It was a hot Thursday afternoon, the sun beaming down its laser rays, and giving skin cancer to any hobo who didn't bother to wear any skin protection.

I stood outside the café, called Le Musica, waiting impatiently for Miku and Luka to show up. As always, they were late and wasting the very important minutes of my life. The time that they were wasting were equivalent to the time of myself eating delicious oranges while killing some ugly, deformed Sim person, on The Sims 2.

I tapped my foot on the footpath, feeling the sweat trickle down my back underneath the thick sweater I was wearing and the sun burning into my exposed skin.

"Hurry up," I mutter, glancing at the white and orange watch on my wrist and then crossing my arms over my chest.

I switched legs to lean on, and wished that the front of the café had some sort of shade cloth so I wasn't frying underneath the sun.

All I could think was, thanks to them, I will be a fried chip by tomorrow.

Finally, after standing outside in the hot summer-sun, they turn up about 30 minutes later, giggling and carrying-on. Miku was waving around a magazine in her hand and pointing at it, her face as red as a tomato.

When they both came to their senses, they looked up and saw an extremely pissed-looking girl with short blonde hair and a flat chest standing there and glaring at them.

Well, I hoped I was actually glaring.

I guessed I was doing a good job at it because their idiotic smiles disappeared and they both went a bit palish-gray.

I storm over to them and snatched the magazine out of their hands and looked at it.

On the front was Kaito Shion, the second most famous teen-singer guy, beside Len Kagamine, of all people, looking, well attempting to look, seductive and very sexy.

But Len was a Shota, not a sexy thing, he was too cute to be… well, hot. On the other hand, Kaito was an ice-cream addict, and nobody likes that.

…Unless you're Miku Hatsune.

They weren't wearing any t-shirts, and so their skimpy chests were kind of bothering. I felt my face heat up as I glanced at Len.

I dropped the magazine on the ground like a hot potato.

"Let's just go inside," I mumble, embarrassed, and stalked into the café.

Luka scurried after me and Miku scooped the magazine up into her hands and danced after us.

Café Le Musica was one of those really cosy café's that you'd find in an alleyway with the greatest food ever… those secret hideouts that often a group of high-school kids would discover.

It wasn't all that popular, since it appeared as a shabby house across the road from our school. But once you entered, you'd know it was something special.

It was set up with cute frills and things, and had the newest decent-to-listen-to-songs always playing. The food was great, but also healthy, and it sold all sorts of strange things, but also treats, snacks, sandwiches and delicious drinks such as assorted tea flavours, Bubble Tea, coffee, milkshakes, smoothies, juice etc.

I am two years younger than Miku, and Miku is a year younger than Luka, so Luka was the first to discover this awesome café.

Luka had accidentally run into the store manager one day, and the manager suggested that Luka should come into the café, which had just recently opened and try out some of the food.

Luka, extremely kind, accepted to try out the food although the café looked… amazingly ugly, and went inside.

I'll let you imagine what events happened after that.

When I enter, the bell that hangs from the door-frame tinkles and I feel like dancing.

Not really, I just wanted to see how that sounded.

I can't dance, anyway.

The lady behind the counter, Megumi, or Gumi for short, glances up and beams at us. "Rin, Luka, Miku, good afternoon!" She sings, and the few customers in the store looked at us.

"Hello Gumi," Luka says calmly.

"Afternoon Gumi," Miku exclaims, smiling like a douche-bag.

Everyone turns and looks at me.

"Uh, yeah, hi Gumi," I say, and force a stupid smile onto my face. Luka leans over the counter and whispers something into Gumi's ear and Gumi giggles.

Anyhow, I drag Miku to a booth in the corner of the café and sit on the soft, cushiony chairs. I let myself slide down and when Luka comes over she glares at me.

"Rin, get some manners." She growls.

Gumi skips over to the table and plops some menus onto the table. "Same old, same old; when you're ready, call me over and I'll take your orders."

She winks at me, for some reason, and I don't know why. Ah, the mysterious wonders of the girl behind the counter who has a weird addiction to carrots.

"Thanks Gumi," Miku says sweetly.

We were gobbling down the sweets when Miku looks up and exclaims, "I've got an idea!"

"Good for you," I mutter, and shove the last piece of orange-and-cinnamon muffin into my mouth.

"Okay, well since you said that Rin, you can be the one who does the idea."


"Because I like onions,"

"Oh really, is that so?"

"Yes, yes it is so."

"Well guess what? I hate onions."

"Don't worry Miku, I like onions," Luka suddenly joins our conversation.

Miku glowers at me and then high-fives Luka.

"Okay, well I want to play truth or dare. Since Rin is our volunteer due to her hatred of onions, I decided to dare her something. Luka and I shall discuss outside of what you dare should be."

"Hey, wait. You didn't tell me it was truth or dare. And don't I decide whether I want to do a truth or a dare?" But by the time I finished speaking, they had vanished mysteriously like stains in a shirt getting washed in a washing machine with Napi-san soap.

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