Open textbooks were strewn across the end of the bed, papers haphazardly piled alongside them, forgotten. Kurt and Blaine were locked in a warm embrace, Kurt leaned back into the pile of pillows at the head of his bed, Blaine's leg crossed across his. Their arms were wrapped around each other, mouths moving together in perfect harmony, tongues gliding lightly across each other's. Their kisses became more urgent with the passing minutes as they pulled their bodies closer together. They enjoyed the sensations not only of what they were doing, but of the fact that they were even able to do it in the first place. Blaine pulled his lips away from Kurt's with a delicious smack, and lost himself in his boyfriend's blue-green eyes. They both smiled knowingly and happily, their hearts filling with the warmth of the other's gaze.

"I love that we are still 'practicing' even though our competition was a week ago," Kurt teased.

Blaine's smile brightened even more, "Practice makes perfect."

Kurt's smile grew, "I thought our first kiss was pretty perfect."

"That's true," Blaine said, unable to keep his eyes off of Kurt's lips, "we shouldn't mess with perfection." Then he captured Kurt's lips in his own, crashing them together and running the hand that had been around Kurt's waist up and tangling it in his boyfriend's hair. Kurt's hand followed suit and all at once their kiss deepened, a mix of tongues and teeth, Blaine nearly on top of Kurt now. The feeling of their bodies pressed together, so right, comfortable, and electricity producing all at the same time.

Blaine broke his lips from Kurt's and began to trail kisses across his boyfriend's jawline and down his alabaster neck. Kurt felt his breath hitch, causing a grin to spread across his boyfriend's face. Blaine couldn't get over the sound of Kurt's breathing, knowing that he was the one who had caused it. As Blaine grazed the edge of his boyfriend's shirt, Kurt's eyes rolled back a bit, catching for a moment on the bedroom door that he had forgotten to close in their haste. His body tensed.

"Blaine," he whispered.

"Hmm," Blaine murmured, his lips never leaving Kurt's collar bone.

"Blaine!" Kurt shouted in a whisper.

Blaine looked up, startled. "What?"

"We, uh, we..." Kurt fumbled, trying to force his hormone ridden brain to produce words.

Blaine's eyes followed Kurt's across the room to the open doorway, immediately understanding Kurt's concern.

"Oh, okay," he conceded as he tried to untangled himself from his boyfriend.

Kurt grabbed him tightly, pulling Blaine square on top of him for a moment, "It's not that I don't want to."

A devilish grin spread across Blaine's face, cocking an eyebrow he said, "Trust me, I know."

Kurt blushed to his hairline, ears suddenly hot.

Blaine removed himself from Kurt, settling in next to him on the bed, "Kurt, you're blushing," he teased.

Kurt slugged him playfully in the arm, smiling at the smile he received in return. They enjoyed a mutual stare for a moment before turning their attention to the mess of books and papers across the end of the bed. Laughing a bit, they mused for a moment about how they had managed not to knock either of their textbooks of the bed. They crawled toward the end of the bed, until they were both laying on their stomachs next to each other as they exchanged papers and tried to reorganize them.

"Why do I have a feeling that you are going to be the end to my good grades, Blaine Anderson?" Kurt smirked sarcastically.

Blaine furrowed his brow, searching Kurt's face, "You are so smart Kurt, I am sure that you will do wonderfully," he reassured.

Kurt blushed a bit, trying to hold his sarcasm, but failing at the sight of his boyfriend's concerned face.

"I'm teasing you Blaine," Kurt deadpanned. He refocused his attention on his papers, "But, seriously, I'm not like you, I don't get straight As just for breathing."

Blaine could sense the bit of irritation in Kurt's voice and realized that his grades were quite easy for him to come by, though he couldn't really imagine that Kurt had to work all that hard for his. But, he knew that this was Kurt's way of saying that he really did want to focus on studying instead of "practicing," at least for the moment.

"Do you have a notebook I can borrow? I need to make some notes before I start writing this paper," Blaine asked.

"In the desk drawer," Kurt said gesturing across the room without looking up from his work.

Blaine pulled the drawer open, removing the cream notebook that rested on top. He moved back toward the bed, opening the clasp, a smile spreading across his face, his eyebrows raised. He stood stunned for a moment.

When Blaine didn't immediately regain his seat, Kurt looked up, a wave of panic and embarrassment washing over his face. He moved quickly to snatch the notebook from his now giggling boyfriend. Blaine held the notebook to him and spun out of Kurt's grasp. He tried to run, but Kurt tackled him to the bed, trying to wrench the notebook from his strong hands.

"Blaine...Blaine," he shouts indignantly. "Blaine Anderson you give me that notebook right now!"

Blaine is a pile of hysterics, face down in the mattress with the notebook clutched tightly beneath him, Kurt laying on top of him, trying to free it from his grasp. As Kurt thrusts his hand under his boyfriend's chest, Blaine turns his head and kisses Kurt on the cheek. Kurt is red from cheeks to hairline and breathing heavily when he stops his assault.

"Blaine, give me the notebook, please? You were never supposed to see that," Kurt says heavily.

"Give me a kiss and I'll give you the notebook," Blaine teases.

Kurt plants a kiss, strong and purposeful on Blaine's lips. Blaine slips the notebook from beneath him, resting it in Kurt's hands as he slides off of him onto the bed.

Blaine strokes Kurt's reddened cheek, causing his boyfriend to look him in the eyes.

"I think it's adorable. When did you make it?"

"Right before Valentine's day," Kurt admits.

Shock shoots through Blaine's eyes and face. "Valentine's Day?"

Kurt's eyes find the bed as he absently traces his fingers over the cover of the notebook. "Remember when you called that emergency meeting of the Warblers and you came to find me sitting in the hall?"

"Planning weekend outfits," Blaine says slowly in remembrance.

"Yeah, well..."

Blaine crashes their lips together again with enough force of passion that he knocks Kurt back onto the bed. When he pulls away a moment later, there are genuine smiles on both of their faces.

And suddenly Blaine is the one who seems embarrassed. "Could you, uh, make me one?" he asks nervously.

Kurt beams. "Here," he says as he rips the page carefully from the notebook, "you can have this one."

"But, Kurt?" Blaine protests before Kurt raises his finger to his boyfriend's lips to silence him.

"You can have this one. I have about twenty more."

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