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He wanted to hold her and kiss her. But she didn't remember him completely. He didn't want to scare her away. He feared losing her. He just didn't know that she remembered more than he realized.

Chapter One

Optimus Prime stared at the sky, a distant look on his faceplate. It was obvious to Sam Witwicky that Optimus was lost in thought about the past.


He glanced down at the tiny human that had broken his train of thoughts. It was clear that his human comrade was concerned about his detached behavior. It wasn't like Optimus to be distracted by anything.

"It is alright, Sam. I am fine," Optimus said, still studying the night sky. Sam gave Optimus a look that said he didn't believe the leader of the Autobots. Optimus concluded that he would have to tell Sam what was on his processor.

"Tell me," Sam crossed his arms, waiting. Optimus sent a huff of air through his vents that resembled a sigh. It had been years since he spoke of her. Perhaps it would do him some good.

"Well?" the human looked up at the flaming robot as Optimus continued to stare at the distant stars.

"Many years ago, Cybertron was close to war with a nearby planet. We had some...complications...with attending the peace conference and, being too large to attend because our holoform program wasn't complete, we were...stumped," Optimus paused before continuing, slightly satisfied with his choice of words. "During that time, as we were trying to figure out how to solve our height problem, a strange and unknown vessel crashed on Cybertron. Inside was a female humanoid who did not know where she came from. In our desperate state, we offered her our home as hers as long as Autobot or Decepticon. This happened before the civil war on our planet."

"Why was your height such a problem?"

"The peace conference was held on a neutral planet with very small creatures."

Sam did a long oh sound as Optimus paused in his story again. The silence between them began to stretch and Sam knew that Optimus was beginning to sink back into his thoughts. But Sam wanted to know more about this whole situation and why it caused Optimus such pain.

"So she agreed, huh?"

Optimus nodded when he heard his friend speak and continued, "Since the first, each child born was named the Princess of Cybertron and would marry an Autobot or Decepticon. And so to answer your original question, I am thinking of my wife."

Sam nearly yelled out his shock. It was hard to acknowledge that Optimus was married to a human, or that he was considered a prince of his planet. On top of that, he wondered why the Decepticons would allow a human to rule over their home.

"Why would they allow it?" Sam finally asked. Optimus knew who he was referring to and understood his confusion. Seeing how Decepticons hated humanoids.

"She is part Cybertronian. When one is with her, that faction has the most control over the planet. And somehow, we can produce children with them. I just don't know how," Optimus answered as he remembered the one before his wife. She was a Decepticon supporter and a violent woman. Optimus didn't much care for her.

"Okay, so how does she choose?" Sam's curiousity was beginning to be aroused at this interesting tale.

"Actually," Optimus paused, his voice sounding a bit amused, "she doesn't. Since the first born princess, her life force bonds with that of another. It happens when they touch for the first time, like in shaking hands. It's an interesting feeling," Optimus turned away from his view, a little disappointed that talking about it didn't make him feel any better, "But maybe I'll see her soon. Until then, let's worry about the Decepticons."

"Wait, Prime. What do you mean? What happened?"

Optimus stopped, a dark atmosphere surrounding him. He didn't want to answer those questions but he should have known that those would come up eventually. And Sam knew that this part was the hardest to discuss.

"I had left her on Cybertron to await my return or call when I found a new home for us. But she has gone missing. She left Cybertron and I don't know where she is located."

"You left her? Wasn't that like...hundreds of years ago?" Sam pointed out. Optimus looked down at Sam for a moment, his blue optics looking rather sad.

"Princess Avella will live as long as I do. If I die, so does she and vice versa," Optimus didn't say anymore as he transformed into his flaming peterbilt disguise and drove off. Sam watched as Optimus returned to the base and for once, he felt truly sorry for the Autobot leader.


"Ava, get up off your butt and hurry up! You're going to make us late...again!"

Ava rushed down the stairs, holding one shoe while hopping down, putting on the other. Once again she had overslept while she held her toothbrush between her teeth.

"I am so sorry, girl! I can't believe I did it again!" she screamed as she ran to the door, still brushing her hair. Her friend, Jazell, stood at the door shaking her head.

