Yotsuba and The Easter Bunny

Chapter 4

The Easter Bunny then asked Yotsuba if she liked chocolate.

Yotsuba then stopped crying and smiled

"Of course I do!"

Then one of the bunnies then put a tube that was attached to a machine into Yotsuba's mouth while another pressed a switch at the side of the machine.

Soon the machine then started pumping melted chocolate into Yotsuba's mouth.

Yotsuba happily swallowed it.

"Was this your big plan all along?" questioned Billy to the Easter Bunny

"Be patient" The Easter Bunny told Billy.

"But she's enjoying it!" Billy blurted.

"I said…be patient" The Easter Bunny said bluntly.

Soon Yotsuba's belly started to swell and spill over her shorts and hung below her T-shirt.

Soon the machine was out of chocolate and some bunnies went to re-fill it.

Yotsuba then took out the tube from her mouth and let out a very loud burp.


"MORE CHOCOLATE!" Squealed Yotsuba.

And then when the machine was full up again, they put the tube back into her mouth and Yotsuba began to swallow the melted chocolate again.

Yotsuba kept on drinking the liquid that was being pumped from the tube into her mouth.

Little did she know she was getting fatter.

Soon her arms and legs were so fat, the straps from the chair snapped.

Her chest expanded, giving her little breasts.

Soon Yotsuba's belly was touching her knees.

Soon the Chocolate was all gone and a bunny then took the tube from Yotsuba's mouth and she let out another loud burp.


Soon the chair then snapped and Yotsuba hit the floor on her bottom with a thud


Yotsuba tried to stand up, but she struggled to get up

She got up in the end.

Then The Easter Bunny then placed a mirror in front of Yotsuba to show how much she gained

Yotsuba screamed at how fat she had become.

Then all the Bunnies then put her in a sack and carried her back home.

Inside the sack were chocolate eggs.

Yotsuba then started to eat the eggs inside

Soon the bunnies then found themselves in Yotsuba's back garden and left the sack in the garden

Yotsuba, who had eaten all the chocolate eggs in the sack, then climbed out of the sack.

Her father was cooking dinner and the smell of chicken noodles made Yotsuba's massive belly gurgle.


And so, Yotsuba went inside her house for dinner.

The End

Happy Easter 2011 from Squishy Belly Lover =D