"River. Mei mei, it's alright you are safe." It was the voice of Simon speaking to her as he stood his hands held out in a non threatening gesture.
"I know but they are hurting her." She cried and turned to the infermary once more only to realise that she was staring at the infermary of Serenity and nobody was being harmed there. She took two staggering steps back. "They are hurting her."
Simon looked at her confused and Kaley stood by Mal talking to him.
"Who? Who is being hurt?"
"Two? Two people are being hurt?" Rivers face contorted and she shook her head.
"TWO! She is fighting but they are hurting her needles and knives" River put her hand to her head and cried out. "Needles and knives scratch the brain tear the emotions out." At this Simon looked mortified, he had known what they hd done to his sister, they were doing this to the other patients as well? Who was Two? River screamed and fell back landing hard. "Two Two, no Two." River crawled forwards back to the infermary to try to see a person that was not there. Simon went to help her.

"Who is hurting her River? Can we help her?"
"Two by two hand of blue." River said clutching at the doorway to the infermary, "Two by two hands of blue, they are driving her." She said her eyes going wide as she looked back to mal and Simon. "She comes to us."

"Now don't take this the wrong way doctor, but is she meaning more of those fellows that were on Arial are coming for us with a lovely little nutter that is crazier than your sister?" Mal asked causing Simon to look at him in shock. Most of the time he was not quite as blunt, or horrible as Jayne but occassionally he had his moments.

"She is coming to kill us because she can't not." River said calmly. Staring at the infermary bed.