Author Note: Greetings, I know its been awhile since this story was last updated. But a series of unfortunate events prevented that. But things are good so it should be more easily updated again. This chapter was written in collaboration between myself and the girl who commissioned the story. This chapter also has some solo male, so if you're offended by reading such I suggest you not read this or skip over it. Also I have gone back and made some changes to the previous chapters, hope you enjoy.

Chapter 03

"Nala Queesta" he grumbled to himself.

Taking a step back the irate blue experiment gazed about the disused engine room. It was clear the ship was in need of some serious maintenance; its engines had already broken down several times forcing him to carry out basic repairs. Surveying the extent of work he had to do, by his calculations he had been lucky the ship hadn't just exploded when he got it to enter hyperspace.

All together the ship was a piece of junk not worthy of his time. But right now it was the only means of transportation he had.

'But the weapons are nice' Alpha grinned.

With one last kick to the ion drive Alpha turned and strode for the exit, kicking the various parts and tools from his path.

Making his way down the corridors he was curious to see just what these pirates had stashed about the ship. However, there were other things on his mind such as his rumbling stomach. It seemed years in hibernation could get one to work up quite the appetite.

Using his sense of smell to find food practically useless right now, the funk from the former inhabitants would just overpower any scent. Doing his best to block out and ignore the smells Alpha began to wander the vessel. Fortunately for him the pirate's ship wasn't all that big so it didn't take much time to locate the mess hall.

Even here things were covered in a layer of grime. Not that it mattered to Alpha, his once cobalt fur was marred with all sorts filth from the blood stains of the pirates to dirt, oil and various of things picked up during his time in the engine room. But right now all he cared about was satisfying his hunger. Marching through the small room and into the kitchen Alpha made a beeline for the refrigerator. Opening the door his eyes were met with a myriad of delectable items. It seemed there was atleast one thing the pirate band had made sure to take care of and kept well stocked.

Without thinking about it a long rivulet of drool dripped from the corner of his mouth.

With a gleeful giggle the blue experiment began to grab whatever he could from the fridge shoveling it into his mouth. Large slabs of meat, unidentified vegetables and various fruits all soon found their way into his gaping maw. In such a rush was he that he barely had time to taste any of it.

In a matter of mere minutes he devoured a good week's worth of food. Inclining his head Alpha patted his sated stomach; his satisfaction was punctuated with a thunderous belch. Before closing the fridge door he grabbed one last beverage. The can in hand he strode out of the mess hall and back into the corridors.

Proceeding up the stairs to the next deck he found himself amongst the crew quarters.

Curious to see just what kinds of junk these pirates collected the blue alien strode towards the closest door. Afterall he may happen acrossed something useful or worth keeping, in any case it wasn't like the original owner's were going to need any of it anymore.

Pausing his talons danced on the small keypad besides the door. A klaxon buzzed followed by the mechanical sound of the door's locks engaging, a signal that the random buttons he had selected were incorrect. Snarling he raised his hand to slash at the keypad ripping it apart, a small wisp of smoke came from the exposed wires and a fizzle of electricity. Turning his attention to the door Alpha held his beverage between his teeth as he placed his claws into the small gap between the segments. Pulling in opposite directions the hatch groaned as it gave way.

Stepping inside his eyes were met with a plethora of images plastered on the walls.

The vast majority were those of females of various species posed in differing states of undress. While some might have been considered artistic in nature others were just blatantly sexual.

Taking a sip from the beverage in his hand Alpha paused, his black orbs scanning over his surroundings.

The floor was a mess; articles of clothing lay strewn all over the place, along with other items left about with no real care. Ahead of him a bed with a grungy green sheet crumpled up on it reeking its previous owner. To his right a small table and chair, a portable holoprojector sat in the middle of the tabletop alongside several empty bottles. Judging from the smell they coming from them, their contents had been alcoholic in nature. Shifting the experiment turned his gaze to the opposite side of the room. Here a row of three lockers stood tall, lying atop them was a collection of small boxes and a stack of what looked to be magazines. But what really attracted his attention was the large container sitting besides the tall lockers.

