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Chapter 9. Simple to Complex


I love you.

Those were the three words that Sachiko longed to hear from Yumi. While she had heard them a couple of times before from Yumi's lips, somehow, this one seemed different, if felt different, like there was more to it. She felt it in her bones that this time was different.



That was the color of Yumi's face now as she tried her best to maintain eye contact to the surprised Sachiko. She had said it. She was stunned by her courage. But she couldn't take the words back now. Not that she wanted to. Feelings in a jumble, she braced herself and continued to pour what her heart felt for the wonderful person in front of her.

"I…I've been thinking about it for a while…No. that's not right. I've been thinking about it for a long time now, Onee-sama. I just wanted you to know that I'm in love with you. I don't want to hide my feeli…"

But Yumi didn't need to worry. Because Sachiko wasn't going to let her.

"I love you, too, Yumi. I'm in love with you," Sachiko said firmly. She was a little disgruntled that Yumi had beaten her in confessing, but it was too trivial to mull it over. The fact that Yumi loved her and told her was too much for her to spend time thinking about such as who confessed first.

Wide brown eyes gazed at warm blue eyes.

And then there was silence. If someone was outside, that person would never guess that there were two people having a staring contest inside.

"Y-you do? You are?" Yumi whispered. The urge to believe that what she heard was true and the fear that it was not what she thought it was warred in her stunned mind.

"Yes, Yumi."

The conviction that Sachiko had said it stopped Yumi's internal battle. And then she couldn't think of anything anymore except of the fact that Sachiko loved her back. The surge of happiness was overwhelming and like the exuberant person that she was, she leaned onto Sachiko and hugged the latter tight, smiling like crazy as a few tears made their way to her cheeks.

Sachiko accepted the hug wholeheartedly, hugging Yumi tight to herself. She might look like a fool for smiling so hard but she didn't care. She was just too happy that Yumi felt the same way to her, that her doubts were appeased, that she could move on past the uncertainties.

After what felt like an eternity though in reality it was only a couple of minutes, the two loosened their embrace to gaze at each other's eyes, eyes that were brimming with happiness and contentment. It felt like a huge weight was unloaded from their shoulders.

Yumi laughed seeing Sachiko's expression. She had never seen Sachiko this happy. And she was glad that she was the one who made Sachiko feel like that. Insecurities and uncertainties were washed away from the both of them. The lightness she felt was reflected in Sachiko's face, and it made her really happy.

"What's so funny?" Sachiko asked with raised eyebrows, though she was still smiling. She didn't think she'd stop smiling anytime soon.

"Nothing…You…You look so happy, Onee-sama…Or should I say, S-Sachiko?"

The question was uttered with playfulness and shyness, faltering at saying the revered name. That was just so like her, but Yumi still braved it because it was Sachiko, and Sachiko would never begrudge her for her failures even to as simple as saying the latter's first name as it was.

Sachiko's smile widened, if that was possible. The unexpected call of her first name without honorific brought a pleasant feeling inside her. It felt right. While she might be the older sister, when it came to this new relationship, she and Yumi were equals. She found it fitting to be called by Yumi in her first name when they were acting this new relationship.

"You make me happy, Yumi."

"I'm glad. You make me happy, too."

They were quiet again for a while, smiling at each other.

"You should smile always, Sachiko," Yumi commented, breaking the silence. She felt giddy saying Sachiko's name, especially when the latter seemed to like it. She was a bit surprise at her bold words one after another, but was glad that her unexpected boldness didn't result to disaster. Besides, it was about time that she would be assertive to the important things, or in this case, person, in her life. If she dawdled, she would only hurt herself more, and probably hurt the persons she cared about, too.

"Is that an order?"

Yumi giggled at the playfulness and at the same time challenged in Sachiko's tone and expression.

"Yes. I order you, Ogasawara Sachiko, to smile always."

"I'm not really sure I'd agree. Wouldn't I look silly if I'm smiling alone to myself? After all, I have an image to protect. And imagine what would happen if someone saw me in that state," Sachiko said with raised brows.

"I could imagine. If Sei-sama saw you, you'll never hear the end of it."

At the mention of Sei's name, Sachiko's expression darkened for just a second that Yumi thought she had imagined it. But the pressed lips wouldn't lie to her.

"Sei-sama is just a friend and like a big sister to me," Yumi said quietly, all playfulness gone. She didn't want Sachiko to misunderstood things. She hadn't really known Sachiko to be jealous. All those time, she believed that Sachiko berated her and Sei because it was improper. She was only beginning to comprehend now that there was more to the scolding aside from being unladylike.

