digging my face into his back. I was worried for a good 2-3 seconds until he landed safely. Then he slid down a wall with only his feet, and then landed without a single sound on the floor.

"We're here."

I slowly opened my eyes, only to gaze upon an abandoned Convenience store, and by the looks of it, a very recently abandoned Convenience store. Just by being outside, I could smell the hotdogs in the rolling-cooker, donuts and cookies freshly baked. Hot chocolate being made, and the popping of popcorn could be heard. My stomach growled loudly with the intensity of the smells and sounds as I closed in on the store. I turned to Jack, asking him with concern.
"Wh-where are the other people?"

"There are no other people." He spoke without looking at her again, staring at the store. "This is my home. The people who let this place left all of their belongings and the electricity on, so everything is fresh in a way."

I looked at him with surprise. "But Jack, you don't eat human food…"

"I don't, but I cook to ease my mind, and incase a survivor who doesn't yell "HUNTER!" and tries to shoot me all time can eat."


Before I could finish, my stomach growled even louder, and I came down on my knees, grabbing my stomach.

"How about you eat first and answer questions later?"

(Jack's P.O.V.)
I had rescued a girl of the same species as to those monsters that made me into this, but even if we were alone, I couldn't kill her. I didn't want to. If I were to kill her, I'd be no better than those sadistic doctors. But, I worry. I do not want her to die. I don't want anyone else to die. Although I can't promise to protect everyone who lives on this earth, I can promise myself that she won't die. I can promise she is safe, even if she is with a monster like me. Her name just made it easier for me to keep her safe. She had the same name of the girl I love, so it felt like I was protecting her. I also hope she's fine…

I watched her gorge down hotdog after hotdog, drink after drink. I had handed her a few napkins to wipe her mouth, which was covered in condiments. I had done all this in silence, since I did not want to disturb her. She would shift her eyes to me every once in awhile, then look away when I'd notice, her face as red as a cherry.

"Oh, how rude of me, I haven't shown you how I look like." I stated, trying to break the silence I made.

I'd remove my hood and scarf, revealing my pale face. She would stare at me, and then reach her hand to my face. I'd retract for a moment, closing my eyes with fear that she'd slap me and escape, only to feel her warm hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes, looking upon her face. She was blushing as hard as she could, as she continued to caress my face. Then, she stared at me with great shock. I was about to tell her "Please, don't run…" but before I could say a word, she spread he arms wide open, and hugged me and slowly started to cry. She hugged me. I did not move for a second, and then I slowly enclosed my arms around her, holding her close, trying to comfort her. She then pulled back for a moment, looking at me as though she had looked at me for years, and then kissed me.

(Lucia's P.O.V.)
I had eaten so much, I felt embarrassed for Jack to see me in that state, but I couldn't stop. The hunger caught me with its hook, and I wasn't strong enough to fight it. Then, out of the blue, Jack showed me his face. I looked at him, with anticipation, only to see his young face. His body didn't show it, but he was only 17, my age. His face was beautiful. His deep black eyes looked at me, as if the constellations of the sky were watching me. His skin was almost perfect, except for this small scar on his face. Without thinking, I reached out and touched it, as if I was touching a baby's skin. I ran my fingers softly down it, wondering if he'd flinch from pain. He didn't. The scar was as dry as a bone, and hard as a rock. I felt like I would cry just by looking at it, hating what or who did that to him. But then, as if struck by lightning, it hit me. Without his vacuum black eyes, and his large scar, I knew him. I knew him too well.

He was my childhood neighbor, and my first and only love. I had been wondering why I had felt so close to him, why I had been so attracted to him. It was Jack, my Jack. He had been my friend since I was only 7, a sickly little girl, whose parents died before she had even been 1 year old, the one who lived with a distant relative who never let her play outside in fear of an accident, the one who was always ignored by the boys, and made fun of by the other girls. And he was the Jack that had reached his warm, friendly hand out to me. He was the Jack that had brought me out of my own dark hole, made by my loneliness.

