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Chapter 1: Hagane (Steel)

~Winter changes to spring, and with it they take the old bonds to be mended or broken, they create new bonds to be shared or hated; nobody knows what will come, for the darkest night always changes. . ."


APPLICANT: Hinamori Momo

DISTRICT: Rukongai District 1

GENDER: Female


Kido: 100

Zanjutsu: 70

Shun-po: 80

Taijutsu: 85

Total: 335/400



"Minna-san, please group yourselves into your classes according to the number next to your name in your exam sheet!"

The excited group of First Years were talking away and the buzz of chatter drowned out all other sounds; including the poor instructor who was at a loss to how she was going to order the new students. She ran her hand through her frizzy hair and attempted to push her glasses up her nose but they just slipped down again. She nearly dropped her clipboard and all her papers in the process and just managed to catch everything in time.


She sighed. Next time she was definitely not volunteering for this, she would rather be in Zanpakuto class.


The instructor turned to see a sixth year standing behind her. He was wearing the normal blue boy's uniform of the academy and he had a black choker on.


The student bowed respectfully.

"Would you like me to gather up the first years, sensei?"

"Oh that would be very kind of you Shuuhei-san; they're quite a rowdy bunch this year."

Hinamori attempted to hide herself within the crowd of people, but she was failing miserably. The girls avoided her and the guys gave her the same stares that she always got. Maybe it was a bad idea deciding to come here. With a shake of her head, Hinamori dispelled all her doubts. Hitsugaya had helped her for so long just to make it here; she will show him she is able to look after herself.

"Renji, relax. It's alright, who cares if we're in different classes?"


With her eyes so focused on the ground and lost in her discouraging thoughts, she accidently bumped into someone. She quickly moved out of the way with an apology on her lips when she crashed into someone else beside the first person.


"What's your problem?"

The person she bumped into was a guy with tattoos all over his forehead and a rare hair colour. His hair was all spiky and tied up in a ponytail, but that wasn't all. His hair was red.

"Ah. . .sorry. . ."

"Sorry? You should be apologising to Rukia!"

The short little girl next to him glared at up at the guy and stomped down on his foot with a sickening crunch.

"What was that Renji? Why is your fuse so short today? That poor girl didn't mean to for crying out loud!"

She took a closer look at Hinamori's face and couldn't help but take a step back.

"Ah. . ."

Hinamori felt so stupid. She had come here just for all this humiliation? It wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair. She clenched her hands into tight fists by her side and tears were threatening to fall.

"What are you two doing?"

Hinamori looked up at the newcomer. He was blond and had a weird fringe down the front, covering one side of his face.

"You shouldn't make fun of others."

Renji growled.

"We weren't making fun, keep your nose out of this!"

He looked closer at the boy and drew back, at the same time, the other boy seemed to realise who it was.



The two of them stared at each other.

Hinamori fidgeted. It was sort of odd how they seemed to know each other from before. Then to her amazement, Renji started wrestling with the blond kid and they were soon on the floor rolling around.

"Don't mind him. He's just in a bad mood today for some reason. The two of them met when Renji fell out of a tree and right into Kira's parents' grave. I told him not to sleep there, but did he listen? No!"

She turned and suddenly bowed.

"By the way, my name is Rukia Kuchiki, what's yours?"

"H-Hinamori Momo. Are you sure it's ok for them to be fighting like this?"

Rukia shrugged and looked unconcerned.

"If it gets to serious, the teacher will come. Plus, Renji may be really stupid, but he's not that dumb to not know when he's gone too far."

The match got wilder and more and more people gathered to watch the show.

"YEAH! Get 'im!"

"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

A chant began and people formed a circle around something, blocking all view from what was happening. People jostled around for a spot to watch and in the process someone elbowed the teacher in the face. Someone else ran past and pushed the poor teacher to the ground.

From below, the teacher's left eyebrow twitched.


There was a blast of reiatsu from the teacher and everyone fell silent and stopped moving.

"I really didn't want to start off this semester with a lecture on how to behave, but if this continues, then I will have to!"

The teacher pushed her way through the crowds, the sixth year following behind her. She reached the centre of the circle and found two boys on the floor, wrestling and shouting insults at each other, neither letting go or giving in.

"Freaky eyebrows!"

"Pineapple head!"

The teacher sighed and closed her eyes.

"Bakudo No. 11: Repelling Walls!"

The two on the floor were instantly repelled away and they both scrambled up to charge at one another again but never could seem to reach the other person. There was some kind of barrier in place made up of reiatsu separating them no matter which direction they tried to run.

"Would you two care to come to my office for a little chat? I think we need to sort some things out."

The sixth rounder stepped up next to the teacher.

"All first years get into your classes now, we'll continue with the introductions."

"Arigato, Shuuhei-san, I'm leaving them to you."

Shuuhei nodded and took the papers from teacher.

Hinamori Momo cautiously made her way down the corridor of the academy. The place was new to her and she didn't want to get lost, especially on her first day. The entrance ceremony had finished and everyone had got into their classes and filed off; however she was asked by Hisagi to tell the two boys that they were in Class 1. She looked down at her feet, it was an accident really.

