Author Note:This story is being done as a request from a friend of mine as she is a rather big fan of Lilo & Stitch. And by extension she is a supporter of the L&S shippings, so she has asked me to write up a story centered around the pair. Thus I have taken upon her request and seen fit to do so. Being as she is the commissioner I send her each chapter for review before being posted here. And now for a bit about the story.

Seeing as none of the on show villains were really much of a threat someone else had to take their place. So my friend created Experiment Alpha. To those reading, you can think of him as kinda what Stitch could have become had it not been for his fateful encounter with Lilo. Now there will be violence present in the story but it's done to serve the scene and the characters within rather than being obtrusive or becoming too grotesque. This story also will contain nudity and future slash scenes between characters.


Long before Jumba created Stitch and his 629 cousins, he created another. This experiment was a prototype he named Alpha. However, something did not go right in its creation and Jumba was forced to lock it away. Now years later what happens when the experiment long thought forgotten is set free? Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch's relationship takes a new turn when they stumble upon a discovery that shakes them to the core, and creates a secret they must hide from their Ohana.


The building was deathly quiet save for the sounds that escaped the small room, the fuzzy crackling and sizzling sounds of exposed electricity. Throughout the structure lights flickered incoherently some managing to stay on longer than others did but they too were short lived. Their lifeblood siphoned off to the sole occupied room to feed the power hungry machines that lie within.

The large figure of Dr. Jumba Jookiba stood in his white lab coat, hands covered by the thick gloves while the darkened lenses of his goggles protected his four eyes from the intense light. His right hand held aloft poised over the switch, which when thrown would cut the stream of power to the machine when the time was right.

The electricity crackled and arced off the machine's many connections left exposed to aid in the cooling. Though it seemed rather ineffective as many glowed bright orange from the heat of such a high voltage. The G.S.F.C. (Genetic Sequencing Fusion Chamber) emitted a loud hum as it went through its automated process. Atop the machine, a large transparent capsule held an odd mixture. Thick viscous fluids of various consistencies were churning, bubbling, and mixing as globs of organic matter mingled about. As the globules merged the strains of genetic material they contained came together allowing them to grow in a complex manner.

Slowly a vague form began to take shape within the confines of the transparent container. Little by little it grew from little more than a mere opaque anamorphous blob to a solidly silhouetted mass. As he observed his experiment coming to fruition, the genius's manic laughter rang out echoing above even the crackling of the electricity. Turning he gripped the long handle of the switch and with his right hand forcefully pulled it downward. With the circuit cut the electricity's bridge was broken ceasing the flow of power to the hungry machine.

As if in protest the machine gave out one last crackle and a nearly silent hiss as the once glowing connections cooled.

The four-eyed alien scientist stood silently gazing on the capsule "Ooh, can it be? Has it finally worked?"

Cautiously he started to approach the machine. Leaning forward he was about to place his hands upon the device when a tingle ran down his spine freezing him in place and pulling his hands back quickly. Turning his head Jumba trained all four eyes over his shoulder and to the switch. All in effort to be certain the power had been indeed shut off entirely. It was a mistake he had unfortunately made once before and it was an experience he didn't wish to repeat anytime soon.

The capsule was clouded filled with steam which obscured any view of what lie inside.

Reaching acrossed the control panel a thick gloved finger pressed the key which activated the machine's ventilation system. A high pitched whine filled the room as the onboard fans began to siphon off the excess steam from within the capsule. As the haze dissipated, a blue ball of fluff came into view lying at the center of the capsule covered platform. Excited by the sight Jumba began to circle the capsule trying to observe the object from every conceivable angle as he searched for any indication of life.

Nothing. As he stared at the fluff ball Jumba's excitement slowly began to wane. For this was not the first time one of his experiments had managed to reach this stage, but none had managed to cultivate the creation to life. Indeed to the alien scientist it was beginning to appear that this one like the previous ones was nothing more but another stillborn.