He had moved into our cul de sac when we were 7. He was tall, fair skinned, and fit for a 4th Grader. His hair was a black, tangley mess that sometimes hid his beautiful, brown eyes. The first time I saw him, was the first time I had ever blushed at a boy. I had been looking out my window when I saw him move in. I nearly fell from my reaction, not knowing what to do about my feelings. It always gave me comfort to sit on our lawn every morning, where the lawn had dew and the other kids weren't even up yet…except for Jack. The second I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. He was too far away to notice me, but I saw him, and that was enough for me.

That faithful day, when I was watching him play with other boys from our lawn, sitting on the cold dew, feeling the water between my toes, he noticed me from the corner of his eye. My instincts told me to run, but I was too slow to move. He walked up to me, smiling, his hand extended at me.

"You wanna play?" was the first words he ever said to me. He smiled wider, and it held that warm aura around it. I was about to accept his hand, when out of the blue, another boy ran into my field of vision, panting.

"Jack! Don't bother with this girl. She can't run, she's too shy, she doesn't even smile! I'm amazed she even caught your eye! She's useless, she'd be better off she wasn't born!" He said so bluntly, laughing his head off.

I turned away, softly crying. I had softly cried out, "its ok Jack, y-you can run from me now…" I slowly looked up at Jack, and his face had quickly changed. He gripped his fist, grabbing the other guy's shirt lifting him up. He was taller than the other boy, and stronger as it seemed.

"Don't… SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!" He yelled at the boy, who was only a small push away from crying.


He punched the boy down, scolding him even more. He cried out, and the other boys came. They were smaller, but out numbed Jack. Then, all hell broke loose. I tried to yell to Jack to stop it, because he would've been hurt, but I didn't bother to after the first few seconds of watching. I could see even if they were 5 and he was alone, he was faster, stronger and more skillful. Within a good 10 seconds, all 6 of his enemies were lying on the floor, some barely conscious. Those who were still able to walk helped the other leave, and they never played with Jack again. He sat cross-legged, panting. "Tch…" he spit out a little blood, and then turned to me.
"You ok? Those jerks won't bother you anymore…" He said, out of breath.

I looked at him in total amazement. No one has ever stood up to me before, so this was a first. So many things ran through my mind.

"Bu-but…why did you do that? I'm just like as he says, useless…and outcast…" I trailed off, hiccupping from my crying. He then looked at me with a face that could've made me cry then and now.

"What was your name again?" He asked first.


"Well Lucia, I'm Jack…and my belief is all people should be equal, may they be sick, problemed or rich! There should be no difference in how you treat others."

When I heard those words, I cried out, not of Sorrow but of Joy, for I found a person who accepted me for me. He was the one that showed me being sickly shouldn't hinder me from making friends, or from life itself. Then those blissful days started. We found our "Secret Hideout" for awhile, which we dubbed "Our Place." It was a small hill with an apple tree on it, behind a curtain of vines inside a forest nearby. Our cul de sac was found near the more natural preserved place in the City, where grass was its natural green, and the trees as old as the earth. We found that Hill one day, exploring the forest with our parents. We had wandered off a little farther from our parents, where they couldn't see us, and we found it there, as if it were waiting for us all this time. We then started going there every day, enjoying the fresh apples and each other's company.

When we reached high school, he was the hottie of the class, and apparently, so was I. He had been into Basketball, but his academic scores were outstanding. I wasn't athletic, but thanks to my sickness and my feelings for Jack, I was fit. Jack even said that a guy in my class stated: "The only time we're not looking at Lucia's Breasts is because we're looking at her ass…" He said greedily, so Jack had to slap him to his senses. He would've fought back, but he didn't. He knew, just as much as everyone else did back then, that Jack and I were dating. It made me happy knowing that Jack was mine, and I was his. We spent every day at Our Place to be together in solitary. He even took up workshop for awhile just for that one place, so he could build a bench-swing for us at Our Place, and what a beautiful bench-swing it was. Our Place was where everything happened. Where he asked me out, where we first kissed, where we confessed, where we held each other one last time, under the stars, sharing each other's warmth.

