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Reasons, Excuses, Love, Hate, Power, and Filler!

Where am I? Am I dead? All I remembered was passing out at the park. Why do I feel warm? Zenno thought. Zenno opened his eyes and saw the ceiling. He sat up, rubbing the back of his head. He looked to his right; he saw a device that keeps track of his heart rate. He looked down at his body, and saw that he was wearing a white blanket. He took of his blanket and saw that he was wearing a hospital gown.

"Looks like you're feeling well." said a voice to the left of Zenno. Zenno looked to the left to see who it was; it was Mikoto Itoshiki.

"Sensei!" Zenno yelled, shocked by his appearance, "What are doing here?"

"What?" Mikoto yelled, in shock, "I'm Mikoto Itoshiki, not Nozomu Itoshiki!" "Nozomu's my brother!"

"So basically, you're both identical twins." Zenno said in relief.

"Not really twins," Mikoto said with his eyes rolled, "Since I'm his older brother."

"So," Zenno said, looking around the round, "How did I get here?"

"I think they can answer that." Mikoto said as he opened the door across Zenno. There were 6 people standing outside the door, Nozomu, Kafuka, Yasashii, Jun, Abiru, and Kiri.

"I think all six of them helped you get here." Mikoto said to Zenno. Everyone surrounded Zenno.

"How did I get here?" Zenno asked, looking at everyone.

"I'll go first." Nozomu said, stepping in front of Zenno's bed.

"So," Nozomu said, trying to recollect his thoughts, "I was walking down the street next to the local park. And I saw someone lying down near the road. So, I ran over to see who it was; it was you. You were groaning, it sounded like you were in pain. But there was someone else, I think it was," Nozomu then pointed at Kiri, "Komori-san."

"You were there Komori-san?" Zenno asked, shocked.

"Y-yes, I was." Kiri said, hesitantly.

"Back to my story." Nozomu said, looking back at Zenno, "I wanted to know what was going on, so I asked Komri-san, 'What's wrong with Chikara-san?' and she said-

Earlier that day (The Local Park)

"I don't know!" Kiri cried while shaking Zenno. "He just collapsed, and I ran over to help him, but I can't! He keeps shaking and groaning!" Kiri ran up to Nozomu, "Please make him stop, Sensei!" she cried to Nozomu.

"Hey!" Nozomu yelled at Kiri. Kiri stopped crying. "I'll get him to stop, but first you need to pull yourself together. He'll be helpless if we just sit here and cry." Nozomu said to Kiri, with an angry, but sincere, tone.

Nozomu then thought, There's no time to waste. If he dies, then his parents will kill me for not helping him. I can't take any chances! Nozomu and Kiri ran over to Zenno. Nozomu looked to the left and saw a needle, he picked the needle up, and it was labeled "Heart Medicine." Kiri flipped Zenno's body over. He had his right hand over his heart, his eyes were closed, and his face was covered with dirt, cuts, and bruises. Nozomu walked to Kiri, "Do you think this is part of the reason he was in pain?" he said, showing Kiri the needle.

"*gasp*" Kiri said, in surprise, "Zenno-kun was t-taking d-drugs."

"What? No!" Nozomu yelled, in shock, "This isn't heroine; it's medicine."

"Oh." Kiri said in relief. "What does it say on it?" she asked looking at the needle.

"It says, 'Inject in your dominant arm.'" Nozomu said while reading the needle. "But I don't know if he's right or left-handed!" Nozomu yelled, in frustration.

"It's his right arm." said a voice. Nozomu and Kiri looked to Nozomu's left, and saw Kafuka.

"Furra-san." Nozomu said to Kafuka.

"Hurry up and inject it to his right arm!" Kafuka yelled at Nozomu. Nozomu did what he was told. Zenno was no longer shaking or groaning in pain.

"He's alright." Nozomu said, in relief. Jun came running up, "Hey, what's going on with Zenno?" Jun said, curiously.

"He just passed out, he'll be fine." Nozomu said, looking at Zenno, "But we'll take him to the clinic, just in case." Nozomu put Zenno's right arm around his neck, he then stood up, "Man, this kid's pretty heavy." Nozomu said as he was picking him up. "Here, let me help." Jun said, wrapping Zenno's right arm around his neck.