Turning away from the capsule Jumba groaned, "Ugh another failure." Wiping his hand down the length of his face the purple alien moved to a nearby terminal inputting various commands. The computer processed the information and displayed the results for its creator. "Everything is checking out" Jumba commented puzzled by the turn of events "I do not understand what is going wrong." Letting out a sigh Jumba moved to cross the room. Leaving one terminal he stood before another laying his hands upon the keys, shifting his gaze the scientist cast a glance to his failed creation. As just another failure there was just one thing left to do.


Eyes never leaving the container his hands worked autonomously entering the same code they had at the end of each experiment. As the index finger of his right hand hovered over the key which would confirm his decision something caught his attention. There from the corner of his vision his keen eyes were able to detect movement.

The motion was infinitesimal and nearly undetectable but it was there. For a moment Jumba believed that it was his imagination playing tricks on him, that his desire for success was beginning to affect his conscious mind. Studying the fluff for a moment it seemed to have been just that but no.

There it was again a subtle twitch that stopped him dead.

Jumba's hands fell away from the keys as he stared in wide eyed fascination. The twitch grew in magnitude sending trembling ripples through the outer layer of fur as the muscles beneath began to move for the very first time. Agonizingly the seconds ticked by for purple alien scientist as he watched with all the anticipation of an expectant father waiting to hear the sounds of his first born child. The fluff ball began to unfurl slowly revealing what it truly was. Within the confines of the transparent capsule the creature raised its head and cooed softly its large black tear shaped eyes blinked as it gazed at its surroundings for the first time.

"Ah ha ha" Jumba cried out in utter glee "I have done it. My experiment has succeeded!" His display did nothing to disturb the newborn creature as it rose to its feet.

The experiment stood perhaps just a couple inches short of four foot; with fur that was three shades of blue. A round black dome shaped nose rested at the center of its face, between large black, tear-shaped eyes. Sharp teeth resided in the wide mouth, a long pink tongue peeking out from behind them. The area around the obsidian eyes was a light blue, another light blue patch ran from under its chin down to its stomach, and three black stripes ran horizontally acrossed its back. Three tuffs of sharp spine-like hairs sat atop of its head nestled between two retractable antennae. Its ears were rabbit-like with the last quarter to the tips covered in black fur. Another tuff of spiky hair sprouted from its chest just below the neckline. Two extra, retractable arms, equipped with sharp retractable claws tipped the four fingers of its hands while its seemingly stubby legs possessed shorter claws themselves. In addition, four retractable venomous porcupine-like spines jutted out from the middle of its back (with the first being the shortest, the next two of equal length, the last one of medium length) situated above a short tail that protruded out from the base of its spine.

"Hello in there can you be hearing me?" the thick accent of the scientist's voice gained the experiment's attention "Your name is Experiment Alpha as you are being the first I am ever being successfully creating." The small creature cocked its head staring at its creator before emitting a deep growl baring saliva dripping fangs to him. Suddenly jumping to its feet the blue experiment launched itself at Jumba. There was a resounding thud as Alpha collided with the transparent barrier that separated the two figures.

The alien scientist leapt backwards in shock of the attack "Now, now you should watch your temper little one" he spoke in an admonishing tone. "Afterall I am your creator, Jumba Jookiba. Or as I am also known the most brilliant evil genius in all of universe" again the purple scientist had a bout of maniacal laughter.

Alpha backed away from the glass walls lips still curled in a vicious snarl, his clawed hands held at the ready. Alpha shook its head from side to side to dispel the surprise of the invisible barrier. Narrowing his eyes he hissed at the thing that kept him contained while nigh invisible pupils looked over the room studying the layout.

"I know you are wanting to be getting out to wreak some havoc" Jumba moved away to the large computer console that dominated a large portion of the room "But first there are some tests I must perform on you." Jumba's large gloved fingers moved with surprising agility on the console's keys demonstrating his excitement over finally achieving success. Activating the program initiated the scanning procedure. A quiet hiss was heard as hatches opened in the ceiling shortly thereafter four mechanical arms descended. Each arm taking position about the capsule their rounded tips all pointing inwards.

