Through the Glass

She was staring out at the world. It had been so long since she had been allowed outside of this cell. Flashes of memories that she knew were not hers blinded her as scientists bustled about her. She had been forgotten for many long months but now... Now they were interested in her. She didn't know why, she wasn't even sure if she was still alive. She knew she wasn't a girl. She had forgotten how to be a girl. She was what these men made her. What had they made her? Had she had a home? No she did. But it was in her head. She knew that home well, and now they were tampering with her home and she hated them for it. Her home was in her head not out in the world though all she could see of the world was the cold sterile world of the scientist's laboratory just outside her glass cage.

She pressed her hands up hard on the glass that separated her from them, as one came close to look at her she cocked her head to the side, they were going to put her to sleep. She could read that they were going to do it and she wanted to crush him for putting her to sleep so they could stick needles in her brain and make her see things that were not hers. She wanted to see the stars again; it had been so long since she had seen the stars they were pretty even though they were great burning destroyers. The man started to collapse as she imagined a great star burning inside his brain, he was smart his brain was firing as often as a star was fusing atoms so it was easy to imagine. He grabbed his head though and backed away as she stared intently her head moving slightly looking at him curiously.

"Put her to sleep put her to sleep!"
"Eto kuram na smekh!"

She dropped with a heavy thud, the scientists outside the cell looked in at her. "River Tam she is not. But she will do." They said as another went to retrieve her so they could run more experiments on her now that she was asleep and could not kill them at least not until she woke up and was back behind the glass in her cell. They had to make sure that she would be ready to face River Tam and make sure to silence her before any more of their secrets were revealed to the worlds.