"Hey, Jun!" said a voice behind Jun. He looked over his shoulder, and saw Yasashii.

"Hello, Yasashii." Jun said, in response. "Sorry, but I'm kind of busy right now, so talk to me later." he said turning forward. Both Nozomu and Jun carried Zenno to the Itoshiki "Clinic." Kafuka, Yasashii, and Kiri followed them.

Present (Itoshiki Clinic)

"And that's how you got here." Nozomu said to Zenno.

"But how'd you get here?" Zenno asked Abiru.

"Well," Abiru said, recollecting her memories, "I was here for my check-up, and then I saw you come through the door, so I decided to join in."

"Thank you all for your help." Zenno said, looking at everyone, "If you all weren't there, then I could've died.

"Please don't say that." Kafuka said, looking melancholic.

"Anyway," Mikoto said, walking towards me, "It turns out he has a heart disease called, 'Shiki-haku,' which means 'rapid heartbeat.'" He then looked at the others, "Unfortunatly, there is no found cure for it. So all he can do is stabilizing his heartbeat by taking the medicine you gave him." He looked back at me, "But I will give you a prescription for the medicine at our pharmacy." He gave me a piece of paper that has the prescription on it.

"Thank you." Zenno said to Mikoto.

But then, *beep* *beep* *beep* *beepbeep* *beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep*.

"Dammit! He's having another heart attack!" Mikoto yelled, "Quick give him another shot!"

Jun looked through his jacket pocket, "There's isn't any needles in here!" Jun yelled, panicking. "Then look through his pants!" Mikoto yelled at Nozomu.

"Stay with us Zenno." Abiru said to Zenno, trying to comfort him. "You need to fight it, just hold on a little longer." Yasashii said to Zenno, also trying to comfort him. "Please don't die, Zenno-kun. Please don't leave us alone." Kiri said to Zenno, also trying to comfort him.

"It's not in his pants, either!" Nozomu yelled, frustrated and panicking. "Dammit!" Mikoto yelled, in irritation. "Wait... How about the pharmacy?" Jun asked, still panicking. "That's about 10 blocks away from here! We wouldn't make it in time!" Mikoto yelled. "Then that means he's done." Nozomu said, shocked, "He's going to die, and we can't do anything about it."

"What?" Abiru, Yasashii, and Kiri yelled, in shock. "No, no, that's not true!" Kiri yelled, angrily. "You can't die now!" Abiru cried to Zenno. "You must live, or else, or else-" Yasashii yelled, crying on Zenno's blanket. "We would all live in despair!" Kiri yelled, crying on Zenno's chest.

"K-kafuka-c-chan." Zenno said, reaching out to her.

"I knew this would happen." Kafuka cried. She ran out of the clinic.

I told her that I won't leave her side, no matter the circumstances! And I'm going to keep that promise!" Zenno thought as he jumped out of his bed, put on his jacket and jeans, and ran out of the clinic.

"Zenno don't!" Yasashii yelled. "Come back!" Kiri yelled. "Don't do it, you'll only aggravate your heart!" Mikoto yelled. Zenno ignored all of their pleas.

Break Time

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Courtroom 2, 12:25 P.M, April 9th, 2011


Break Over

Local Park

It was raining, still, and Zenno was chasing Kafuka. He saw her run to "Pink Gabriel." I saw her run here, so she shouldn't have gone far. Zenno thought. He ran to the tree, but she wasn't there. He leaned against the tree with his arm.

Where is she? I saw her run here, but she's not here. Zenno thought. "Where are y-you, K-kafuka-ch-chan?" he screamed, on the top of his lungs, hoping for an answer. He was feeling an unbearable pain that no average human can endure.

"Zenno-kun." Kafuka responded back. Zenno looked around, he saw Kafuka about 3 steps away from him; she was next to the road. "K-kafuka-chan... Ghh!" Zenno said, walking to Kafuka. As he was walking, he tripped on a rock and fell, "Gah! *thud* Ughhh... *gasp*!"