"So it would be alright if I start hugging and kissing someone out of nowhere?" Sachiko asked with a pout, her happiness dampened at the thought of Yumi being cuddled by their friend who enjoyed getting in her nerves.

Yumi dared not to comment that Sachiko shouldn't be jealous with Sei, because Sachiko would be embarrassed and annoyed if she did. But she couldn't keep herself from being serious at the expression in Sachiko's face. She thought that Sachiko looked so cute in her jealousy, and imagining Sachiko doing what she had just said was just too out of character that Yumi couldn't help but giggle again. She only stopped when Sachiko glared at her, though her eyes still twinkled with merriment.

"I'm sorry, Onee..., I mean Sachiko, but it's funny."

Yumi couldn't imagine Sachiko suddenly embracing Sei, or Rei, or anyone for that matter. It didn't fit Sachiko at all. That was why she wasn't bothered by the adorable threat of Sachiko to hug and kiss other people. Besides, if Sachiko did, those were all their friends. There was nothing to be worried about.

"Perhaps Suguru…" Sachiko said challengingly, trailing after the name that she knew Yumi disliked the most. It wasn't nice, but she was a bit miffed that Yumi was making fun of her and the flare of her temper got the best of her.

Sachiko's comment really stopped Yumi. Sachiko hugging…no, she didn't even want to think about it.

It was Yumi's turn to glare at Sachiko, which the latter returned with a challenging look.

"Alright," Yumi conceded with a pout. She knew she couldn't stop Sei from doing things as she pleased, especially when she secretly enjoyed it, too, because it was Sei's way of showing affection to her. But perhaps for now, she would tone things down with Sei until Sachiko's jealousy wouldn't rear its ugly head. Maybe if she did, she could get more hugs from Sachiko. The thought set Yumi's face aflame.


"Y-yes, Onee-sama."

Sachiko frowned at Yumi's red face, her stuttering, and the name she was called. She leaned over Yumi until their face was almost touching.

"Perhaps Yumi is thinking that she wants something that Sei-sama always does and more."

If it was possible, Yumi's face turned redder. With eyes almost crossed due to the nearness of Sachiko's face, she shook her head while she stammered incoherent denials.

"Deny all you want, Yumi, but I'm claiming what's mine," Sachiko said possessively, almost childishly. It was time to assert her newly acquired authority.


The word was caught in Yumi's throat as she suddenly found her lips covered with soft, warm lips. She was shocked and was frozen in her seat. Her mind had stopped functioning. However, when Sachiko started to pull away, she was woken from her frozen state with panic that it was over and that she hadn't even done anything. Her own soft lips chased after Sachiko who immediately stopped pulling away in pleasant surprised.

It was an act of impulsiveness in Sachiko's part. When Yumi remained frozen for several seconds, she thought that she had probably taken things a little bit far, but Yumi proved her wrong when she finally kissed back.

And in the silence of the meeting room, Sachiko and Yumi shared their first gentle, clumsy, and passionate kiss, reluctantly breaking apart when oxygen became necessary.

"Amazing…" Yumi whispered with awe. She gazed at Sachiko's equally red face lovingly, her fingers on her lips, touching where Sachiko's lips had been before.

Sachiko smiled in return. Her emotions that were in turmoil were betrayed by her flushed face and slightly dazed blue eyes.

"Kiss me again, Sachiko."

It was uttered with soft, gentle, shy and yet commanding voice. It made Sachiko's head spin. Who was she to argue at the sensual command?

After a couple of kisses, the two settled with just touching their foreheads as they caught their breath.

"What about the others? How are we going to tell them?"

Already, the problems that they had to face swam in Yumi's mind. She wanted to chase the thoughts away, but they nagged at her mind. She looked at her beloved person beseechingly.

Sachiko was silent for a moment. She understood Yumi's thoughts; she felt Yumi's worries because they were her own. However, she didn't want to dampen the mood. In a soft voice, she said, "We'll think about it later, Yumi. We'll do things one at a time, is that alright with you?"

Yumi's face immediately brightened. Wasn't that what Yuuki told her? Solve the problems one at a time. For now, she and Sachiko had one problem solved.

"Right. In that case, let's worry about this," Yumi said in a tone that spoke promises of good things as she hooked her arms around Sachiko's nape and pulled the older girl closer.

Laughing, Sachiko complied with Yumi's seductive command. Really. Who was she to disagree to something that she also wanted?

As soft lips met equally soft lips, they thought about how their relationship had change. A simple meeting that led to countless meetings. A platonic feeling that changed to romantic feeling. Things had evolved through time. From simple to a complex relationship. But they wouldn't have it any other way. And as their kiss deepened, they lost their minds in the act and thought of nothing for the time being.




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