Our First kiss and confession was truly beautiful, especially since it was on the same night. We were enjoying the summer on that night, on the bench-swing as I rested my head on his lap, slowly falling asleep from the rocking of the bench. I looked up to Jack, and he looked down at me. He brushed off a loose strand of hair on my face, and smiled at me. He softly whispered the 3 little words that every single person wants to hear at least once in their life. I love you. I responded by saying the same thing, and we both laughed. As our laughter died out, I stood up straight, leaning on him this time. He turned to me, lifting my face up to his, only inches away from each other. I could feel his warm breath against my skin, and we closed our eyes, and Kissed. Our confession and Kiss are only known by us and the Moon and stars, our witnesses.

But then, He was the Jack that had suddenly left 3 years earlier, and the one that left me crying, and missing him more and more each day. I had gone dark once more, waiting for him to come back. When the boys found out he left, they tried their luck and charm on me, but I ignored them. I ignored their efforts, and I ignored life itself, missing the man I loved.

The second I remembered, I did not care what he was anymore, why he left me or how he would react, and hugged him. I hugged the Jack that I've loved for years, and let those tears I've kept to myself flow out, trying to make him understand how I felt when he left. But then, when I expected him to push me away, or ask for me to let go, he hugged me back. I grasped him, as if grasping life itself, and cried even more. At that moment, nothing else mattered to me. The zombies, the fact that Jack wasn't even human anymore, or the fact that I can no longer go home, they didn't matter anymore. All that mattered that time was that my Jack was in my arms. The Jack that I had longed for was finally in my arms. When I pulled out from his hug, I held his cheek once more, seeing his baffled yet beautiful face, and kissed him. I kissed him without thinking or without caring. My soft, delicate lips pressed upon his. They were warm like fire just like how they did back then. Even if we had stayed like that for only a few seconds, it felt like an eternity to me. I retracted, looking at him with eyes of shock and delight, holding his face, my tears rolling down my cheeks.

"It's you Jack, it's really you…"

"What are you talking about?" He asked, puzzled.

"It's me…Lucia…from the Cul De Sac…" I cried out to him, smiling.

He then looked to me with eyes of delight, and he wrapped his arms around me again. He would laugh and cry at the same time, as we shared our warmth once more.

"Lucia, it IS you! I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you at first…it's just been so long, and your last name is Auldrin now? Did you get married while I was gone?" He said with his warm, soothing voice as he pulled back and looked at me. "And I'm hurt you didn't remember me." He chuckled, as he enjoyed my company.

I laughed as well, then trying to act tough, I spoke. "My Auntie got married and changed my name, and well, you should've remembered me first! You had your whole face covered!" then we stared at each other for a moment, and laughed once more.

As we hugged again, laughing, crying and kissing, we heard a light cough from the door. We turned to the source of the sound suddenly, only to find a guy with almost the same get up as Jack, but he had a purple scarf, and his jacket's sleeves were missing, showing off some muscle leaning on the wall right in front of us…He scared me at first, for his arms were covered in scars, and had claws just like Jack, and as a bonus, had a machete on his hilt. He was even a little taller than Jack. He pulled back his hood, revealing another beautiful boy face. His hair was neat and kept, and his eyes were like Jacks. He spoke, with a funny, Russian accent, which still makes me laugh.

"Well, aren't we getting all lovey dovey here?" he said, trying to make a joke.

Jack stood up, acting all shocked and delighted. He then ushered the guy outside, and they talked like they were best friends. I watched them from outside in total silence, waiting for an outcome.

But at the time, it did not matter. Nothing else did. I was with Jack once more, and nothing else mattered.

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