I hated You

I hated you.

Your smile. (fake cheery n a i v e)

Your laugh. (childish unnecessary a n n o y i n g)

Your eyes. (bright trusting f o o l i s h)

I hated you for what you represented.

When I looked at you, I saw the sick, disgusting face of every human left alive - saved before the earth could be cleansed (thoroughly rightfully p a i n f u l l y). The rapists, murderers, pedophiles and perverts all allowed a second chance that none deserved, all because of a so called 'necessary' betrayal.

I hated you for what I had become; this unrecognizable person ruled by emotion. You were the cause, the trigger to all my pain and heartache.

As I stood above you (sleeping peaceful u n a w a r e), staring down as you gently breathed, that hate simmered.

As I stood above you (vengeful twisted c o n f u s e d), frowning, why had I even saved you?

As I stood above you (leaning touching f e e l i n g), I realized the reason I hated you...

...because as you lay there...

(caring loving a c c e p t i n g)

...and as I crept closer...

(learning smiling r e a l i z i n g)

...my arms wrapping around your waist...

(secure protecting w a r m)

...I leaned down to kiss you...

(gentle tingly c h a s t e)

...because, darling, I don't hate you...

(I love y o u)

meh. It's my first shot at anything poetic.

I don't know when I'll update next, my muse for Legion has kinda run it's course.

Thank you everyone for your reviews, favorites and alerts. I'm positive I'll upload another chapter, I just don't know when. I mean come on, an angel and a girl. Alone. That's like a fanfiction breeding ground! :)

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