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Endless racks of clothing, bags and accessories, a modern girls heaven. May Lin watched as the younger girls were looking through the endless racks, they seemed like fashion hunters looking for the perfect piece of clothing, all before anyone else could get their hands on it. A pack wolfs in disguise, that's what they were; cute and friendly on the outside, but little angry beasts on the inside. But one of them was the black sheep of the herd; she was following the others but wasn't paying any attention to the bounty. She was just following the others around, like a dog. Pouting, seeking for attention and only talking when asked for. Will, from Irma and Hay Lin's memories she knew she used to be a leader, and despite being very young, she was a good one. She made a lot of mistakes, yes, but you can't expect someone of her age to do everything flawless. But the state she was now was simply depressing.

May Lin collected from the memories that this was a new thing, a new kind of behavior. It was even post birth, her birth. What was the trigger, the key that made this little young girl change so much. The sudden affection, love and obsession she holds for the tall blonde was unnatural, even illogical. Every time the girl got some attention from her love interest she blossomed up, but the moment it changed she broke down. It was so obvious, but there was something else in her eyes, and small light of confusion? The remaining sane part of her mind asking what is going on, knowing that this isn't right. The source to the problem was unknown to May Lin, but maybe the answer was there in that little spark. Hay Lin had the powers to collect memories from object sounds, or to read the atmosphere an object had been in. Maybe this power works on parts of the body as well. But which was it? At first she thought of the eyes, but that seemed completely irrelevant to the problem. The other possibility was her lips; Hay Lin had told her that the first signs of this problem appeared after Will received a kiss from the blond girl.

But it wasn't like this in the beginning; there were different signs and other feelings. The girl at first seemed to be obvious to the fact that it was all unnatural and unreal. It broke her down, knowing she loved someone she didn't, and the person she once loved now does nothing to her.

In the second phase something triggered the love to be true, a real obsession or an oppressing love that pushed any other feeling away. And the memories were no different. A love bug had taken control of the brain. Will had fully accepted the feelings like they had always been there. She had no shame in showing it, not only being annoyance to Cornelia but also to all her other friends.

In the third phase, when she got rejected she hid, lurking from a save point of observance. Rather than openly shouting her love, she sent small messages from a distance or only when asked. Where this phase had a huge negative impact on her friendship with the other guardians it had a rather impossible positive impact on the rest of her life. While trying to exchange signs of love with the girl in a moderate way she worked hard on proving herself worthy for the girl, hoping that one day her love will be answered.

But now it doesn't matter, she has to have answers, so she walked up to girl. She knew, that somehow, she was going to regret doing what she was about to do, but there seemed no other option. May Lin tried to casually walk up to her, luckily, she succeeded. She thanked Irma's casual and sometimes ignorant personality for this.

'Hey will, I need your opinion on something' May Lin smiled at the girl, not knowing it was of friendliness or excitement of what she was going to do. It made her think, what she was going to do was actually something she had never done before. Nervousness overwhelmed her, and for some reason she started to fidget with her fingers. She needed to act fast, but her mind was racing. Thinking was now impossible and she noticed that she had her mouth open without saying anything. She closed her mouth, laughing nervously. If you can't think, it is time for action. She dearly hoped that was some wise old saying.

'Uhm, Will, I have actually never done this before so please don't be mad when I ruin it for you.' Will raised an eyebrow, but before she could say something May Lin grabbed her wrist and pulled her in the nearest changing both. In the confusion, mainly caused by the inconvenient red cloth, they stumbled and Will landed hard against the back wall. May Lin's taller and more grown body crashed into her, pressing against the redhead's tiny frame. Will grunted from the pain, but was silenced when May Lin forced her lips onto hers. May Lin was rough, but it was only because she had to act fast. She relaxed more now they stopped moving, but because of her height she had to crane her neck painfully. The girl was slipping beneath her and soon they would part. She felt their lips parting, and when that happened, a voice called for her, calling for help. The memories of the girls, that sane part, the spark in her eyes was calling for her to not let go.

Before Will could slip from her she grabbed the girl's pants, almost groping the younger girls butt and pulled her up to her toes. Now she was more comfortable, she renewed their kiss, pressing their lips together gain. Not rough as first, but gentle, in the hope of comforting the girl. She had no idea why this would help, but she didn't want to be forceful, although she isn't really giving her any choice. Will tried to move away, but May Lin just moved closer, refusing to let go.

After a tense minute, May Lin let go to breathe, but didn't made attempt of letting will go. She raised her hand to her cheek, caressing it before moving her thumb to the girl's lips. They were soft and wet, and asked for more.

'Please bear with me for some more.' Their lips touched again, and Will just let it happen. The moment they touched, they were engulfed in a pink glow. The Heart of kandrakar shone bright, pulsing with a warm comforting glow. May Lin others hand rose up the girl's body, over her belly to her chest. Her hand found her way into the fabrics of the girl's clothes, brushing against the breasts beneath it. Will had closed her eyes, not knowing what was coming next. But when May lin retracted her hand, holding the crystal she suddenly relaxed.

