After the events of Luigis Mansion Luigi had rented out the Mansion and was happily living there taking a break from life. Luigi eat a donut "ah… no more ghosts" thought Luigi. Occasinuly Luigi would practice caching ghosts with E Gad but Luigi was much better using the Poltrguest 3000 Luigi was miles ahead of E Gad.

Professor E gad cleaned out his Poltergust 2000 a less updated version of the Poltergust 3000 thats when he heard a thumping noise "who's there" said the little Professor lifting up a gun "Ass hole vie come here to be a great ghost hunter!" said a voice "oh crap its Bowser Jr!" said E Gad. "thats right im Bowser Jr vie came here to become a great ghost hunter!" said Bowser jr thats when a huge sound was heard several Boos flew into the room "ahhh!" yelled Bowser Jr shooting one the bullet went right through the Boo "hehehehhe!" yelled the Buu. Thats when luigi ran into the room "what the hell is baby Bowser doing here!" yelled Luigi "this is bad! King Buu has escaped and now the amount of ghosts in the mansion is 4 times as big as before!"

to Be Continued.