Author's Note: Here is the final chapter of The Misadventures of the Little Axis.

Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 33: Omake: In The Future

May 24, 2011, Brooklyn, New York

3:48 p.m.

Seventeen-year-old Lucy Heartfilia rushed out the doors of James Madison High School, cell phone in hand and her backpack slung on her back by one strap.

Lucy's cell rang, and she immediately answered. "Hiya, Grandpa."

"Lucy, where are you?" Ludwig asked on the other end of the phone. "It's almost four, and school let out an hour ago. Are you okay?"

Lucy laughed. "I'm fine, don't worry. Uh, some kids did something stupid in class, so we had to stay for an extra hour cleaning up."

"Oh," Ludwig said. "That's a relief; I thought something happened."

"Gotta go, Grandpa," said Lucy. "See ya."

"Auf Wiedersehen," Ludwig replied. He hung up on his end, while Lucy hung up her phone and went to go meet her friends, Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel. Gray was Feliciano and Triela Vargas' grandson, and Natsu was Kiku and Haruka Honda's grandson. Lucy, Gray and Natsu called themselves "The American Axis".

Lucy ran to the subway and took it to Manhattan, where she met Gray and Natsu at a mall.

4:15 p.m.

"Lu, you're late," said Natsu.

"Sorry about that," said Lucy. "I had to spend, like, an extra hour cleaning up the classroom because of some other doofuses, and—"

"Yo, yo, yo!" Ace Beilschmidt, the grandson of Ludwig's little brother, Gilbert, exclaimed as he and his twin sister, Lexi, approached the American Axis.

'Oh, no,' Lucy thought.

'The Beilschmidt twins again?' Gray thought as he rolled his eyes at Ace and Lexi.

"Lexi and Ace in the hizz-ouse!" shouted Lexi.

"Ahem," said Ace. "Lexi, it's not Lexi and Ace. It's Ace and Lexi, stupid."

"No, it's Lexi and Ace, dummy head!" said Lexi.

Ace and Lexi Beilschmidt were Lucy's second cousins due to Gilbert and Lisanna being Lucy's great-aunt and great-uncle; their son, Christopher Beilschmidt, was Lucy's first cousin once removed. Lucy loved her cousins to death (they were eleven years old, six years younger than her), but she hated it when they would bring out the Prussian in them.

Lucy sighed. "Where's Wendy when you need her?" she mumbled to herself as Ace and Lexi stopped in front of the trio and brofisted. Lucy was, of course, referring to Wendy Marvell, her other second cousin, the daughter of her other first cousin once removed, Jennifer Marvell, whose mother was Lucy's great-aunt, Ludwig's little sister Klara. Wendy—who was twelve—was the most mature out of herself, Ace and Lexi, so Lucy found herself able to tolerate Wendy more than the twins.

"So, whatcha doin'?" Ace asked.

"Oh, nunya," Gray said nonchalantly. "Nunya business, ha-ha!"

"Gray, grow up," said Lucy. "Ace, Lex, why don't you two just…I dunno…go do whatever it is you do?"

"Aw, but no one wants our awesomeness around," Lexi whined. "Take us with youuuuuu, Luuuuuuuu!" She and Ace latched onto Lucy's arms, weighing the teenager down.

"Guys, cut it out!" said Wendy. "There you are. Sorry about them, Lu." She wrestled Ace and Lexi off Lucy.

"Thanks, Wendy," said Lucy. She felt relieved to have her arms back. "Gray, Natsu, come on."

Lucy, Gray and Natsu, followed by Wendy and the twins. To Lucy's chagrin, wherever she and her friends were, Ace and Lexi were.

4:45 p.m.

"Yeah! Manga, woot!" the twins screamed at the top of their lungs, disturbing people in Walden Books when Lucy, Gray and Natsu were looking at manga.

"Wow, Naruto!" Ace screamed in Lucy's ear.

"Stop it!" said Lucy. "Get out of my face, stupid!"

"Ooooohhhhh, I'm telling your mooom," Ace said accusingly. He pointed right at Lucy, who slapped his hand away.

"Don't point at me either," said Lucy.

