What the…?" I asked.

"To avoid any attempts of escaping." said Kuma.

"You!" Uchi screamed. "You told them about me? You scumbag!"
"Shut up stupid prick! Had the state of despair definitely beat your brains out?"

O snapped back.

"Damn you, Uchji, Kuma said angrily, what are you thinking we are? Do you think we're so useless that we can't even help our friend?"

"Shut up you, porky!" Said Uchi offhandedly.

"Hey, you…" Uchi was about to pounce on him.

"Hey Kuma!" Sawada meddled in." What's wrong with Uchi?"

"It's not your business. Don't butt in it." hissed Uchi. He made a pause. It's your last year. "I know everyone want to finish it without problems." He looked at everybody who was presented. "I don't want my friends to get hurt because of this situation."

Hey, Sawada grabbed him by the collar, are you yourself a true friend? To whom from these people you approached, he showed at 3D, who were around, and they refused to help you. Answer!" He shook him. "You're yourself a coward! You don't consider us as your friend, else you won't be afraid to come and see who is really by your side."

"Hey, Sawada, Uchi hissed, stop pissing me off with all these talks about friendship. You're a smart boy, go and make up with you dad, do as he tells you and pursue the carrier of a politici…" he didn't managed to finish, because a loud slap on the face was heard."

"What a pity, Sawada continued, what a pity if I ever gave any grounds to think of me this way. Do what you want! I don't want to be associated with anything concerning you." He walked from the room.

Though he looked calm as always, inside we were all sure, that it was different. Sawada gave up on Uchi!

"Hey, Shin…Noda ran after him"

"You all are such idiots, why are you seeking troubles on your ass. We are not going to be together for our whole life. Finish this year in peace and then go were you have planned to. I don't burden you with anything and I won't even think a bad thing about you. Now please, release me!" he said.

"Kuma, let him go." said Kurosaki, who was keeping silent for all this time.

Some of 3D decided to follow Uchi's advice and walked out of the class. What could it mean? Are they too giving up on Uchiyama? Well, honestly, I barely saw anyone except Sawada and the gang to be really interested in proving his innocence.

"Hos stupid of you, Uchiyama, Kurosaki approached him. The only thing I feel really sad is, why same thing didn't wasn't made for me when I was in trouble. You're way luckier than me, man." He turned his back and headed toward the door.

He through at me a glance, but I pretend I am lost in thoughts. I wanted to wait until everybody is going to walk out. I can't believe, is it really the end?

I went out from the school building and waited until Uchi is going to come out. I have very big doubts that he had gone to the vice-principal. It's obvious that Uchiyama doesn't want to leave school, that why he will do all that's possible to play for time.

I followed Uchi to all places he went to. Those were quite plenty. The park, baker's shop(seems he has good relations with the baker) and even the old house, Sawada has shown me today. But I didn't have the courage to show up till it became evening, when he has already left the house and entered in a bar. Then I understood that he has arranged his thoughts for a little bit.

I entered the place and approached his table, very slowly.

"What the?" He complained. "You're a punishment, Kuroda." He said meekly.

"Shut the hell up, Uchiyama. You don't have a very large number of volunteers who could listen to you."

He didn't say anything.

"How much money there was?"

"What, he asked?"

"Name the sum of money you're said to have stolen?"

"Are you nuts? The hell I know?" He answered as I was asking him the most nonsensical thing in the world.

"Oh, at least we've proved that you don't have anything with this."

"Who we?"

"I mean, I proved to myse-…" He turned is head, as showing that he is not interested in this discussion. "How do you think, how many guitar strings you'd be able to buy?"

"Many, I bet many!" He smiled. "That's probably the thing that makes me most sad."

"You've gone too far today." I said. Didn't you think that someone can really get hurt, because they really take you for their friends."

"Really? Thanks for information, I didn't know." He ironized.

"I am not kidding, Uchi, what are you going to do?"

"What the…He began.

"What, the? You've probably thought, I came here to sooth your soul pain. Sorry, man I came to ask you about the real thing. "

"What are we going to do?"

"First of all, he stood up, I am going to leave this place, because seeing your mug for the whole day makes me sick."

He did as he said.

"What a chick!" I was resenting." What is wrong with him? My mug makes him sick?"

"I told you not to butt in all this. Are you brain damaged, the man is telling you he doesn't need your help, why do you horn in?" Monica said.

"It's that…" I bite on my thumb.

"It's what. You said he already has a solution."

"Yes, but I can't let it happen."

"Are you Jean D'ark? Or do you have a crush on him?" Or you have a crush on someone who's his friend, that why you want to show how useful you are in this situation?"

"No, not any of these, that's my principles. He is not guilty, and I can't sit back. I should do something!"

"Honestly, you're really a pain in the ass."