It was reminiscent of a footlocker; standing about two and half feet high, two feet wide and about four feet long. Its outer casing still bore a shine that all new items seemed to possess.

Striding over Alpha eyed the small key lock on the front. With a grin he extended his finger pushing a talon deep into the hole, then rotating his finger the talon triggered the mechanism causing the lid to pop open slightly.

Withdrawing the claw he opened lid the rest of the way. Inside Alpha was not surprised to find more pornographic imagery.

Tacked onto the underside of the lid was a large photo of a sort of reptilian humanoid. She was reclining on a chair her chest heaved skyward while her legs were held splayed towards the camera giving a inviting view of what lie between them. The female's head was inclined to look down at the viewer wearing a "come hither" expression while she beckoned with an outstretched hand and curling finger. Smirking Alpha tore his gaze away from the picture to sift through the storage bins interior. The first thing he encountered were rags that stank of various bodily fluids with some of the lighter colored ones baring stains. Wrinkling his nose he quickly tossed the rags aside digging down deeper. Removing the rags uncovered several types of blasters and power cells lying on the removable insert, a pleasant change. But after that it was more the same, removing the insert showed yet more magazines of various themes, and abundant holo-vid recordings with clearly erotic titles etched on their surfaces.

Swiftly thumbing through the magazines Alpha set aside those that looked to be mildly interesting or amusing and left the rest where they sat. Next his clawed hand picked up one of the holo discs, pressing the small button with a talon brought a preview. The room lit up as miniaturized hologram appeared, standing a mere six inches tall the virtual female began to dance in the air. Gyrating her hips to the sound of some unheard rhythm, she leapt and danced performing various erotic poses in the process.

Cocking his head to the side Alpha watched intrigued by the prerecorded performance. But then all too soon the female leant forwards blew a kiss towards him then disappeared.

It seemed the vanishing image irritated the alien experiment as he found himself wanting to the press the button again. Instead he carried the holo disc acrossed the room placing it gently on the table. Then retracing his steps Alpha began to rummage through the set of lockers.

"Garbage" he spoke tossing a variety of items over his shoulder.

Assured he would find nothing of further interest he turned striding out of the room and back into the long corridor. Crossing the hall he repeated the process of opening the room. This room was a bit more to his liking. The walls were decorated in a wide variety of weaponry, from swords to knives to pistols and rifles each had a place on the walls.

Alpha cooed happily clapping his hands in excitement.

Then like a kid in a candy shop Alpha ran about the room not knowing where to start. Every time he would pause to look at one thing it seemed another would catch his eye and demand attention. Many of the weapons were battle ready but there were some that were purely for ceremonial functions. To the experiment these items were worthless scrap metal deserving only of being destroyed, something he happily did.

Taking the much cleaner sheet from the bed Alpha began to make a collection of his favorites. Removing them from their places on the wall and piling them at the center of the cloth square. Grabbing the corners he dragged the blanket out into the hall, where he left it but for a moment to retrieve a few items from the previous room.

And that was how it went for the next two hours.

Making his way from room to room, Alpha ransacked its interior seeking out anything that might be useful, interesting, or fun. One of the more boring rooms lay towards the end of the hall. Inside there was plenty of techno gadgetry to rival a professional laboratory. From there he got the least but it was fun to smash a lot of it.

Finally he came to the last room dragging a rather large pile of stuff behind him.

The doors to this room were more heavily shielded, with what seemed to be reinforcing around the framework. Cracking his knuckles he set to work, first he disposed of the extended clamps around the edges, and then came the doors themselves. Just like the rest the material was no match for his talons. However, this room held a surprise or two within.

As the fuzzy cobalt alien pried the hatch apart an alarm sounded.

The blaring noise was so harsh it caused Alpha to recoil in a rare moment of pain as he held his ears protectively against his skull trying to shut out the racket. Distracted he didn't notice the pair of plasma cannons lower from their concealed positions on the ceiling. The computerized weapons were quick to draw a bead on their target, as small red laser dots indicated. As the alarm shut off Alpha released his ears, a venomous growl echoing from his throat as he glared at the ship around him.

