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"Uriah, you are a brat. Grow up!" Hay Lin defended herself against the boy, hoping he would just leave her alone. But the orange haired boy laughed it off and kept pestering the young girl. "What about it, buckteeth. Can't handle me?" The boys behind him, the Uriah gang, all laughed. Hay Lin dropped her head in defeat, ashamed of her deformed teeth. Her eyes began to swell, and tears formed in her eyes.

She hugged her small form to comfort herself, to give herself the courage to speak up. She was a guardian and fought bad guy's that made these punks look like tiny insects. She fought with the evil prince Phobos for christs sake! But that was in Meridian, where she could become a guardian. But this was earth, her world where she is a human without powers, like everyone else on earth. Using her powers against them would be cruel and inhuman. She would never do it, but now she was so helpless she could cry.

The gang kept on laughing, but Nigel stopped when he saw her eyes tearing. "Uriah, haven't we gone too far?" The spiked boy looked at him, and then at the girl. He smirked in victory. "What do you mean, is it my fault the little girl can't handle the truth."

He came closer to her, his hand pressed against the wall next to her small frame making it impossible to escape. His tall body intimidated her; she cringed in fear scared that he would hurt her. Uriah looked at her, his hand moved and hay Lin closed her eyes waiting for the pain. But there wasn't any, a soft gesture made her look up. Uriah hand held her chin, his eyes looked into hers. "It's really a shame." He whispered. "Such a pretty face covered with metal." The hall went silent.

But before someone could realize what Uriah actually said he was shoved to the side, making him trip and fall flat on the floor. He grunted and turned around to see the one who did this to him. "You better run before I..." But he was cut off by a bag flying in his face. It was thrown by a rather angry looking brunette. "And you better leave my friend alone before I make your sorry ass regret it was ever born!" Uriah looked at her, furious but defeated. He knew better than anyone not to mess with this girl. She was a demon, not a human.

"Fine" He stood up, dusted of his clothes and looked at the two in a serious way. "Better keep your princess buckteeth close, or she will learn what it means to mess with me" Irma rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. She laughed at Uriah's words of, she didn't know what, but it wasn't anything clever. "Yada yada, the only thing it means is that you are pathetic and in need of attention. Get yourself a girlfriend mate.

Uriah looked surprised, but a smile formed on his face. He had the perfect comeback. The guy may not understand a girl's mind but he did understand these girls. "Yeah, maybe I should. I mean, look how it ended up for you guys." He walked away laughing out loud in victory but none understood why. The gang ran after him like dogs, leaving the confused girls alone. "Hey, what did you mean Uriah? I don't get it." One of them yelled. Irma and Hay Lin were as oblivious as the guys, but the brunette just shrugged it off. "Men, don't understand them and don't want to."

It was evening in Heatherfield, everyone made way home after a long day at work or school. They were all happy the day had ended, but a certain queen of air wasn't. She was picking the grass she sat on, thinking about what happened in school. Hay Lin was still sad about the mean remarks Uriah made. She knew she hadn't the most beautiful teeth in the world but were they really that deformed?

Behind her sat Irma, she was leaning on her arms while she looked at the sky. "Hayhay, why the sadness?" She sang, in an attempt to lighten the mood. Hay Lin pulled her knees against her chest, hugging herself. "Because I'm a freak." Irma jumped up in shock; she couldn't believe what the girl said.

"No you aren't! Don't listen to what that jerk says. He is just an idiot who couldn't even see the difference between his face and ass. Uriah just said that to taunt you Hay, he likes it when people feel bad because it makes him look better. But it's not true, you're not a freak. You're pretty, and so are your teeth." Hay Lin cheered up, she really liked her friend. Irma could always make her smile when she was sad.

"Why are you always the prince in shining armor Irma? You're so brave; it's almost like a fairy tale every time I see you. Why can't I be like that? I want to be brave too." Irma sat back, taking in the words. She closed her eyes while she spoke, looking to the sky again.
"Because, Hayhay, not everyone can be a prince. It's not that you are weak, but it just doesn't suit you I think." She looked at hay Lin, her eyes admiring the beauty of the air guardian. "The world needs its princesses."

Hay Lin looked up, she saw Irma's look, her face was filled with emotion. She could feel the warmth of it in her heart, like love. But was it for her? Faces could lie, but eyes cannot. They were beautiful, deep blue like the ocean. And they were looking at her. Hay Lin smiled, confident in herself again. She did really like the girl. The air guardian moved backwards and rested herself against Irma's chest; her arm touched the other girl's leg. She looked at Irma with the same look in her eyes, and the same feelings in her heart. "And do you need a princess?" Irma looked down at her, their eyes meeting. "More than anything"