Will's look was fixed on the crystal, after a moment May lin saw her closing her eyes, like she just made a hard decisions. She deepened the kiss, surprising the taller girl. Will arms embraced her, pulling her closer. Her hand, still holding the crystal was pressed between their chests, at their hearts connecting it. May Lin felt something, a sudden burst in confidence. Her hand let go and struggled to get free without making will uncomfortable, a tricky task. Her hand went down and rested on the sweater. She fidgeted with the edge of the garb, and noting that Will made no attempt of stopping her she went under the fabric and placed her hand on her belly.

'kyaaa! That's cold!' Will shrieked.

scene switch

May Lin admitted that was one of the most awkward and embarrassing moments in her life, and she was sure it would be while before it was topped.
Somewhere, it was pretty funny for her but Will didn't agree the slightest. She asked not to talk about it again, on which May Lin had replied if she also meant to never repeat it. She didn't get an answer. She knew she didn't have to hope for a yes, but she didn't get a no. But why was she so happy about it? Why did she have this strange sensation after today, why did her belly tingle when she thought about the redhead? Did she fall in love, or was the excitement from her first kiss. Or maybe the magic that had Will in her grasp. If she could choose, it would be the later. She didn't want to fall in love, not now when her life was almost always spend in this white room of nothingness, Like now.

She was walking around in the room she lived in when not in the real world. The place was not a very lively place, the only thing that was a bit entertaining where the distant voices of Irma and Hay Lin she sometimes heard. Fragments of conversation they had with people. She became more and more distant from the two since she was becoming herself instead of an Irma/Hay Lin hybrid. That also meant she had her own feelings, although she didn't doubt they are influenced by the two girls feelings. She didn't care, she feels what she feels, but sometimes she doesn't know what to do when she felt things. Like the feelings for will, does she need to be happy or sad, act on them or ignore them? It's new to her, she tried to get an answer from Hay Lin and Irma's feelings and opinions, but those clashed with hers. She sighed; maybe it was too early to decide on it, she was only a few days old.

Deciding to let it rest she turned around and started to walk away when a faint noise disturbed her thinking. A rhythmic beat accompanied by a strong bass line and melodic guitar riff filled the air.

May Lin enjoyed the change, even if it was not her kind of music, until she heard Irma's voice loudly singing along with the song. She felt a cold tingling going down her spine; Irma wasn't really a talented singer. May Lin knew that from previous experiences, when Irma Sang in the shower. She preferred Hay Lin's voice, it sounded more like hers.

But this was the first time she heard any other noise here then the voices. When she payed more attention to it, It became louder and resonated through the room. It must be something Irma loved a lot; otherwise it wouldn't reach so deep. But if that was the case, why hadn't she heard it before? The sound grew louder and louder, to a painful volume. Irma's feelings where pressing on her, to make her to like it, force it on her. Never had she felt emotion reach so deep, so strong but violent.

When she was ready to give, the music stopped and she heard an angry Irma cursing at the television. Saved by the commercials. But the feeling didn't quite disappear yet, she could still feel it. It was like Irma was obsessed with it; she was in love with the music. In love, she repeated it, the situation was familiar. May Lin grinned. 'In love'

scene switch

Will was slouching on the sofa, watching whatever was on the TV. She didn't really pay attention, she was too confused with today, her feelings were such a mess she didn't even try to organize her feelings. Something was getting very familiar with, but that didn't make it any easier. One second she thought about Cornelia and May Lin and felt confused, the other she suddenly craved for cookies. She sighed, and started to get up for the kitchen when her cellphone rang.

'It's Irma' The mobile said.

'Hello Irma…' She was about to greet her when Irma's yelling interrupted her.

'Will, you've got to watch the band on the music channel, it's so amazingly good!' Will scratched her head in confusion, why did Irma call her about this. Couldn't she just tell her tomorrow at school?

'Irma, not now, I'm tired and going to bed.' She was about to hang up when she heard another voice speak.
'Just do it.'

She was sure that wasn't Irma, but May Lin. Did she have something to do with this? Should she listen? She remembered at the mall May Lin said something to her. She was going to help her.

Still holding the phone she reached for the remote and flipped through the channels towards the music channel. She heard the tunes of a guitar, bass and singer in her ears. A sudden emotion pulled her into the sound, the music tangling her. Its rhythmic waves reached into her, deep into her heart, strangling it like a chain. It pulled, harder and harder, forcing her heart to the source of the music.