Then just as he turned around thinking the annoyance had ended, he was met with a volley of plasma fire. The balls of energy slammed into his body singeing his fur pushing him back into the hallway. Once he crossed the threshold the cannons ceased firing. Returning to his feet Alpha snarled before racing back into the room, he zig-zagged acrossed the floor never allowing the cannons to keep track, when they did open fire Alpha merely batted the plasma balls out of the air. Leaping into the air he tore one of the weapons from its mount. Hoisting the weapon to his hip he used it like an oversized blaster rifle, taking aim and firing on its partner.

The second big gun erupted into a fireworks display with its destruction.

With a satisfied sneer he threw the cannon down to be ignored. Still keeping his guard up he looked about the room.

It was far more opulent than any of the others had been and much cleaner. No simple cot or single mattress for this room, in their place a large bed lie ahead of him with a finely crafted decorative frame supporting the plush mattress. Besides the bed metal trunk its lid not even secured allowing him a free look at its insides. Just on the surface he could see what looked like jewelry of sorts and small trinkets. On the walls were paintings and other imagery of the room's former occupant, it seemed that perhaps the captain was having a bit of an love affair with himself.

Alpha smiled as he looked at one of the larger paintings, or more specifically the artificial eye, an item that now sat amongst his growing collection of souvenirs.

Turning around he strode towards the desk and the high backed chair in front of it. On the chair a belt with a pair of blasters in their holsters, reaching out he took one down to look over. The captain had good taste in weapons the little good it did. Replacing the pistol he ransacked the drawers finding more goodies. Holo discs containing various bits of useful information, planetary contacts, account information for all their bankrolled credits, star charts all marked with points of interest, information on hidden caches and shipping routes. All of this data laid out for his inspection.

Deciding this room was far more suitable than the others Alpha was quick to drag the heavily laden blanket into the room.

Taking a seat before the terminal the screen flickered for a moment before coming online. Upon activation a navigation menu was brought for Alpha to look through. Establishing a link to the intergalactic web Alpha decided to perform a quick search.

"Search inquiry?" a synthetic voice responded.

A toothy smile grew, "Jumba Jookiba."

"Searching" the voice repeated several times growing on the experiment's nerves.

Finally the computer finished, displaying the information page he wanted. There on a screen was a picture of the four eyed purple alien scientist whom had created him, the father who locked him away in the cold and in the dark. An ocean of rage boiled over within Alpha losing all rational thought he turned throwing the chair acrossed the room watching as it splintered into a pieces on impact with the wall.

But this was only the beginning of his tirade.

The ship then echoed with the sounds of blaster fire, screams of alien obscenities, and the crashing of things being smashed or plain ripped apart.

Gradually the sea of angry grew calm once again allowing the experiment to regain control of himself. Breathing heavily the huffing experiment made his way back to the room and the waiting terminal. Retaking his place in front of the terminal, this time standing atop a crate, his black orbs scanned over the image of Jumba for a moment before scrolling down. Here there was a list of vital statistics for the scientist, everything Alpha could have wanted except for his present location.

Denied this a cobalt fist was fast in making a hole in the console's display.

With another rumble Alpha stomped out of the room. Moving to the end of the hall he climbed into the elevator that sat there, and after a short lift ride he found himself standing on the bridge. The command center of the ship was alive with pulsating lights that covered many of the consoles, and a plethora of screens each displaying something different. Taking a seat at the navigator's console he looked over the information displayed. Bringing up the vessel's flight plan he began to make his adjustments.

If there was one place to begin with it was where it all started, Jumba's old laboratory on Kweltikwan.

Finalizing his flight plans he sat back in the seat as the ex-pirate ship rumbled once again entering hyperspace. In his seat Alpha could still feel the bubbling well of his emotions; it seemed his anger was still raw about his imprisonment. It was something he would have to get over, but right now he wanted to bury it.

His mind changed gears thinking back to the items that lay waiting on the beck below.

