It was another day at the Central Park Zoo. The animals were just waking up from their peaceful slumber. When an explosion interrupted them. Marlene sighed and rolled her eyes. The Penguins were having combat training.

"Rico! I told you. No explosives!" Skipper snapped. Rico mumbled an apology and shuffled back to the line. Kowalski and Private stood to attention as Skipper paced in front of them.

"Now, Time for round 2. Bring it on!" Skipper ordered and flipped over the team. They spun around but were too slow as Skipper slide tackled the team. They fell in a heap and Skipper dusted himself off. "You forgot about the unexpected men. Remember it next time. Training is over." He picked up his mug and took a sip from it. The others stumbled over and occupied themselves.

Suddenly, King Julien jumped into the base. "Hello, my penguiny friends! Did you know that today, is my birthday? Oh, you must have known it is marked on all of your calendars." They looked confused and King Julien waved his own calendar in front of their faces. They saw a very colourful date. Today. "Well, where are my presents and cake!" He shouted and Maurice and Mort came in.

"Your Majesty, they are by your throne." Maurice answered and King Julien bounced out of the base, Mort and Maurice following.

"Kowalski, Status report on his birthday celebrations!" Skipper barked.

"Nothing. We didn't know. After we threw away his calendar." Kowalski replied.

"I knew! I wrote down all of the birthdays on my Planet Unicorn calendar!" Private replied cheerfully. Everyone slowly turned to face him.

"You knew, Private?" Skipper asked.

"Yes! I always remember birthdays. But I thought you knew!"

Skipper sighed and went back to drinking his coffee. He was thinking of Marlene. He knew her birthday. He remembers important events. She was innocent and needed looking after. He shook his head violently. Marlene! She doesn't even notice you! Get real!

In Marlene's Habitat

Marlene was playing the Spanish guitar, a hobby of hers. She hummed to the tune. It reminded her of Skipper. Moving, Romantic… AHH! Why was she thinking that! She stopped playing and sighed. She was in love with Skipper, but she knew he wouldn't return her feelings. Then, she felt something connect with her head and she saw darkness, but not before screaming.

Back in the secret base

Skipper heard a scream. He knew that scream. "Marlene!" He uttered the word and sprung into action mode. He jumped out of the base, knowing the team was right on his tail. As he reached her habitat, he saw her guitar on the floor. She always places her things neatly. He knew that because he observed her living space and her He searched around and saw that the manhole cover that leads to the sewers was unlocked. He grunted as he tried to lift up the cover.

"Guys! I need help over here!" He shouted to them. They slid over and helped him remove the cover. He heard her scream his name and dived into the abyss, ignoring the cries of the team. Only one thought whizzed around in his head and he plunged into the darkness of the sewer: