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Chapter 2: Yume (Dreams)

~The air is silent, nothing and no-one moves or thinks or talks; the quiet is not peaceful but tense and anxious, like the weather which is calm before the storm. . .~

"But, you know, everyone has their secrets and they hide their pain within themselves."

Rukia nodded.

"I suppose so."

Hinamori took another bite of her onigiri. She stared thoughtfully at the ground and played with the grass underneath her feet. It was nice having a girl to talk to. Having Renji and Izuru around was always fun and they always protected her from the bullies but occasionally some girl time is pleasant. Plus, Rukia was the only girl she knew who actually wanted to talk to her and didn't snitch behind her back about her face. She had been so nice and really sensitive to Hinamori's feelings and kindly never asked how her face had become so scarred.

"Abarai-kun misses you."

Rukia looked up, slightly shocked. She turned the other way so Hinamori wouldn't see her face.

"What are you talking about?"

Hinamori smiled but hid her laughter as she took another bite of her rice ball.

"He's the one who's been avoiding me. Why would he miss me?"

The smile faded from Hinamori's face and she settled into what she called her thoughtful face.

"You know he's only been avoiding you because he hopes that you'll fit in and have new friends. He thinks he's a burden to you. He really misses you Rukia, even though he won't admit it."

There was no reply from the petite Soul Reaper-in-training.


Hinamori turned to see what Rukia was staring at and gasped. She let her rice ball fall onto her lap, creating a mess on her uniform. There was a huge crowd around two people who had just come into the Academy from the front doors. From the slope that Hinamori was sitting on with Rukia, she could just make out the clothing the two were wearing. Her heart leapt to her throat; one was wearing a white hakama, and the other had a shiny arm badge which reflected the light. The light was too bright for Hinamori to make out which division it was that was visiting. She quickly cleaned off and began to make her way down the hill. Hinamori didn't notice that as she left, Rukia had quietly started to cry.

Rukia knew she had to find Renji. They were best friends, how could something like this happen? It had taken someone besides herself to help her decide what to do, and she felt really stupid. It was so blatantly obvious what she had to do, she was just confusing herself by telling herself that everything was fine.

Rukia packed up her things and headed for her dormitory. Wiping the last of the moisture of her cheeks, Rukia headed off. If anyone looked closely at her, you couldn't be able to tell that she had just cried before.

Hinamori tried to push her way to the front to get a better look, but everyone kept shoving her back. Frustrated, she tried another tactic. This one involved crawling under everyone's legs. Eventually she reached the front. She looked up and was completely in awe of the Captain and the Vice-Captain. Their spiritual power was amazingly strong and it was still in its sealed form, it wasn't even their full potential.

She felt a deep sense of longing, of wanting to be closer to the two, especially the Captain. As if he heard her mental calls, the 5th Division Captain turned and faced the direction Momo was in. Their eyes met for a second and Hinamori stopped breathing. Lost in the moment, she was jolted back by someone who kneed her in the head. Hurriedly she backed out and ran away from the crowd.

She brought a trembling hand up to her chest, where her heart was thumping wildly. Why was it beating so hard? It was the first time she had met that Captain, so why did he seem so familiar? A memory flickered on the corner of her mind, but it disappeared before Hinamori could remember. The reiatsu of the two was so overpowering, Momo wondered if it was even possible for someone to be so strong.

She faintly wondered if someone as powerful as him would ever notice her. Hinamori made a promise to herself, there and then. She would get stronger, and she would aim for his Division. She felt very happy as she replayed the scene over and over in her head. Soon, soon, she will be strong and join him. She scratched her left eye; it was feeling a little itchy.

It was only when the classes started again when Hinamori notice that Rukia had left without a word.

2 Months Later

"Please find the two people who have the same symbol as you on the slip of paper! Stay in those groups of three as that will be your group for our Hollow Hunting Exercise."

The sixth year bellowed over the students and they all stopped to listen.

"Oi, Aoga."

He turned to find another 6th Grader standing behind him, a serious expression on his face.

"Ah, Shuuhei, you're coming this time too?"


Renji stared at the person called Shuuhei. He nudged the blond head next to him who was looking for a place to put his piece of paper. When he didn't respond, Renji proceeded to kick his classmate to the ground.