Again the images from that tantalizing holo-vid came to mind. As the female form danced about his imagination Alpha felt something begin to awaken within as his hunger returned. But this was a hunger of completely different sort. The desire grew to mammoth proportions in seconds, traveling over his body like a hot wave causing his pulse to quicken. It had been far too long since he last had indulged in these desires and as his anatomy began to develop Alpha figured why not. Afterall what better way to relax than to relieve oneself of pent up tensions.

Hopping down from the chair the blue furred alien scurried acrossed the bridge. He barely waited for the doors to the lift to open before rushing inside, a hand whipping out to select the next deck.


Several parsecs a away a vessel of a completely different origin was about to have an abrupt course change.

Things were running smoothly onboard the Galactic Alliance's flagship, the BRB-9000. Being the night shift there weren't many who stirred at this time, the ship was basically running on a skeleton crew as the rest were comfortably tucked away in their bunks.

On the bridge the crew moved about lazily used to the peaceful routines they were now following.

A small purple alien moved about the bridge a data recorder in its hands, "Anything to report?" the voice betrayed the gender as that of a female.

In response a equally short cream colored alien turned swiveled in his seat. "Nope, nothing new to report since the last time" he spoke in a nonchalant manner "You should know by now that nothing happens."

His comment attracting a chuckle from his nearby comrade "Yeah, there's no way anyone would be dumb enough to take us on."

"That may be so" the purple female admonished "But we still have protocol to follow and that stipulates that hourly reports."

As the pair of navigators continued on joking, their female officer turned away striding off to another part of the bridge. But before she could make it more than ten paces before an alarm sounded and warning lights lit up just about every station controls. Immediately those on the bridge scrambled to take up their posting. "Report!" a voice called out.

"Alert, alert incoming energy wave detected" a electronic female voice spoke over the ship's comm channel, "Impact in forty seconds." Instantly the main viewer came to life depicting a view of the wave. It had a rippling surface that wavered and flowed like water, brilliantly colored seemingly with the entire color spectrum. Indeed it looked like a rainbow colored tidal wave was fast approaching the ship.

Reacting the female officer moved to take a seat in one of the unoccupied chairs at the center of the room. Her arm shot out fingers mashing down on the keypad, soon after the alarm was broadcast throughout the vessel. The noise caused many to leap from their bunks, the majority of which didn't bother to fetch their uniforms, instead they ran into the halls in whatever they happened to be wearing.

"All hands report to stations" the female's anxiety filled voice echoed through the halls, "Captain to the bridge!"

"Impact in twenty seconds" the computer's voice rang out again, this time it was piped ship wide.

All throughout the Alliance vessel personnel readied themselves for this inevitable impact. Those who had chairs strapped themselves in, while others were forced to merely brace themselves on bulkheads, or terminals, or whatever sturdy object was closest to them and offered the best protection. Though they were in deep space it seemed the energy wave possessed some form of gravity as the BRB's crew began to feel a tremor passing through the deck plates.

"Impact in fifteen seconds" the announcement came ""10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…" As the computer reached one the whole ship lurched violently to the side turning over almost completely. Many crew members were thrown screaming into the air, some slamming harshly into bulkheads, into various pieces of equipment, or each other but all jarred to some degree. The hull groaned as seemingly incalculable strain was placed on the materials. With such force was the BRB struck that if observed from the outside a visible ripple passed over the ship's surface.

As the ripple traversed the ship it exploited any inherent weakness it could find.

The seams between hull plates bulged and cracked, these ruptures venting the precious atmosphere within out into the cold vacuum of space. While internal braces bent and sheared themselves free of their mounts. All over the vessel emergency bulkhead were closing to seal off any breached compartments. Unfortunately that meant that anyone still in those areas were now trapped, their only hope for survival lie in reaching an emergency station.

"Helm bring us about" a gruff voice shouted on the bridge "Point the bow into the wave."

With a strained nod the helmsmen set about inputting the change.

Because the ship was so large and coupled with the energy wave made it seem all the slower to respond. With the bow now pointed into the wave the turbulence and stress were considerably reduced. What had been a vicious shaking had been reduced to little more than a mild tremor. This allowed much of the crew to regain their footing and no longer have to worry about being sent crashing into one another.

Little by little the tremor shrank even further until it disappeared all together.