"LUCY, LOOK, THEY HAVE TOKYO MEW MEW!" Lexi screamed really, really loudly.

"Oh no," Lucy said and face palmed.

The manager of Walden Books came up to the kids, glaring at them. "WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP?" he yelled.

"Uh…what's the problem, sir?" asked Lucy.

"What's the problem?" the manager parroted Lucy's words. "You and your friends, that's what! Now, get out, right now!" He had a security guard chase them out, and they bumped into more people, eventually running into a felon on the run.

"Hello, kiddies," the guy said with a grin.

"Oh no…that Braginski guy…of the RUSSIAN MOB!" Natsu exclaimed. "Run!" He and the others took off in a flash, trying to get away from Braginski.

"What's Nikita Braginski doing here?" Lucy asked in a frightened voice. "I thought he was in prison!"

"He was," said Gray. "But he escaped somehow! He's coming behind us, run!"

The kids ran all around the mall, Braginski on their tail. They went up and down escalators, Braginski frightening people and causing others to get out their cells and call the cops.

4:59 p.m.

The kids screamed and ran through the food court, ordering big soft pretzels and sodas while on the run. Then they all ran into the men's bathroom and hid in the big stall reserved for people in wheelchairs.

Lucy, Gray and Natsu's cells rang at the same time.

"Hello?" said Lucy.

"Oh, hi, Grandpa," said Gray. He was scared shitless as he bit into his pretzel.

"Can't talk now, Gramps," said Natsu. "W-We're in a stall in the men's bathroom. Yes, even the girls."

"Yes, you heard Natsu right," Lucy told Ludwig. "There's this guy chasing us, that's why. It's Nikita Braginski of the Russian Mob. Grandpa, don't worry about…I don't want you to hurt yourself…I'm pretty sure the cops are looking for him; he just escaped from prison, after all. Grandpa, don't hang up…man." Ludwig had hung up, so Lucy shut her phone.

The kids heard the bathroom door being thrown open and tried to be quiet. They saw Braginski's boots from under the stall door.

5:08 p.m.

"What'll we do, Lu?" Lexi asked.

"I know," said Gray. "We'll do the Italian thing: Surrender, sleep, eat and sing."

Lucy hit Gray on the head. "Natsu?"

"If he tells us to surrender, I'll do the Japanese thing and say one thing but mean something else," said Natsu.

"Right…" said Lucy. "But we've gotta fight, at least until the cops come."

Wendy started to get teary-eyed; she had always been a crybaby. "But you'll get hurt, Lu."

"You're talking to Lucy Heartfilia here," said Lucy. "I won't go down so easily. Wendy, you and the twins stay back…oh no."

The stall door was thrown off its hinges, and Braginski was there, a gun in hand. He grinned at the kids.

"Guess it's just you and me, kiddies," said Braginski. "I'll kill you three"—he gestured his gun at the American Axis—"for what your grandparents did to my grandpa Ivan all those years ago."

Lucy, Gray and Natsu gulped.

"Goodbye, little children," Braginski said coldly. He raised his gun to shoot the trio, until…

5:11 p.m.

"GOTCHA!" Ludwig shouted. He tackled Braginski to the ground, while Kiku and Feliciano got the frightened and shocked kids out of the stall.

"I smell pretzels," said Feliciano.

"We bought pretzels and soda while on the run, Gramps," said Gray. He offered a piece to Feliciano. "Want some?"

"Grazie!" said Feliciano. He took the piece of pretzel his grandson offered him and popped it into his mouth.

Ludwig and Feliciano looked a lot like their grandfathers, while Kiku looked a little bit like he did in 1955, but a lot older.

"Are you okay?" Ludwig asked Lucy.

"We're okay," said Lucy. "Thanks, Grandpa."

"The cops are coming," said Kiku.

"Let's get you out of here," said Ludwig. "Grandma's waiting for you at home, Lu."

"'Kay," said Lucy.

A bunch of cops burst into the bathroom, while Ludwig, Kiku and Feliciano got the kids out. The cops arrested Braginski for breaking out of prison and put him back in, while the Axis went home with the kids.