"Itai! Renji-san, what was that for?"

Renji crossed his arms.

"Who's that 6th Year?"

"You don't remember him?"

Renji shrugged.

"He's Hisagi Shuuhei, the top student of the current 6th Years. They say he is so powerful, he's already been offered a seat in a division before graduating!"

Renji stared at the black head.


"Also, he failed the entrance exam twice! I passed on the first go, so maybe I have more talent!"

Renji's answer to Kira's comment was to promptly kick him down to the floor again.


The two boys turned to see a girl behind them holding a piece of paper with a symbol identical to theirs. A faint trace of a smile flickered across her face when she saw Kira on the ground.

"Looks like we're a three for this training," she said.

"Dammit! Hisagi!"


Blood sprayed onto the ground next to Hinamori's feet. She took a step back in horror as she watched the 6th Year fall after taking a direct hit from the Huge Hollow. The dummy hollow training had quickly turned into a nightmare, they were just finishing up when a real hollow had appeared and it was a very powerful one. Hisagi stepped up and started to battle with the Huge Hollow but it was clear he wasn't going to last very long. Despite knowing that he will die, he turned around and yelled at the frightened 1st Years.

"Run! Get outta here! Take the senkaimon!"

His voice spurred them all into action and immediately they all flocked to where the gate was.

"Come on Hinamori, move it!"

Renji pulled the dazed Hinamori with him half carrying her, half pushing her along. He grabbed the quivering Kira by the ear and dragged him with his free arm. They were the last team left to leave for Soul Society.

"Soul Society, requesting back up! This is 6th Year Hisagi Shuuhei! The Living World coordinates: 1-0-2-6, northwest, 2-1-2-8. Huge Hollow attack!"

Hinamori got a hold of herself and stopped running. She turned around to where Shuuhei was attempting to fend the Hollow off and started to head in the direction.

"What are you doing, Hinamori-kun!"

Kira ran after her.

"Why are we running away? Why aren't we helping sempai? We have to help!"

She yelled back at her two friends who were following her back.

"Ah, dammit!" Renji shouted back.

"What do you think you can do? A 6th Year is already dead and another might be soon!"

Nevertheless, he continued to run along with them. They reached Hisagi and blocked a heavy blow from the Hollow, just in time to save the badly injured 6th Year.

"You guys. . ."

"We're really sorry, sempai! We're going against orders."

"We've come to save you."

The three positioned themselves in the battle formation they were using earlier and began to attack the Hollow. The Hollow was slowly being overpowered by the three and when it got knocked down by a particularly severe blow dealt by Renji, they took their chance.

Hinamori went first.

"Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshō, habataki-"

Ye, Lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings-

Kira joined in for a double spell.

"Hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shōnetsu to sōran-"

Ye who bears the name of man! Inferno and pandemonium-

Renji finished the incantation for a triple spell.

"Umihedate sakamaki minami e to ho o susume yo!"

The sea barrier surges, march on to the south!

The three took a step back and formed a circle with their hands. Then in perfect unison, they stepped forward and pushed their hands out to form the kido.


"Hado No.31 Red Flame Cannon!"

With a fierce roar, the Huge Hollow fell and then disintegrated into the sky.

"Yes! We got it!"

But the victory was a short, sweet success. The Huge Hollow had gone, but before it did, it had called all the other Huge Hollows close by to it. Now on each side, there was at least 5 Huge Hollows trapping the three of them and Hisagi in a circle formation. The 4 moved back until they were back to back with each other, not knowing what to do.

"There's so many!"

"At least 20!"

The Hollows, realising that their prey was not going to escape, began to close in faster on the group. As they did, Hinamori closed her eyes, thinking that this was the end. Memories of her life in Rukongai and then in the Academy flashed behind her eyes. Baa-chan, Rukia, Kira, Renji, but the person she thought of last was a particular white haired, green eyed boy. Shiro-chan. She felt tears welling up behind her eyes. She didn't even get to say goodbye to him; she missed him so much.


"No! No! I don't want to die!"

Kira's voice echoed in Hinamori's head.

I don't want to die!

~It breaks and it unleashes all its power and fury; pain, anger, sadness, mix together to form the dark substance on moonless nights of which we call the evil. . .~

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