"What in the Horse head nebula was that?" a lanky felinoid looking alien asked.

From the rear of the bridge a tall muscular alien departed from the lift appearing much like an anthropomorphized whale. "Situation report?" the alien's deep commanding voice attracting the attention of all those present.

"Getting damage reports in now, sir" the purple armadillo answered "Internal sensors indicate multiple hull breaches in progress, emergency bulkheads are closed but we have crew trapped."

"Dispatch repair drones immediately" Gantu ordered, "Get those men out of there! Navigation what do the sensors say about the wave's origin?"

Nodding the pair of operators turned their attention back to the consoles in front of them. Their eyes scanning over their information on display while their hands moved with equal swiftness. "Sir, sensors are indicating the energy wave was a Nova class" the felinoid spoke with a tone of disbelief.

"No way that's true, a nova class wave is only produced when a star goes supernova" the alien beside him rebuked "Check It again."

"I did three times and the ship's sensors say it was a nova class." The helmsman paused pivoting in his seat disbelief etched clearly on his face "And what's more the computer reports the point of origin is less than a parsec away from us."

Gantu sat on the edge of his seat almost leaning forward to see the results for himself. "But that can't be right there's no stars that close to us, let alone any that could create such a shockwave."

With the press of a button the main viewer displayed a map of the surrounding region. A animated reticle moved from their current location to short distance away pinpointing the star system it had come from.

"Alright, once repairs are complete lay in a course for that system" the whale like alien directed. Turning in his seat Gantu shifted his gaze to another station "Communications, broadcast a general alert on all frequencies and connect me to the Grand Councilwoman."

The scaly green reptilian did as ordered; activating the ship's communication relays he issued the warning programming the computer to broadcast it repeatedly. The message sent the comms officer opened a new channel to the Galactic Alliance. It took several seconds but the image on the main viewer changed, replaced by that of the Grand Councilwoman. Her thin face wore the same stoic expression as always, "What have you to report, Captain Gantu?"

The large whale like alien bowed slightly, "We have encountered a massive energy wave and suffered varying levels of damage to the ship. Luckily there are no serious casualties to report."

"Are you in need of assistance?" the councilwoman's face changed, a concerned expression taking over.

"Not presently we have activated the drones and repairs are underway."

Gantu's blue eyes watched as his superior leaned back in her chair visibly relaxing, "I shall issue a standby order should the need arise and have any ships in your vicinity alerted to the danger. Have you ascertained the cause and origin of the energy wave?"

"Ship's sensors have triangulated the origin but we have yet to determine the cause as we're still too far to get proper readings" the alien captain replied, "But once repairs have been completed and we underway it should be a simple task to discover the cause."

"Very good, keep me appraised" the Councilwoman gave a small nod before her image disappeared from the viewer.

The conversation ended the main viewer once again switched back to the static image of the space ahead of the ship. Throughout the vessel the crew was rushing about doing their best to carry out the repairs and see to the injured. Aside from the minor interrupts the bridge was a flurry of activity. Personnel moved about coordinating the repairs and directing resources to areas as need required.

"Whoa-oh, what's with all the hub bub big guy?" a newly arrived figure asked.

At the sound of his voice Gantu turned, "625…Reuben are you doing up here?"

Reuben, aka experiment 625, was a golden colored slightly chubbier version of experiment 626. Reuben shared a similar facial appearance to the other experiments, but he possessed a few differences. Namely it was mouth, whereas the other experiments typically had sharp pointed teeth up front and molars in back, all of 625's teeth were flattened molars. A pair of slightly larger molars stood in for canines, their size caused them to stick from the corners of his mouth overlapping his bottom lip. He had short ears that flopped down on the sides of his head, three small antennae that resembled a tuft of fluffy fur atop his head. His legs were slightly shorter than his cousin making him about three or four inches shorter, his claws were also much shorter looking more like pointed finger nails than actual talons. On his back the fur was a shade darker creating a hourglass shaped marking.

The golden experiment stood in threshold for a moment to finish off the sandwich in hand before crossing the bridge.

