The Great Lion Aslan: A poem by Wingleader Sora Jade

Dedicated to C.S. Lewis, author of the great books this charactor was taken from. The Chronicles of Narnia will continue to change my life forever as I grow with God.

Aslan is beautiful,
Aslan is wise.
You can always see love,
In Aslan's gold eyes.

His eyes burn like fire,
To creatures He hates,
But to creatures He likes,
Only love passes those gates.

His paws are like velvet,
When He wants them to be,
But engage Him in battle,
And they're a terrible sight to see.

His mane shines like gold,
In the morning sun,
But a roar from His mouth,
Makes all enemies run.

Aslan is strong,
As strong as can be,
I wish with all my heart,
He would come visit me!

Yes, Aslan is beautiful,
Aslan is wise,
But only in Narnia,
Is where he abides.