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The courtroom was silent as the Judge made his way into the room. The guards flanking Bolt were on edge as each stepped closer to him. Meg narrowed her eyes as she felt Fraser rest his hand on the small of her back. Vecchio glared as the jury shifted uneasily in their seats. He knew Bolt was going to be found guilty but he also knew what Bolt was like. There was no way he was going to take the sentance laying down. He remembered the explosives wrapped round him and Fraser. He had a very strange feeling the van Elaine and Kowalski had seen had something to do with Bolt.

"Chairman of the Jury." The Judge turned to the thin man sat at the front of the jury. "Have you reached a verdict upon which you are all agreed?"

Meg glanced at Fraser as the thin man nodded and got to his feet.

"Yes, Your Honor."

The tension in the court could be cut with a knife. All eyes fell on the man about to deliver the verdict. Elaine slipped her hand into Kowalski's as Welsh glared at the man his team had worked so hard to find. He knew that his team had been pushed to almost breaking point and was determined that it wouldn't happen again. Not at the hands of the madman that had plauged them for years.

"And what say you?" The Judge stared ahead as the man in the dock laughed uncontrollably.

"YES! What say you!" He laughed as the Judge banged his gavel and yelled for order. Fraser and Kowalski exchanged glances as Vecchio reached for his gun.

"Order! Quite right Judgey baby we should have order! I order Meg Thatcher and Benton Fraser are tried for treason!"

"This is ridiculous." Meg glared.

"Yes! Treason against the Canadian state. They work here in Chicago with the police. The AMERICAN police!"

"Right." The Judge had clearly come to the end of his temper and was just about ready to explode. "Silence. I will have silence in MY court!"

Bolt smirked as he sat down. The head juror clearly shaking as he tried not to look at the man whos fate they had been deciding merely mimutes earlier.

"Well, what say you?" The Judge turned back to the thin man as he asked for the verdict. Kowalski nodded at Vecchio and Fraser as they quietly slipped out of their seats.

"Ray!" Elaine hissed.

"Trust me." He stared at her as she nodded. "Look after Thatcher."


Meg frowned as she felt Fraser squeeze her hand before he stood and slipped out of the room.


"Just because the verdict is in this isn't over." Elaine whispered as Francesca stared at the fire escape next to the dock as two masked men rushed in. She swore under her breath as Bolt clapped his hands in glee.


"Benny." Vecchio hissed as he ran towards the fire escape with his gun in one hand.


"Look that van has been outside all morning, they must have been waiting for the jury to come in."

"I guessed that."

"Does anyone have a plan?" Huey asked as Kowalski rolled his eyes.

"Stop the gunmen from killing everyone in the courthouse and rescuing Bolt would be my idea of a plan." He hissed as Huey looked away


Meg swallowed hard as she got from her seat. She knew she was unarmed but she knew that someone had to do something and as an Inspector for the RCMP there was no way she was just going to sit there. Elaine felt for her gun as one of the masked men rushed towards her.

"STOP!" Elaine yelled as Meg was dragged by her hair down the steps. Elaine pointed the gun at the man's head.

"Elaine." Meg stared at her friend, her eyes full of warning. She knew that something had to go wrong at the trial and she was almost prepared for Bolt to make another attempt on her life. Elaine held her gaze as her gun remained fixed on the gunman's head. She knew that if she made the shot there was a real risk she would shot her friend. Once again she was in an impossible position.

"Meg!" Fraser yelled as he burst through the fire escape with Vecchio. "Remember? Remember the steps?" For a moment Meg was at a loss. Huey and Kowalski tackled the second gunman as the security guard and court officer threw Bolt to his feet and cuffed him. The Judge yelled in anger as Meg finally remembered.

"ONE!" Vecchio yelled as his gun was also raised.

Meg nodded as she tensed, her right hand curled into a fist at her side.

"TWO!" Fraser answered.

"THREE!" Meg yelled as one foot landed on his and her elbow connected with his ribs, knocking him loff balance so that he bent double. She twisted out of the way and landed a few inches away as Vecchio pushed him forward and began reading him his rights.


It was dark when Meg finally got back to the Consulate. She was exhausted but she wanted to make sure Turnbull had coped in her absense. She smiled as Diefenbaker licked her hand.

"Well, it all seems ok Dief." She smiled as the half wolf yawned.

"But are you?" Fraser asked as he stood in the doorway of her office. She couldn't help but smile. To many their relationship had just started, the pregnancy a surprise so early on. But to her it had started the day he had walked into her office and met her gaze. It was just like her to try to dismiss him. She shook her head at the memory.

"Yes." She smiled as he walked across the room to her. Before she could say anymore he had pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair.

"I wasn't." He admitted quietly. "I thought." He couldn't continue his sentance as the words stuck in his throat.

"I'm fine." She closed her eyes as she felt his heart beat under his shirt. "Bolt got a life sentance. He isn't going to be released for another 20 years and he is already an old man."

"A dangerous man."

"But he can't touch us." Meg smiled as she pulled back slightly. "It's over Ben. Trust me, he can't touch us."

"Aslong as you are safe." He kissed her gently on the lips as Diefenbaker yawned. Something at the back of his mind wouldn't let him relax. He had a feeling the showdown in the courthouse was not the last they were going to see of Randall K Bolt. He just prayed Meg was right.


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