Reuben moved in his typical unhurried fashion, reaching Gantu's side the experiment leapt onto the armrest of his friends command chair. "Well I was in the galley making lunch for everybody, we're gonna need more mayo by the way, when suddenly everything, myself included, was sent sailing through the air." The small experiment cocked his head, "So I figured to get to the bottom of this pickle I'd come here and visit with my old pal."

Gantu sighed leaning back in his chair "The ship was struck by a stray energy wave. Given the strength of the wave we're lucky that it didn't just rip the ship apart."

"You don't say" Reuben replied in a nonchalant manner, "Well it looks you got everything covered here, so I guess I'll head back to mess hall and tidy up. I bet after this is sorted everybody will be pretty hungry. Byeee" With a exasperated sigh Gantu shook his head, 625 could have shown a bit more concern about things but then again, his attitude might just have been his way of trying to lighten up the mood.

With so many drones working throughout the ship combined with the efforts of the crew it wasn't long before the majority of the repairs had been completed.

"Sir, all stations checking in and report ready" a bridge crewmember broadcast.

The helmsmen went to work programming in the information necessary for the hyperspace jump. The computer receiving the input began to plot the most desirable route for the ship to reach its intended destination. Calculations completed the hyperspace engines began to spin up readying themselves for the command to activate. Turning in their seats the navigator looked back to receive a nod of acknowledgement from his captain.

Turning back around hand outstretched he pressed the confirmation. Like all the times before there was minute drain in the power as the hyperdrive came to life, outside a tear in space formed not far from the bow allowing the BRB to enter.


The room was rather awash with the sounds of passion, from deep moans to heavy breathing. But most noticeable was the resounding echo of flesh slapping together as the two active bodies met one another in an age old dance.

Alpha laid sprawled out on the bed breathing heavily in his reclined position using a large pillow to prop himself up, his black orbs staring at the holographic projection that lit up the room. The experiment's mouth hung open slightly as a thin rivulet of drool seeped from the corner of his lips.

Several times now he had made use of this particular scene to bring relief to himself, but so far it had done little to pacify his lusts. Lowering his gaze from the holographic duo Alpha eyed his rigid member; the defiant organ throbbed with each beat of his heart demanding more attention. Occasionally pearlescent goo would emerge from its pointed tip to slowly run down to gather at its base. Shifting Alpha extended his hand wrapping his fingers around the sensitive flesh.

Looking back to the hologram he watched as the female and male changed positions.

The male withdrew himself from his partner as she pulled away to rotate her body before raising up on her hands and knees. With a smirk the male approached his large hands gripping her waist and drawing her backwards to be impaled once again. His thrusts started slowly at first as he ran his hands along her back and sides before drawing them along the length of her tail. Then with a moan of approval the pair increased their tempo, with each meeting of their hips caused the female's pendulous breasts to sway violently.

Alpha's hand moved in unison with the two figures, matching their speed. The experiment's hips would occasionally rise upwards thrusting into his moving hand. He flopped his head back onto the pillow, eyes closing allowing his imagination to take over with the help of the erotic noises.

To Alpha it felt like a coiled spring was slowly being compressed in his guts, tighter and tighter.

A long pink tongue hung lolled from the corner of his mouth, long bands of saliva dripping onto his shoulder. In the building pleasure his hand moved faster and faster now out pacing the pair he had been watching. Then it happened. The spring was released as a wave of ecstasy washed over him, his muscles seized up as his already hard length seemed to grow even harder. Then thick jets of a slightly blue-green tinted fluid were launched into the air.

The sticky goo shot out in long strands creating streaks in his fur, some even landing in the cobalt alien's open mouth. Still his hand kept moving coaxing out every last drop of this fluid from his internal reservoirs. His member pulsated sending a few more jets before the pulses grew further and farther in between until the last of his seed merely oozed from his spade shaped tip.

Removing his hand Alpha panted heavily trying to catch his breath.

Pulling his tongue back in his mouth Alpha was able to taste the somewhat sweet liquid before swallowing it down. Opening his eyes he sluggishly sat up looking down upon his handy work, the new streaks in his fur mingled with the remnants of past sessions. Extending his hand he wiped it away smearing some into his fur while gathering most into his hand to removed seconds later by several licks. Afterall it wasn't good to let protein go to waste.