"Here we go."

Alpha growled as a narrow beam of light was projected from the tip of each arm that pointed at him. The rays flattened out and began to move clockwise around the capsule, two moving in a vertical sweeping motion while the others moved in a horizontal pattern. Shielding his eyes from the harshness of the light directed at him caused his growl to deepen. In frustration he lashed out raking his talons wildly through the air in a futile attempt to swat the bothersome beams from the air.

"Aww, such a nasty little monster" Jumba chuckled "It chills my heart."

The whole process took little more than a scant few moments to near its finish. The arms made several last revolutions at differing angles and elevations before the mechanical appendages came to a halt. To signal their task was complete a soft chime sounded from the terminal.

"Ah ha ha, all finish'ed. So now we will be seeing if all is checking out" the evil genius spoke with delight.

There was a brief pause as the computer began to compile the results from the scan. The screen came to life displaying an image of the cobalt creature who stood observing from his transparent confinement. The image was little more than a black silhouette but that changed as new layers were applied. First came a skeletal layout, next organ placement overlay and one his circulatory systems, then a map of both his primary and secondary nervous systems and his musculature. With each new layer the virtual representation became more and more lifelike until the final layers of skin and fur were laid on.

"Experiment: Alpha. Sex: male. Primary function: Experiment is designed to serve as a test platform for future genetic experiments" the machine's synthetic voice recited. The image on screen began to rotate offering alternate viewing angles, "Abilities: Enhanced strength and stamina, genetic memory and hyper intelligence, venomous spines, shock resistant insolative fur, heat resistant hide, capable of clinging to and crawling upon a variety of surfaces, accelerated healing factor, superior scenes of taste, sight and smell…" the computer prattled off continuing the list of powers imbued upon Alpha.

The experiment paid little attention to the artificial voice instead his attention focused on his creator as he stood seemingly enthralled by his creation. The large four-eyed alien stood muttering softly to himself, totally fixated upon what the computer had to offer up to the near complete blocking out of the world around him.

Tearing his focus away from Jumba, Alpha turned his attention to the transparent barrier that held him in confinement. Placing his hand upon its surface he lightly trailed his finger tips over the interior as he began to slowly walk around its parameter. He had nearly completed one revolution and was just but a few steps from his original starting position when he stopped. The experiments sensitive sense of touch had something peculiar and rather intriguing.

Pulling his hand back allowed Alpha to see just what he had found. A barely visible blemish marred the surface of the capsule, drifting his claw tips over it he felt them catch on a nearly microscopic fracture in its structure. Dropping his hand back to his side as an all too menacing grin spread over his features. He had found just what he had been looking for: a weakness.

"Aka boocha," Alpha spoke in a demanding tone, his voice resembling little more than a feral growl than a cohesive spoken language.

The large purple-skinned alien turned abruptly "No, I certainly will not be letting you out just yet."

The cobalt furred creature snarled before a smug grin tugged at the corners of his lips. Taking a step backwards, curling his primary right hand into a fist. In a flash, his fist rushed forwards as Alpha unleashed a furious blow to the exact spot on the glass that held the flaw. At the moment of impact, a visible shockwave rippled through the glass causing it to flex and bend. The rapid movement placed incredible stress on its molecular structure.

Pulling his fist away it first appeared that the experiment's attack had done little once the initial effects had subsided. However, appearances can be quite deceiving. The minute flaw grew in size until it became blatantly visible even to the naked eye of someone who wasn't even looking for it. The crack did not stay small for very long as it once again went into another growth spurt spreading outwards likes a spider's web. Pretty soon the entirety of the capsule was covered in these fractures. With its integrity having been weakened so substantially it took little more than a mere puff from Alpha's nostrils to render it asunder.

The glass capsule shattered as innumerable tiny shards rained down around the silent experiment.

Jumba recoiled in absolute shock. In all the time he spent working never did he believe one of his creations would be capable of breaking free of the containment unit. It supposed to be nigh impossible, or at least that is how he had designed to be. He had experimented with countless designs and permutations, and this latest design had gone above and beyond what the scientist had subjected it to.