"Next time don't get a sugar high at midnight, chicka," Jazell followed her out the door and watched as Ava jumped up and down next to her truck, trying to put on her other shoe.

Ava was a thinly built woman, but not to the point that you thought she was starving. Jazell would call it a gymnast body. But she had red hair - bright red - that was always put into two low ponytails that wouldn't match a gymnast. Neither would her brown eyes and shy tomboy attitude. Along with the strong innocense she had. Just saying sex would cause her to flare up like a tomato.

Jazell, on the other hand, was an outgoing person. She was a dancer, never leaving home without her i pod. To help her dance career, she had cut her dirty blonde hair very short - think a guy's cut. Only problem was her large chest and bright blue eyes. Guys loved her for those two features only. They would avoid her because of her title as the music freak though.


Both climbed into Jazell's truck and headed out. Ava placed a strand of flaming red hair behind her ear, to lazy to put it in one of her low ponytails.

"I said I was sorry, Jazzy," Ava gave her a reprimanding look as they traveled down the Cali road. Ava only called her Jazzy when she was over reacting. Which was almost always.

"I just hope Clarity and Shadow aren't to pissed," Jazell mumbled. Turning down the road they needed, both girls spotted their destination...and two pissed off sisters. Both wore glasses and had a braid incorporated with their hair. The older one, Clarity, braided all of her black hair and the younger, Shadow, had a small braid on the left side of her face while the rest of her brown hair flowed freely.

"Let me guess, Ava overslept again," Clarity snapped as they walked up, tapping her heels. People would think she was a fashion guru, since she wore designer tops and shoes, but Clarity was an inventor. She was working on something earlier since Ava noticed that Clarity wore a tank top, denium skirt, and fish nets. Those were her 'work' clothes.

"Hey, sorry," Ava rubbed the back of her neck as the three stared at her. Shadow sighed, worried and aggrivated.

"Lack of sleep is a hazard to your health," she complained. She wore a plain black elbow sleeved shirt, blood red plaid skirt, black leggings, and black army boots. She was studying to be a doctor and was planning on graduating next month but Ava figured she was already a doc since she was concerned about everyone's health.

"So should I invent you an alarm clock that would blare out the beeps?" Clarity offered when they got to their normal table.

"Best not. The homeowner's insurance won't cover another explosion," Shadow growled at her sister. She didn't like her sister's talent but people bought Clairity's inventions so Shadow couldn't complain as long as it brought home cash.

Ava couldn't help but laugh at the sister's bickering about the latest explosion. It was strange, in a way though. Ava was reminded of some people in her past but their images were nothing but blurrs to her.

Six years ago, Ava was found by Jazell. Ava was wandering aimlessly along the road cold, wet, lost, confused, and hurt. Jazell had taken her to a hospital and soon found out that Ava had amnesia. Jazell, 18 at the time, had her move in with Jazell's family. Since then, the two had been inseparable and Ava had yet to regain her memory.

Ava leaned back in her chair after ordering her normal meal, taking on a serious demeanor. It was time to get down to business before they continued to goof off.

"So what do we have?"

The four owned their own magazine called "Here and Later." It was based on the trends now and ideas on trends for the future. Many companies loved that idea and had tried to replicate it but with the four girls ready to retire from making the magazine, they failed. Besides, Shadow was the sales manager and kept track with what people wanted. Ava was the editor while the others did articles on their strengths. They had yet to sell the magazine to the right company so they continued.

"Well, I'm trying to invent a glass that doesn't break - "

"I believe someone beat you to that. Afterall, plastic works wonder," Ava smiled mockingly. Clarity pursed her lips, realizing that if she was to make a breakless glass, plastic would still kick her ass.


"Jazell? Any entertainment news?"

"Doing some research to see if they are going to shoot another Sherlock Holmes movie and an article about the rise of Lady Gaga."

"For our younger audience?"

"Justin Beber," Jazell shivered. She didn't have Beber fever and was trying to figure out what about that boy had all the young girls of today falling in love with him. Jazell was trying to avoid getting buried by all the mess.

"Found out anything?" Ava pried, distracting Jazell from her hate of the fever.

"Unfortunately, no. They are trying to avoid my questions and calls."