It seemed that perhaps this last session had succeeded in finally overcoming his urges. Slowly his member began to shrink retreating back into its internal sheath; looking over himself Alpha decided it would be best to clean up lest he become as messy as the pirates.

Fortunately for him it seemed the captain's quarters also came with its own personal wash room.

Striding into the smaller room he examined the surprising well lit area. It was quite clean like the rest of the captain's quarters, but what Alpha most took notice of great number of bottles and jars that lined the shelves. Each one possessing a strong aroma, no doubt scented oils, colognes, or soaps. Again it made the alien experiment laugh, while his men had been content to behave in slobben manner the captain pampered himself almost like royalty.

Though some smelt pleasant to Alpha's sensitive nose, others though not so much.

Turning originally cobalt furred alien strode towards the spacious shower stall. Stepping in his hands immediately reached for the faucets hoping to get the water flowing, at first there was absence of the precious liquid. Then there was a distinctive rattle of the pipes then the water came cascading down upon the furry alien.

Alpha stood motionless, his head hanging low and ears drooping to his shoulders enjoying the feeling of his first wash in so many years. As the water fluid through his fur it carried away much of the filth and loose debris turning the water a muddy color before disappearing down the drain. Tilting his head back the experiment let the water run over his face for a moment before reaching over and grabbing one of the less fragrant bottles. Pouring some of the goop into his hand Alpha worked his claws into his fur building up a frothy lather all over his body.

However, because of the time delay between when the multitude of stains were introduced and when he set about removing it meant they were tough to get out.

This extra bit of work wasn't something the experiment minded too much, as it was just the price he had to pay for having so much fun. Although he made a mental note to try not being so messy next time. Slowly but surely the grime was washed away returning his fur to its normal dark cobalt appearance. Looking about himself Alpha made sure he had gotten all of it out and that he was entirely clean before shutting off the water.

Stepping from the stall the soaked experiment began to shake the water from his fur like a dog. Unsatisfied with how damp his fur was he was quick to yank a towel down from its hook and make use of it to dry off.

No sooner had he started to run the towel over his fur when the ship lurched softly.

This small interruption of its normally steady cruise meant only one thing, it had arrived at its destination. Raising an ear his guess was indeed confirmed when he heard the hyperdrive power down. Throwing the towel aside the still dripping Alpha sprinted from the quarters, tearing the elevator doors open before wall crawling up the inside of the shaft to the bridge. In the command center Alpha bound acrossed the room hopping into the helmsmen's chair in an almost childishly gleeful manner.

There on the main viewer was the planet, Kweltikwan.

It was far larger than the asteroidal moon he had been left upon. The planet's peculiar atmospheric blend gave the planet's thick clouds a purple haze hiding much of the landmasses below. The planet's surface was dominated by the three large continents and the rest was covered by large oceans. Even from the ship's current distance he could make out the massive swirling clouds of raging oceanic storms. One the night side of the planet the continents was dominated by the bright lights of the major cities.

Far above the surface orbiting the planet a vast network of satellites and space stations.

The stations ranged from small personal use pods to nearly city sized stations built from hollowed out asteroids.

But his destination waited for him down the planet's surface not on some space station. As he thought at the manner an idea formed in his devious mind, but a quick check with the computer soon dashed that idea. In getting to Kweltikwan the ship had used up the last of its fuel for the hyperdrive.

Yet there was still plenty of fuel remaining in the regular drive engines.

Smiling Alpha engaged the engines propelling the vessel towards the awaiting planet. Almost immediately the comm system came to life broadcast messages from the nearby space stations, many of the messages were just advertisements for their services and accommodations. Ignoring them all Alpha continued onwards.

"Attention this is the Space Traffic Control, you are entering a high traffic area," a accented voice spoke from the comm "You must reduce your vessel's speed."

The words of warning fell on deaf ears as the ex-pirate ship continued on course showing no signs of slowing. "Reduce your velocity immediately or we will be forced to take action."