"I don't get it." Kafuka said, with her hand on her face. "Why aren't you dead yet?" Kafuka yelled at Zenno. She started to kick him. "*kick* Ghh- *kick* *gasp* *kick* W-why *kick* are you doing this *kick* K-kafuka *kick* -chan?" Zenno asked, as he was being kicked by Kafuka.

"You- *grunt* need- *grunt* to- *grunt* die!" Kafuka yelled, as she was kicking Zenno.

"Please- *kick* you need- *kick* to stop this- *kick* I'm begging you!" Zenno yelled, as he was being kicked.

"Zenno-kun?" Kafuka asked, coming back to her senses. "No!" Kafuka yelled, shaking her head. "He must die! He doesn't matter to you!" Kafuka yelled, turning away from Zenno. "He doesn't have to die! He can't die! I care about him!" she yelled, turning back at Zenno.

It would seem that she's talking to herself. Zenno thought. He looked to his left and noticed a box labeled, "Heart Medicine." He looked back at Kafuka. "You don't care about anyone! Everyone in this world is meaningless! Sensei, Mother, Father, Zenno, everyone is just dust in the wind!" Kafuka yelled at herself. "No, you're wrong! Everyone in this world is important! Zenno, Sensei, even Mom and Dad!" Kafuka yelled back at herself.

She's still talking to herself. Now's my chance!" Zenno thought as he grabbed the box. He took a needle, and injected it to his right arm. His heartbeat went back to it's usual heart rate. Zenno then sighed in relief. He put the box back in his pocket. He then walked up to Kafuka, who was still yelling at herself.

Zenno put his hand on her shoulder, and said, "Kafuka-chan?" Kafuka looked back at Zenno. "Zenno, you're alive!" Kafuka rejoiced.

"I told you I won't leave you here helpless." Zenno said, smiling at Kafuka.

"No." Kafuka said, looking down.

"What?" Zenno asked, surprised.

"No!" Kafuka yelled, grabbing Zenno's neck and lifting him up. "You can't live! You have to die!" Kafuka yelled, chocking Zenno.

"I told you! Gack- I'm not going down that easily!" Zenno yelled, trying to break from the choke.

"Hmm... You're right." Kafuka said, letting go of Zenno. Zenno grabbed his neck, trying to breath. "It would take too long to kill you." Kafuka said while picking up Zenno. "But let's see if you can handle 'Corruption!'" Kafuka said pulling Zenno's lips to Kafuka's.

Itoshiki Clinic

Let's backtrack to when Zenno ran out of the clinic. "Don't do it, you'll only aggravate your heart!" Mikoto yelled. Zenno ignored all of their pleas.

"He didn't hear me." Mikoto said to everyone.

"What do we do now?" Nozomu asked everyone.

"'What do we do now?' We have to go after him!" Kiri yelled, angrily at Nozomu.

"But we don't know where he's headed." Nozomu pointed out.

"Just wait." Jun said to Nozomu, "Just think, Zenno went chasing after Fuura-san left."

"So, he's following Fuura-san?" Yasashii asked.

"Correct." Jun said to Yasashii, "So, all we need to know is where she's going."

"But where would that be?" Mikoto asked Jun. Everyone thought for a moment. "The Pink Gabriel!" everyone yelled.

Suddenly, the door slammed open. There was someone there, it was Mugen Chikara! "I came as soon as I got the call!" Mugen yelled, out of breath.

"Well, we need to get moving to the local park." Mikoto said to Mugen, "Your brother ran there."

"This isn't good at all, Doctor!" Mugen yelled at Mikoto, "He could die any second now!"

"Excuse me." Nozomu said to Mugen, "Are you his father, by any chance?"

"Actually, I'm his older brother." Mugen said to Nozomu.

"But it's no time to talk!" Kiri yelled to Nozomu and Mugen, "We need to find him before he dies!"

"She's right." Mikoto agreed, "We need to get going now." Everyone ran out the door to find Zenno.

The Local Park (Unknown)

Back to the "Pink Gabriel." During the kiss, Zenno got very explicit visions.