"Keep on it," Ava shook her head. They'll crack. Jazell always got them to. "Shadow?"

"Well, it's almost August and from then on, pregnancy is a very common thing. So that's gonna be my health talk for the next couple of months," Shadow continued about her project, spending most of it on her first article, "Sex: The First Step." Ava couldn't help her reaction. Her cheeks flared up almost instantly when Shadow mentioned it. Jazell and the others noticed it.

"We need to find you a boyfriend," Shadow sighed after a moment. Ava sighed and shook her head slowly.

"No, don't need one. Besides, you guys know how I feel about dating," Ava took a sip of her water. She had tried dating but she always felt like she was cheating on someone. Ava knew her feelings where ridiculous but they were so strong, she couldn't ignore them.

"Avella, baby, what's wrong?" Clarity grabbed her hand, noticing the sadness that was beginning to consume Ava. She missed someone deeply, the feeling reflecting in her eyes. But who?

Ava shook her head, clearing it of the blurry visions. It wasn't right to try and force them to clear. They would come to her in time.

"Hey, check out the hot cop," Clarity pointed out the window behind Ava. Ava quickly looked, grateful for the distraction. He was leaning against his car, staring at the girls. That's when Ava noticed he was taking an interest in her. But she felt uneasy. He had solid black hair and it looked like it hadn't been cut or combed in several weeks. He even had several piercings in both ears, which was unusual for an officer of the law. And his gaze terrified her. Blood red.

"Barricade," Ava whispered. Her friends looked at her confused.

"You know him?" Jazell looked back and forth between the two, not liking the pairing she had in her mind. One eyebrow lifted in surprise after a moment, thinking her friend had different tastes in men than she thought.

"I...I think so."

"Maybe you're finally remembering who you are!" Clarity shrieked, getting the attention of the restaurant. Ava smiled at her friend.

"Perha-" Ava stopped as her eyes widened and began to water. Sudden pain was shooting through her body and it felt like someone was forcing white hot metal upon her forehead. Ava couldn't help the scream that tore from her throat as she covered her face. Shadow was immediately at her side, in case she needed someone with a medical background.

"What's wrong? Ava!"

Ava didn't hear anyone as the pain slowly started to fade. Her hands fell to her sides as she laid her head on the table, groaning. She felt strangely heavy with sleep, unsure how it happened. But when she looked at Clarity, adrenaline brought her back up to full focus as Clarity pointed at her forhead.

"Holy shit! Where did that come from?"

Ava lifted her head abruptly as Clarity handed her a compact mirror. Her eyes widened as she noticed what they did. It was a crown. A golden crown with a large tear drop shape in the middle with a circular shape above it. On both sides were two diamond shapes before following in a straight line under her hair.

Ava stared at it for a moment before pulling her hair back. She gasped at the sight, not able to look away. The crown, instead of continuing to the back of her head, was embedded into her skull above her ears. All of her friends stared at the sight too, mortified.

"What the fuck!" all three said in unison but Ava, for some reason, recognized it. It was to declare that she was someone extremely important. But she was unable to pinpoint where as she put the compact down.

Her thoughts ceased as the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on end. She looked back in the direction of the police officer and stared at him. He was now staring at her, a menacing smile on his lips.

"We have to go," Ava stood abruptly, shocking all of her friends.


"We have to get away!" Ava quickly moved away from the table in a panic, heading for the front door. When she cleared the restaurant, Ava didn't heisitate to sprint down the street, dodging all the people in her way. Jazell had opened the door shortly after her and watched Ava cross the intersection, barely avoiding a car.

"Hey" Jazell had to crane her neck to look at the giant robotic creature standing where the cop had been. The thing looked at her for a brief second before chasing after Ava.

"Shit! Run, Ava! Run!"

Ava ran along the sidewalk as the roads cleared. People were screaming and moving out of her way as cars stomped on their breaks, the tires squealing on the asphalt. Ava's heart pounded in her chest, the sight of everyone fleeing making her panic. She looked over her shoulder to see the robot gaining on her.

"No dip, Sherlock! His legs are huge!" Ava gasped as she spoke to herself. She looked into the street and saw a semi cab painted with flames driving toward the robot behind her. Ava didn't think as she dashed into the road, waving her arms to try and make the driver turn around.