Will felt she was happy, she loved the music and wanted to listen forever. The chain pulled harder when it met a defying force. Another chain, another feeling that tangled her heart, one older than this one forcefully tried to stop it. It hurt Will, the emotions filled her and her love for Cornelia made her feel guilty. She was staring blankly at the screen but inside it was war, the chains pulled harder and harder on her heart, thieves trying to violently claim their treasure. They stretched it, her heart feeling like to rip apart. But her heart proved stronger then she thought. When she was on the verge of collapsing a new strength entered her heart and both pulling chains broke and recoiled, away from with a force unknown to will. Memories, feelings and awareness filled her mind, everything she had ever felled before Cornelia. The veil of love was lifted and her mind and feelings were free, finally hers again.

The first thing she truly felt again was shame, for everything she had done the past weeks; she had acted like a child, a child that wanted a toy very bad and did everything to get it. She had been an annoyance to her friends, teachers and her mother. The next thing she felt was relieve, that she was finally free from it, that it is over. She could think clearly again, see everything from her own opinion. She started to feel her heart drown, tears started to flow and she cried. Her love for Cornelia was finally gone, but its effects weren't. And one for those was the disappearance of her feelings for matt. The feelings were true back then, and now they are no more even if she knew they should be. It saddened her, the time they had together was the best she had ever had and now she had to tell matt she doesn't feel anything anymore. She has to break his heart.

scene switch

The next morning, will wished she never woke up. The hard task she had to face today was wearing her down. She not only had break Matt's heart, but she also has the explain everything that has happened.

She knows he would understand, but that won't stop the hurt. She didn't know how to handle it, and she won't have much time to think about it, before she knew it she was at school already.

The buzzing of her Vespa stopped when she parked; taking her helmet she took in the fresh air and sighed. Being a guardian is hard, but sometimes her normal life was harder. She started to look for his bike, but her eyes found something else. May Lin was walking in her direction. Memories of the day before flashed before her eyes, and she blushed furiously. She had all forgotten about the mall. Why did everything had to come at such a fast pace. She already started to apologize before May Lin could even say hi.

'I'm sorry for yesterday May Lin, I didn't know what was happening with me'. May Lin let her finish, she didn't seem to care a lot. It seemed heartless to her, is she really like that?

'Why are you apologizing? It was my doing. I was the one who kiss… started it.' Bringing up the moment made her façade slip a bit. Clearly not Will decided.

'Look, right now it doesn't matter how we feel about it. I had my reasons for it.' She started to smile now, a very friendly smile like she was happy about her being here.

'And it seems like it worked.' Will smiled, looking content.

'Yes, it did. But how did you know?' May Lin crossed her arms.

'Remember what Granny Yan Lin said? An obsession can only be broken by another. The music Irma listened had the same kind of effect as Cornelia's kiss because it is the same magic, only through another medium. Touch and sound. So I made you listen to the music, et voila, you are back to yourself again.' Will was impressed.

'You figured that all out by yourself?' May Lin looked away, embarrassed.

'Not really, Yan Lin told me about the magic part. I just made the logical connection of the obsessions.' May Lin turned around and wanted to say something when Will hugged her from behind.

'I don't care, you helped me and you barely know me.' May Lin blushed, she doesn't even know the reason why she did it. Will was right, she didn't know her. But she just couldn't bear to see the girl suffer.

'But I know a lot about you.' She wasn't going to admit that yet.
'But ow is not the time for feeling stuff, we have a job to do as guardians and you as the leader should do everything to complete that job. The magic behind the music has to be stopped. It can be danger to the people. The problem is, it is already tearing the guardians apart. Irma has already fallen for it and it won't be long before it has her completely in her grasp. She will love nothing else but the music. When that happens, Irma won't help us and Hay Lin will be too heartbroken, if it even happens. The only reason they aren't already fully under control is their love, but obsession is dirty, it cheats. You know that sadly.' May Lin could feel the girl nod against her back. 'And Even Cornelia and Taranee have fallen for it'

'So what do we do about it? Find the one behind and defeat the person. But it is only you and me?' May Lin grunted, annoyed, she walked away from will

'I'm afraid I might not be able to help you. Irma and Hay Lin want to go back to their own bodies and I have to listen.' Will understood.

'It would cause a lot of problems if they both were gone for a long time. So we first find the person behind all this, when that happens you can help, it won't be a long time.'

'No, by then the obsession will have taken them completely over, they won't kiss then with the feelings needed. To be honest I think Hay Lin would resist longer, hopefully long enough for us to find the culprit. Then we can create me and stop him or her.' Will was confused, how can they create her with only Hay Lin when the right feelings are needed. May Lin expected as much.

'The oracle told me that I've have become more of a unique identity, a unique person. I'm starting to get unattached of Hay Lin and Irma. It might be possible to create me with only one person's feelings. But we still need two persons for it to work.' It wasn't hard will to see what needs to be done.

'So I need to kiss Hay Lin?'
'No, She has to kiss you.'

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