"First, murder!" said a voice that sounded like Kafuka. There was vision of a dozen people on the ground, bleeding. There was blood on the floor and wall. "Another word for killing." the voice said, "Everyone has the choice to commit murder. But those who are weak can't do it! But you aren't weak, are you?"

"N-no, I'm not!" Zenno yelled, hesitantly. "Really now?" the voice asked, "Would you give up another's life for your love one's life?"

"I c-can't kill someone in cold-blood!" Zenno protested. "You wouldn't murder anybody, not even if your love one's life is on the line?" the voice asked.

"Of course! I can't kill anyone unless they are causing harm to me!" Zenno yelled. "Not even if Kafuka's life was on the line." the voice responded.

"What are talking about?" Zenno yelled back at the voice. "C'mon, you said that you'll protect, and that you wouldn't leave her helpless." the voice responded. "I know that I said that!" Zenno yelled, in response. "Then would you break that promise? You swore to her that you won't leave her side. Do you want her to die?" the voice asked.

"No, I don't! I would protect her, no matter the circumstances!" Zenno protested. "Even if you commit murder?" the voice asked. "Y-yes, even if I commit murder." Zenno said, sadly.

"Next, lust!" the voice said that sounded like Kiri's. More images popped up. It was images of sex, rape to be specific. "Another word for rape." the voice said, "There has been many situations that would connect to lust. You have committed this crime already."

"No I haven't!" Zenno protested. "Really?" the voice asked, "Remember what happened at school?"

"Yes, I remember." Zenno said, regretting his actions. "But that wasn't lust, it was a gift." Zenno protested. "Hah!" the voice laughed. "You are now making up excuses. What you felt may have been pleasurable, but it was still lust!" the voice yelled. Images of what happened at the school, with Kiri, showed up.

"No, make those images go away!" Zenno ordered. "I knew it." the voice said, "You are ashamed by your actions you made at school, and now you want to forget about them! You are truly a lustful person."

"Y-you're... right." Zenno agreed, "I am lustful, but it's not my choice to be one."

"And lastly, power!" said a voice that sounded like Zenno. Images of tyrants and war appeared. "Power, everyone wants it, but those that are too weak can't handle such a weight." the voice explained. "You have the choice to use the power that you have, so why not use it?" the voice asked.

"It's because I don't need power." Zenno said. "Oh, really?" the voice asked. "You were able to keep the class in order because of the power of your family."

"That's not true!" Zenno protested, "The class was in order because of the teacher! He keeps everybody in line!" "Hah, that fool can't even keep himself in line." the voice laughed. "Remember the first time the class recognized you?" the voice asked.

"Yes I do." Zenno responded. "The whole class was a wreck before you stood up and told them to shut up."

"That's... true." Zenno agreed. "Now, imagine what you could do with that power! You could become a great leader of the Shoguns!" the voice suggested.

"You're right." Zenno agreed, "I could control the whole country. And eventually, the world!" "Yes! You could achieve unlimited power!" the voice said, happily.

"Yes, Power!" Zenno said, evil-like. "Hmhmhmhm...Hahahahahahahahahaha!" Zenno laughed, insanely. "May the corruption, control you." all the voices said.

The Local Park

After the kiss, Zenno fell to the ground, back-first, and Kafuka ran away.

"Zenno!" a voice yelled in the distance. "Zenno-kun!" yelled another voice. "Chikara-san!" yelled another voice. "There he is!" yelled another voice. Everyone ran to Zenno; Yasashii, Jun, Abiru, Nozomu, Mikoto, Mugen, and Kiri. It was still raining.

Zenno's eyes were closed. "Is he dead?" Jun asked, worried. Mikoto checked Zenno's pulse, "His heart is still beating." "Phew." Everyone said, in relief. "But he's unconscious, for now." Mikoto said, "He'll be fine, but he needs to get home."

"I'll take him." Kiri said, without hesitating. "I'll be happy to take him to my house." Abiru said.

"Relax, girls." Mugen interrupted. "He already lives with me."

"Then he'll be going with you." Mikoto said, handing Zenno's body to Mugen. Mugen picked him up, "Thank you."

So, what'll happen to Zenno, now that he is corrupted? Will he choose power or his friends?

End Chapter

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