AN: I'm writing a Buffy/Spike story over on the BtVS side of things, and each chapter is a conversation about them. Originally this was supposed to be a chapter for that story, but I took it in a different direction. I recently found this piece and decided that it works as a short missing scene from Disharmony. Enjoy and please review!


"Hey!" Cordelia suddenly paused painting Harmony's toes and glanced up at her friend. "You know what I just realized? We're totally having a slumber party and we haven't talked about boys once!"

Harmony grinned. "Any exciting new men in your life?"

Cordelia grimaced. "None to speak of unless you count Dennis. What about you?"

"Well, there was this one guy, but it went pretty bad at the end." She pulled a face.

"But it was good for awhile?"

"I wouldn't say 'good' necessarily. But it didn't suck. And he could be nice sometimes. I think." She suddenly leaned over, and conspiratorial look on her face. "But the sex was fantastic."

Cordelia figured she should probably try to talk about Harmony's tendencies toward guys that didn't treat her right. But it sounded like the relationship was over, and she really needed to live vicariously through someone else's sex life.

"Spill. I want to hear everything! What was his name?"

The grin on Harmony's face grew wider. "Spike."

Cordelia dropped the nail polish.