cub [kʌb] (n.)

the young of certain animals, esp. the bear, wolf, lion, and whale.

Category: Mammals

(source: definition/cub)

Under normal circumstances, Zoe was retrospectively pretty sure they could have dealt with it on their own. But at the time, when her water broke at just six months pregnant, they'd freaked – hospital seemed the sensible way to go then.

Only until the moment their son was born, though, and they faced the problem of explaining to the baffled doctors as to why their prematurely born child was perfectly healthy, and not of the frail kind, either (with Sam being his father, what did you expect?).

"Sam? Everything okay?"

He turned to look at her and their son. A smile lit up his face, but didn't quite reach up to his eyes and erase the worry written in them. "Of course, Zoe."

"But?" she arched an eyebrow.

"But I'm worried about word getting out…about Caidan."

"And by 'word getting out', I'm assuming you mean 'reach hunters'." Zoe stated tonelessly, pressing their baby (cub?) a little closer to her breast. She didn't know when it had started, she just knew it was there, beating violently in her chest now: The feeling of being in the right. That what she – and Sam – had done was nothing to be ashamed of, let alone worthy of being killed for. Apart from that bloody night in Bemidji just after she'd been turned, they hadn't killed anything human (at least, not as far as she could remember. And she remembered most of her werewolf nights.).

They were lovers, they fought, they fucked, they fed. They had a baby. They were a family – how was that any different from the way regular humans lived? Wasn't that maybe even more human than what real humans did?

"We can't hide forever, Zo."

"We did a pretty good job of it for almost a year."

Sam smiled weakly, "Exactly. That seems like too long a time to pass all hunters already."

Annoyance flared up in her; of all times, Sam picked now to get all pessimistic and fatalistic? "So, what, we just lay down and-"

"But I'm never going to let anything happen to you and Caidan, Zo. And if they send a whole army after us."

Zoe smiled tentatively. "We could just raise our own little army, you know. A whole pack of werewolves doesn't sound so bad…"

He bent down and kissed her heatedly. "Let's get out of here and started on that plan right away."

"Guess what Dr Mortensen had to say," Dean arched his eyebrow, sighing as he climbed back behind the wheel.

"Judging from your lemony face, nothing good."

He shot her a glare at the 'lemony' and started the car, "Understatement."

"Am I going to have to get the tazer out and shock it outta you or are you gonna spill?"

"Patience is a virtue."

"So is chastity, supposedly, and I don't see you keeping to that. Or patience, for that matter."

"Touché," Dean sighed again, "There was a birth three months back…"

Lola decided to shut up for once and wait for Dean to continue. He had the tendency to get cranky when she pushed too hard (of course, it was a whole other matter when he pushed too hard in the bedroom. Damn cynic.).

"Premature, the girl was only six months pregnant when she gave birth. Here's the catch, though: The baby was fine."

Lola frowned, "Medical care these days is great, and premature babies surviving isn't that rare anymore. Six months isn't a death sentence any longer."

"No, I mean, 'fine' as in 'as healthy as a full-term baby'."

"Oh," Lola had that queasy feeling in her stomach that she sure knew Dean must have felt, too, "Well, shit."

"Now, it could be a whim of nature."

"Or it could be a werewolf baby born. Wolves carry their cubs for three months, you know… humans for nine… which might put a werewolf baby right in the middle…"

Dean gave a curt nod, "Six months."

"Or we're seeing ghosts." Lola frowned, "Well, we are, but you know what I really mean. What'd the doc say about it?"

"That it was unusual, but not impossible."

Lola huffed, "If anyone's ready to declare anything strange a miracle, it's doctors. So that doesn't necessarily mean anything. They're just too lazy to investigate. Which I assume is awesome for Sam and Zo, seeing as they won't have to explain why they want their baby – or cub, or whatever – vaccinated against rabies."

"Now that was just tasteless, even for you. But funny."

Lola smirked at him. "That's me, baby. And you love it. So, we got a lead?"

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