A/n: Yo. I'm using all the Japanese names because I'm more familiar with those, but Kudari and Nobori speak with German accents. Why? Because I read all their dialog text with German accents. And they look like they would too, if you've seen their official art. If you have a problem, I can revert to normal text. I apologize in advance if there are any inconsistencies.

Time seemingly stops. Breath is lulled into a silent hush. Sound is shut off, and all feels numb. He's on the ground, against the wall, feeling the cold bite of its steel surface against the back of his neck. Whether it's the flicking of the lights or his eyes, he cannot tell. However, his head feels uncomfortably bare.

Vhat has happened? He thinks, and shortly mumbles inaudibly without notice. Oh, that's right. He's on the job. He was doing his job… when something happened. Whatever that something was, he can't remember. Where did his hat go? The lights of the train car are blinding the crack that he can see. He shifts his eyes towards the seats, and there his hat lays on the ground- dusty, dirtied. He attempts to stand, to reach towards at the very least.

Except he can't.

A lukewarm substance drips down his forehead, and over his eyes. As he takes a gloved hand to wipe it away, he lifts it back, realizing it's red. Blood. His blood. As his vision quivers and shakes, the muffled noise dies away in an instant.

The frantic scream of a familiar voice shatters the deafeningly quiet, thrusting the his serenely quiet dream world back into reality.


"Vhen are you finally going to vake up on time, Kudari?" Nobori, the older of the two says with a stern voice to his twin. Kudari lies nestled in the blankets next to his Galvantula, which titters about him, already awake.

"Five more minutes." He mumbles a whine, tightening his hold on the blankets. Nobori drops his hands to his sides. Honestly.

It's already thirteen minutes past 7 A.M., and Nobori's already dressed; tie straightened, white dress shirt and black pants pressed, hair slicked back, all he's missing is his hat and coat. He's been dressed for the past hour, sipping coffee, reading the paper, watching the news- just like every other morning as he waits and hopes for Kudari to wake himself for once.

Obviously, that's not going to be the case this morning. With a sigh, he tugs away the blanket forcefully, not wanting to give his brother a chance to rebel and make them further behind schedule. They're the Subway Masters, for Arceus's sake. Their job is to make sure the trains run on time. It's expected that they'd be punctual and on time too. But it's never the case. Sometimes, he's a bit thankful that he gets time to himself. At least it's quiet…

"Aah, fine, fine!" Kudari flails wildly for a moment before breaking into a smile. "Although, methinks you need to relax a more. And not be so uptight?"

Nobori is hardly amused. He rolls his eyes, and folds his arms sternly. "Someone has to make sure zhe lines run on time," He begins to say. "And that happens to be our job. Don't forget zhat." He waits for a nod of his twin's head before continuing. "Wunderbar. Hurry up and get dressed, got it Kudari?"

"I got it, I got it." He chimes as he leaps out of bed. Kudari allows his Galvantula to climb on his arm and rest on his shoulder before looking at Nobori.

"Shut it and get dressed zhen, dummkopf." Nobori drones before returning to his empty cup of coffee.

He hears Kudari stifle a laugh as he messily gets dressed. "You know, if you don't take zhe time to relax every now and zhen, it's going to be zhe death of you."

"Nobori, Nobori!" Kudari is panicking, shaking. Didn't Nobori tell him before not to panic whenever an accident occurs? Can he even call it an accident? What happened, anyway?

Beruhigen Sie sich. He tries to say. And shut up… You're being far too noisy…

Unfortunately, his mouth refuses to produce sound, and his body isn't responding. How hurt is he? He would curse to himself, but everything is becoming increasingly blurry. The pain is becoming far too apart, and he tastes dull iron in his mouth. Numbly, he shifts slightly as he watches Kudari's form disappear from his peripheral vision and hears the dull clatter of the door to the conductor's car opening.

"Stop and turn zhe train around! NOW!" Kudari's frantic voice yelps.

"B-But sir, we can't… the only time we can stop is when we reach the next stop…"

"…Scheiße!" Kudari curses.

"Sir, what happened? What's going on?"

"An emergency, zhat's vat! One of zhe challengers had his Pokemon use explosion at point blank. Nobori has sustained injury!" He hears Kudari shout, and a slam shortly after. So that's what happened… "Vhen will the line reach the nearest rest stop?"

"S-Soon, sir!"

"Soon! How much is 'soon'?"

"At this speed, fifteen to ten minutes, sir!"

"Too slow, speed it up! Ve still have to count zhe factor of the return trip!"

Ten minutes… He pondered thoughtfully. The lights of the Subway car were growing unbearably bright. Perhaps, if I close my eyes, time will go much faster…

To answer his want, his eyes fluttered, and began closing… only to be abruptly forced open with a new sensation of pain. Kudari's gloved hand was raised, and also covered in an inky red substance as well.

"Nobori, you dummkopf!" It was Kudari. For the first time in a while, a frown made itself apparent on his face as he shook Nobori. "Vake up and stay avake! No sleeping on zhe job! Ve're zhe Arceus-damned Subway Masters!"

Even as the pain and numbness of his body blurred his thoughts, he nodded ever so slightly. It was all Kudari needed. Still, as fraught with pain as he was, even he could see the shades of uncertainty present in his younger twin's eyes. With a gentle touch, Kudari gingerly picked up Nobori from his place, and set him on the seats.

"Gut. Stay here vhile I go manage to find immediate help. Arceus be damned if these cars have no medical equipment…" His voice was shaking. But even so, he took the time to point, and give him a determined glare, an almost threatening look. "Don't you dare close your eyes."

Nobori internally hmphed.

To drive the point home Kudari put his face close to his, and glared menacingly. "You may rest to conserve your strength, but don't you dare…"

Before Kudari could finish, his voice trails off. Nobori already knows how he was going to end that sentence, but he doesn't bother with it. Quickly, Kudari turns around towards the other cars, and hastily dashes away.

Nobori watches. In all honesty, he didn't know whether he could hold on that long.