The many pieces of glass lay scattered around casting abnormal reflections of the room's occupants. All four of Jumba's eyes were wide with fear as he gazed on, watching as Alpha stood motionless merely sneering at his creator. The experiment's head swiveled as he looked about the room seemingly enjoying his freedom.

However, it wasn't long before the blue creature's focus once again fell on him.

Cautiously Jumba began to back away until he could go no further. His eyes darted from his creation before him to the command console of the nearby terminal. Upon it a covered switch that when thrown would activate the labs defensive protocols. How effective they would be against a creature designed to be unstoppable, who could say? But it was truly better to risk the gamble than to try and go it alone.

The soft crunching sound of the glass under foot brought the purple alien's concentration back around.

The cobalt experiment had moved, dropping to a quadrupedal stance his hands gripped the edge of the platform tightly. Lips parted in a snarl as a deep venomous growl came from deep within his throat, long rabbit like ears swept back along his skull and the spines on his back were held erect. He stared at Jumba, eyes narrowing to nothing more than small slits.

Swallowing hard his creator eyed him carefully. Seeing his experiment ready to attack forced Jumba's hand and he decided to make a go for the switch on the terminal.

At the first sign of movement on Jumba's part the stalemate was broken. Alpha hesitated but for the fraction of a moment before hurtling at his creator. His clawed hands tore through the air as he sailed at his opponent. The alien scientist reacted as quickly as he could trying to dodge the attack. However, it wasn't fast enough as Alpha's claws slashed acrossed his left shoulder tearing through his lab coat leaving fresh gashes on his flesh.

Stumbling back Jumba held his shoulder feeling the sting of pain along with the warm dampness of blood beneath his hand. After the initial miss Alpha latched on the wall and began to crawl along its surface. Turning his back the creature Jumba ran to the terminal raising his fist ready to smash the protective cover on the activation switch.

Yet he would not get the chance. From his position on the ceiling the cobalt creation again launched himself through the air in an attack. This time he fared much better.

Catching a glimpse of movement from the corner of his right eyes the purple alien turned abruptly. Upon seeing the ferocious creature coming at him he instinctively held up his arm in defense. This move proved to be foolish. The two collided with great force sending Jumba reeling backwards into the console behind him. The pair could hear the glass being broken, the console being mashed and see the shower of sparks erupting around them. The four-eyed alien screamed in agony as the experiment's powerful jaws clamped down upon his right forearm!

Though Jumba's species were gifted with a naturally thick and durable hide to protect themselves it did little good now. The razor sharp microscopic serrations on Alpha's teeth backed by the extremely powerful jaw muscles had little trouble cutting deeply into his creator's flesh. Instantly Alpha could taste the metallic flavor of Jumba's blood as it poured into his mouth from the inflicted wound. By holding on with his jaws left the experiment's arms free to inflict more damage on his victim.

In a flurry of wide sweeps his clawed hands tore away at any part of Jumba within their reach. Indeed Jumba could feel the multitude of gashes being sliced into his skin and the muscle beneath with each pass drawing out fresh streams of blood to soak his clothing.

The pain was intense as a new wave would crash over him each time those blade like talons made contact. On top of that the diminutive blue creature would violently thrash its head from side to side allowing its teeth to sink ever deeper into his forearm. In a bid to get the smaller being to release Jumba took to slamming his creation against the nearest surface. Turning he repeated bashed Alpha against the computer terminal further destroying the machine. Seeing it having little effect he moved to the next piece of lab equipment and repeated the process. He hammered Alpha using every ounce of his strength before grabbing hold of one of his short legs and attempting to pull him off.

As he fought through the pain an idea occurred to the purple alien.

Maneuvering through the lab space he reached the main power switch for the fusion chamber. Quickly throwing the switch the machine once again came to life as the electrical connections arcing. Though this idea was especially risky it was still worth a try.