That small girl, Rukia or something or other was placed into the 2nd class. Hinamori made it into the 1st one because of her Kido skills; it was a shame really, she wanted to be in the same class as Rukia. She seemed nice and they were getting along pretty well.

Hinamori sat down on one of the chairs outside of the office and waited for them to come out. During that time only one person walked down the corridor. It was a proper shinigami dressed in the traditional black colour. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and possessed an unbelievable size of her "assets". She stomped down the hall, muttering something about wanting to eat Rukongai food again and as soon as possible too. Hinamori stared as the beauty made her way down the corridor, what was a full-fledged Soul Reaper doing here at the Academy?

"Stupid Gin, and just after he promised me too that he'll come! Argh, that-"

Hinamori turned away, it was rude to stare, and she of all people would know that. Strange thing was that Soul Reaper hadn't stared at her. Hinamori sighed, it didn't matter anyways. Feeling tired of waiting, she stood up and was about to knock on the door.

"You will never cause such uproar at a formal occasion ever again, do I make myself clear?"

Hinamori froze outside the door of the teacher's office.

"Kira-san was correct to defend that girl and you had no right to insult her, she apologized didn't she?"

Hinamori couldn't take it; it wasn't any of the two boys' faults. It was hers for being so clumsy all the time. She knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Ano, sumimasen, sensei."

Hinamori shuffled into the room.

"Um, Shuuhei-sempai finished with everyone and he sent me to fetch the two boys."

The teacher stared at Hinamori's face and then suddenly realised that it was pretty rude to look and quickly looked down at her paperwork filled desk. Hinamori flushed and looked down too. She should've known the teacher would do that too; everyone had the same reaction towards her. She touched her left eye.

"Well it seems like you three are in the same class. Good luck."

Hinamori nodded and bowed. The two boys stood up and bowed.

"I'm letting you two off with a warning, next time I catch either of you acting inappropriately again you will be expelled, do I make myself clear?"


They filed out and there was a moment of awkward silence as the three stood, unsure of what to do with each other. Hinamori thought she should thank the blond guy for defending her but she didn't want to sound mean to red head. As she stood there, trying to think of something to say, he tall boy with the pineapple hair style broke the silence.

"Well, I must say, this one heck of good way to start the year! At least the teachers know our names now!"

He smirked at Hinamori who couldn't help but start laughing at his odd reason, which then set off the other boy laughing too. Soon the three were falling over each other, hugging their aching stomachs and gasping for breath as they laughed their heads off.

"My bad. I'm Renji. Abarai Renji."

He nudged the boy next to him hard with his elbows.

"Oi, introduce yourself, baka!"

"I-i-i-I'm Kira i-i-i-zuru."

Renji slapped the boy on the back in a friendly way and put Kira into a head lock and ruffled his hair. He laughed at Hinamori's shocked expression.

"So, what's your name?"

So he wasn't that bad after all, he was actually pretty nice. Hinamori beamed at the two of them.

"Hinamori Momo. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!"


A watermelon seed shot out of Hitsugaya's mouth and landed perfectly on the target that he had set up for himself. Feeling bored, he tried it again and hit the target dead centre. The white haired kid took another bite out of the watermelon and then put it back on the plate next to him. It just wasn't fun to eat watermelon without someone eating it with you.

As much as Hitsugaya hated to admit it, he actually missed that stupid bed-wetter. She had to go off on her own to some stupid school to become a stupid Soul Reaper for some stupid unknown reason. She hadn't even considered what this would mean for him and grandma. She was so selfish, that girl.

Plus, she probably was severely handicapped after that incident. Begging him to help her train every day just to get in, her hard work had paid off. Hitsugaya only wished it hadn't.


Hitsugaya turned around and saw his grandma standing in the room.

"Baa-chan. Are you sure you're feeling ok to get up?"

The old lady smiled and nodded, making her way slowly to sit next to her grandson.

"Do you miss her Toshiro?"

"Peh! That stupid bed wetter? Why would I care about her?"

His grandma chuckled softly to herself, she hadn't even mentioned Momo's name and he had automatically assumed it was Hinamori because he was thinking about her in the first place. As she sat down, Hitsugaya realised that his grandma had grown awfully thin and wasn't looking as healthy as she should be. He shook his head, it was just his imagination. How could his grandma not be healthy? She was right here and chatting to him like normal.

She's feeling fine; she's just had a little cold, that's all.

So why couldn't he shake off the feeling that something was wrong.

~Into a balanced state, equally matched and seen; a single petal falls gently and wavers in the wind, settling on one side and deciding the outcome of the future . . . ~

AUTHOR TIME: HEHEHEHEHE! Guess who made a cameo in this chappie? ME! I was the teacher!

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Oh! And some Jap notes for the uneducated ones:

Sumimasen- excuse me

Sensei- teacher

Ano- ummm

Baa-chan- Grandma or granny

Minna-san- Everyone

Hai- Yes

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu – A typical Jap greeting when meeting someone for the first time.