On the bridge Alpha broke into a fit of hysterical laughter. His hands moved about programming his desire course into the navigation computer, altering the course to bring the ship down to the planet side space port.

But landing there was not his intention.

Increasing the power to the engines the ship continued on its acceleration curve as the blue alien locked in the trajectory. Lifting his gaze to the main view screen Alpha watched as the other ships in the area started to alter their own courses, some of them performing emergency maneuvers in an effort to avoid a collision. One oversized cruise vessel didn't seem to be able to move quick enough. Alpha felt the strong jarring motion on impact, hear the screeching as the metal hulls rubbed against one another in passing.

Now new warning lights were going off, these warnings alerted him to the fact planet's defense grid was coming online and would soon be targeting his ship.

But it didn't matter Alpha knew at its current distance by the time the weapons had gotten a lock him it would be too late. As the planet loomed ever larger on screen Alpha felt he had wasted enough time on the bridge. Hopping down from the chair the blue experiment made his way to the elevator shaft, pausing to give one last look at the planet before jumping down the shaft.

Hurrying down the hall he found himself back in the captain's quarters.

Here still sitting on the floor was the blanket spread and on top of it the pile of things he had gathered. There was far too much for him to even try and bring with him, so that meant he had a hard decision to make. Just what did was he going to keep and what was to be left behind? His eyes scanned over each item in turn from the knives to the blasters to the pornographic magazines to the erotic holo vids and the various trinkets that were worth quite a lot. Finally his judgment settled upon only two things, the pirate captain's bionic eye which he had affixed to a small chain necklace he had found and his new favorite souvenirs the holo vid he had enjoyed watching so much recently.

Throwing the chain over his head the still glowing synthetic eye hung like some strange pendant around his neck and taking the holo disc in hand he turned and left the room. Scurrying down the corridor and down the stairs to the bottom deck. Now he visited the only room on the ship he had yet to explore.

The cargo hold was the most cluttered place on the whole ship. Large stacks of crates, some opened some not, took up just about every inch of available space. On close inspection there was even a ground vehicle of some kind buried under the mess.

Striding around the room Alpha soon took up position by a control panel near the cargo bay's entrance. Leaning his back against the wall Alpha stood waiting peacefully as time ticked by. Soon enough the ship shook, strong vibrations passing through its frame. While most would have thought that something was wrong or perhaps that Kweltikwan's planetary defenses had opened fire, it wasn't so. Alpha knew the real cause it was the turbulence from the atmospheric friction from reentry.

With a smile on his face Alpha reached up inputting a code into the keypad. Upon confirmation a small door opened revealing a black and yellow stripped lever.

Wrapping a taloned hand around the handle he pulled it down sharply. The air was then filled with a pulsating alarm, flashing red warning lights lit up the cargo bay and there was a series of clanks and a loud hiss as the hold began to depressurize.

As the bay doors began to open the cobalt alien held the holo-disc to his stomach as he pulled his feet up to his mouth, tucking his arms in his body curled into a ball. The moment the doors came apart the air in the cargo hold was whipped into a frenzy creating strong currents and small whirlwinds. Anything not tied down was almost immediately sucked out and that included the fuzzy blue sphere amongst the crates. Now in freefall Alpha could feel the wind blowing through his fur, the heat from the friction on his skin beneath, and the high pitched whistling sound his rapid descent created.

As the air grew thicker the rate at which he fell slowed.

This also served as a method for him to gauge his distance to the ground below. As the whistling died down Alpha could hear a new sound, the thunderous noise of the pirate's ship moving through the atmosphere. Because of its greater size and its preprogrammed flight path it allowed him to get quite the head start but now it was starting to take the lead.

Loosening his body the alien experiment unfurled just enough to peek out and watch. His eyes tracked the flaming vessel as it streaked acrossed the sky at incredible velocity. The turbulence and friction was really taking toll on the ship as parts of it began to peel off to rain down on the ground. The ship left a thick smoke trail in its wake in the sky over the city below, then as Alpha looked on it reached the end of its journey.

The horizon was lit up as a massive explosion erupted, the towering flames stretching high into the air.