Rushing forwards Jumba pressed Alpha's back hard against the exposed electrical junction. Immediately the electricity arced to the experiment delivering its massive voltage to him. Alpha's insolative fur did its best to protect him against the voltage but it could only handle so much of it. Electricity surged through the experiment's body causing many of his muscles to convulse many times over while other just locked up entirely. And through the connection they shared Jumba too was receiving a rather unpleasant electrical jolt. With its circuits crossed the machine was quickly overloaded causing its main capacitor to violently explode.

In the midst of the explosion, the force had caused Alpha to release his hold on his creator's arm as both were propelled in opposite directions.

Dazed Jumba sat up looking about the lab before rising to his feet. The explosion created by the overload of the fusion chamber's power cell had left the machine in ruins as well as causing damage to the rest of the lab space from shrapnel. A thin cloud of smoke hung in the air, while the floor was littered with a variety of debris from bits of ceiling tiles to pieces of machine parts. His eyes scanned the room searching for any sign of the creature that had started all this.

Clutching his injured arm Jumba protectively he moved cautiously about. Being careful not to create much of a disturbance as to alert the deranged experiment should it still be alive.

At each little sound Jumba would whirl around to face it. Several times he found it to be caused nothing more than the fizzle of exposed and damages circuits or by a small piece of something having fallen onto something else that was strewn about. Then came a different sound all together, the sound of something tapping lightly on metal. A cold chill ran down the length of Jumba's spine. Turning around slowly the purple alien's four eyes gazed up at the blue furred experiment.

What remained of the lights silhouetted Alpha casting deep shadows acrossed his front hiding his features from Jumba's view. Faintly Jumba could also see the thin whiffs of steam or perhaps it was smoke that rose up from the cobalt fur. But what he could discern was the experiment stood its head down cast, eyes closed, shoulders slumped as his arms hung at his sides. All but his primary right arm which he held outstretched the hardened material of his talons rapping an almost whimsical tune on the metal surface of a ruined console.

Cocking his head to the side Alpha's lips peeled back into a sinister smile as he opened his eyes.

With a gargling chuckle the experiment leapt, once again hurtling himself upon his creator.

Reacting quickly Jumba lashed out with the fist of his left hand. With luck he struck a blow that caught Alpha on the side and deflected the creature's flight path. He watched as Alpha flopped to the ground, moving in for a follow up the purple alien scientist held his fist aloft. As if caught up in a rage Jumba struck landing a flurry of ferocious hammer like blows to the smaller being. The strikes echoed through the room as he did his best to merge the experiment with the floor it lay upon.

Letting up for a moment Jumba observed his creation.

There was no movement, no signs of life to be seen. Being one to make certain Jumba raised his fist a final time and with a yell brought it down with more force than any of his earlier strikes. In a blink of an eye a set of smaller taloned hands caught hold of Jumba's own. For all the blows, for all his effort there was nary a sign that it done any good Black eyes stared up at Jumba unblinking as the same grin once again appeared.

Using his superior strength Alpha heaved the larger alien off himself to tumble backwards. Rising to his feet he pounced unleashing a reprisal for the assault that his creator had inflicted upon him. Parodying Jumba the experiment delivered a series of his own hammer blows against Jumba. Though his fists may have been smaller by comparison but thanks such densely packed muscles allowed for more power to be lent to each blow. Alpha stood atop Jumba's bruised and battered body. With each slash of his clawed hands more of his creator's blood would be flung into the air to splatter on the walls, land floor, or coat anything else that happened to be in the way. After every hammer blow he paused, taking a moment to listen to the labored breathing and heavy coughing of his creator. Taking in every moment of it and committing it to memory.

As each blow rained down upon his chest it forced the air from his lungs with an exacerbated gasp. The pain from the crushing blows was broken up by the new and intense waves of pain marked by the feel of talons raking over his skin. Before long the two pains merged, blurring the lines between them becoming a near omnipresent hurt that enveloped the entirety of his body.

For an instant he hovered between unconsciousness, his mind seeking respite from the pain. But then a sudden stabbing pain jarred him back from the edge. Opening his four eyes Jumba inclined his head, a wide smile met his gaze progressing downward he followed a blue furred arm till it ended where talons had been sunk into his chest. With a hissing cackle a second arm was raised before another set of talons were shoved into his chest. Overcome Jumba couldn't help but to cry out in a pain.

In one quick movement Alpha jumped to the side, his anchored claws allowing the experiment to deftly raise his creator's semiconscious body over his head.

With a mighty heave the bulky purple alien was sent sailing through the air with little effort. The trip was a short one as it took him little time before he crashed into in the opposite wall with enough force to leave a rather deep impression on the surface. Upon contact his head was thrown back as he yelled out once again, a sound which was accompanied by a intense cracking sound. A sound he felt as well as heard signaling he had gained a few more broken bones.

Sluggishly he sank to the ground along the wall. His eyelids grew heavier, his vision beginning to grow hazy as the edge became darker and darker. As the darkness grew closer narrowing his view, Jumba continued to struggle in effort to remain conscious. But it was a losing battle as the exhaustion and pain pushed him deeper and deeper into the dark. Until finally the last image he witnessed was that of the cobalt alien, his creation, standing over him eyes narrowed and fangs bared in that gleeful smile.

Alpha cocked his head watching as Jumba let out a brief sigh before slumping over.

Looking over his bloodied and seemingly broken body Alpha released an odd hissing gurgling laugh. Turning his back to the other alien he strode acrossed the damaged laboratory towards one of the main computer terminal. Reaching up his clawed fingers went to work tapping at the keys. To his surprise, though heavily damaged by the earlier blast the terminal still managed to retain much of its functionality. Thanks to the implanted knowledge breaking through the encryption was an easy task and before long he was sifting through the many stored files. Everything from current and future projects to stashed away designs of weapons.


It seemed like an eternity had passed since he had passed out but gradually Jumba became aware of his surroundings once more. He lay against the wall the many lacerations to his torso in addition to the terrible bite wound had created a pool of blood around him. Weakly he used his left arm to push himself to sit up feeling his body ache in response.

Leaning his head back he tried to calm the pounding throb there in as he glanced over his lab.

Little had changed. Equipment and debris laid strewn about the floor, sparks erupted from exposed broken electrical circuits, and wires hung exposed ripped from the inner workings of the machines. The few remaining lights flickered intermittently casting gloomy shadows about the floor.

All the while his monstrous creation whom was the cause was nowhere to be seen.

"Ooh-aah" Jumba groaned as it seemed even the littlest movement caused him great pain. Looking over himself he could see he was a mess, his clothes nearly unrecognizable ripped to shreds and stained deeply of his blood. Through the tatters he could see the numerous slashes Alpha's talons had left on his skin. Luckily the vast majority weren't terribly deep and had already closed up pretty well but there were some that didn't. Turning his attention to his more grievous injury Jumba looked to his right arm.

Disturbing was the large portion of his flesh that hung loose like a flap from his forearm, Jumba could swear he was able to see bone with the flap would open wide enough. The bleeding was down to a minimum now as it oozed out from the thick crusty scabs that had formed.

Carefully he removed his ruined lab coat, before tearing it into long strips. With theses stripes he bound his arm and torso to make a temporary field dressing for his injuries until he could properly take care of them. Trying to stand Jumba was instantly brought back down from the sharp pain of his broken ribs. A robust metal bar lying nearby caught his attention, reaching out the large alien pulled it to him. Then cautiously he used it to aid in getting to his feet before it became more of a crutch helping him move.

Limping along he moved to the barely intact computer. The screen flickered and the image rolled setting to work he attempted to bring up any functionality that it had left in it. Jumba grimaced each time he had to move his left arm, but he had more pressing concerns as he sought to discover what had happened while he was unconscious.

The screen blink a few times before the prerecorded video began to play. He watched as his experiment destroyed his equipment then turned to the computer and as Jumba watched he felt a sense of dread wash over him.

"Oh no!"