The constant wind in her hair was starting to whip and tangle. Of course, that was to be expected due to the fact she was riding a giant bipedal white dragon hundreds of feet above the ground.

Touya would be definitely freaking out by now.

"Reshiram?" Touko calls out. If it can hear her, it is most certainly ignoring her. Out of slight irritation, she hoists herself up and peers at the dragon's face, which is set straight ahead towards endless cloud cover. "Reshiram," She calls out more insistently, and this time, a distinctly masculine, and regal voice answers her.


"Where are you taking me?" She asks, sinking into the dragon's neck.

To where they are. It replies curtly. To the ones whom you wish to meet.

Touko's taken aback for the briefest of moments, but she recovers almost instantly. As Reshiram continues to beat its wings across the sky, the girl's face becomes creased with worry.

"Where exactly are they?"

A place where I have no jurisdiction. Reshiram answered, accelerating with another wing beat.

"So it's outside of Isshu, then." She pieced together, clinging onto the dragon's feather-like scales.

Correct. Once I take you there, everything will be up to you.

"... Just me?"

I cannot follow to where you wish to go.

I warn you, Chosen.

"Warn me?" Touko repeats, tension creasing her features into a worried expression.

Linger for too long, and you will not be able to return.

"...And where exactly is this place?" She asked again, more cautiously this time. The dragon paused as it began its descent, below the clouds towards deep, unending fog.

The sun, which had shone so brightly before their descent seemed to have vanished completely. Touko shivered.

It was cold here.

They landed at the mouth of a cave, where Reshiram finally allowed her to dismount its back.

As she squinted through the fog, the familiar figure of Zekrom stood in her vision on the opposite side of the cave. It stood docilely, staring at both her and Reshiram before finally roaring. Reshiram, in response roared too.

Much to Touko's relief, they didn't attack each other. But as their roars died down, she balled her fists, and called out to the black dragon.

"Is N in there?"

My Chosen has not yet returned. It answered.

"That's a 'yes', then." Touko muttered dryly as she turned towards the cavern's mouth.

There was a vibe in the air that she didn't like; the silence of the surrounding area was ready to drive her mad.

Despite the silence, the frozen landscape seemed to scream, "Don't go there! Turn back, while you still have the chance!"

But she couldn't.

Not when she was this close.

If Zekrom were here, it could only confirm that N was here too.

She swallowed hard, before glancing at both of the dragons again- Reshiram cooing softly as she reached out towards it for comfort.

Do not lose sight of why you came here. Reshiram soothed.

"I won't. I can't quit now." She said, pressing her forehead against its head. For a moment, they stood that way until Reshiram lifted itself away. "Not when I'm so close. I can't turn my back, not now."

Not ever.

It is your courage that shall become the truth.

Nodding, she took a deep breath…

And exhaled.

With a single step, she unknowingly began her journey into the underworld.