"Get out of the - WHAT THE FUCK!"

The truck was transforming until another robot stood in front of her...still moving! It was using the momentum of it's alt form to keep heading toward the other. When she thought it was going to run over her, she watched the flamer jump over her shaking form, crashing into the other robot. The two locked arms as she continued to stand in the middle of the road, frighten.

"Avella! Run!"

It was like the voice gave her movement because Ava quickly turned on her heel and ran to a nearby alley way. She had to get away and it was the only thought in her mind as she dashed down the alley, close to the perpendicular street. Suddenly, she stopped. It had started to dawn on her that the thing had called her Avella. The robot knew her.

Her legs were pulled out from under her and she screamed, feeling someone pulling on her jeans. She looked down to see another smaller robot staring at her, the red orbs glowing.

"Frenzy will not be rejected! Frenzy will be praised!" it said to her. Ava continued to scream as it pulled again, catching both of her shoes and peeling them off her feet. At that moment, Ava kicked the robot, hitting the arm socket. She watched it's arm dislocate itself, causing the robot to scream in agony before running off, still carrying one of her shoes. She chased it, hoping to get her shoe back, but it jumped in the back of a police vehicle and disappeared down the street with it. The other, who had yelled out Avella, was still standing there, waiting for the two to return.

"Are they going to come back?" Ava stood next to the one who had inadvertently saved her, feeling extremely small. It looked down at her, joy and something else, lighting up it's eyes. It knelt down after a moment, getting a better look at her.

"No, though he may attack at a later date, Avella," he told her. Ava's shoulders drooped as she realized that she had lost a shoe for good. The asphalt was beginning to hurt her feet but she couldn't complain. At least she was still alive.

"What's your name? And is Avella my real name? How do you know me?" she asked the robot, finally pausing. She was beginning to ramble on and she stared at it. It stared back, slightly confused as it stood back up.

"Are you a boy?" came another and the robot chuckled before looking down at her again.

"Yes, in human terms. But do you not remember, Princess? Do you not know who I am?" he countered. Ava stared at him, blinking her eyes as it sunk in. He had called her a princess.

"Are you freaking serious? I'm a princess!" she screamed after a moment, causing the robot to transform. He opened the passenger door to her and waited for her to climb aboard.

"It would be best if we continued this conversation else where," he told her as she heisitated. She wasn't sure if she should jump into the vehicle of an alien but if she was to find out who she was...

"Okay," Ava whispered before stepping inside. The door shut behind her and she jumped, feeling the seatbelt surround her form gently. She watched the steering wheel for several minutes in total silence as he drove her to...where ever he was taking her. She wasn't sure but the silence was beginning to kill her.

"" she asked, glancing out the window. She jumped when the radio came to life and his voice shoot through the speakers.

"I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots," he said. She looked straight ahead, her mind sinking into the deepest part of her brain. When it returned, she snapped her fingers.

"Autobots? Oh yeah. That's right, Barricade is a Decepticon who wants to rule the world. Autobots are the opposite," she said triumphantly. Optimus chuckled at her reaction as she crossed her arms and held up her head.

"That is correct. It seems you do remember us," he said hopeful. That's when he noticed her reaction fall apart, her hands landing in her lap.

"Unfortunately I don't. You see, I have amnesia. I don't even remember where I was born or who I am," she told him sadly after tapping the side of her head. Optimus didn't say anything as he scanned the internet, learning all he could about amnesia. However, he didn't expect it to break his spark.

"I am sorry," he tried to mask the sadness and disappointment in his tone but Ava recognized it anyways. It tore at her insides to hear him speak like that and the sudden emotional reaction caused her to whimper. She didn't understand it at all. She felt a strange connection to this specific creature but she didn't understand why.

"Why so sad, Prime?"

"Please call me Optimus. And it would be best if you remembered on your own," he answered. That confirmed that he did know her. And that she knew him. She didn't notice, however, that he was scanning her body, checking to see if the one in his memory banks matched her and it was. But to be absolutely sure, he asked her to lift up her shirt.

"Why?" she suddenly shot back defensively, "Are you some kind of twisted robot?"

"I am just confirming my suspicions. If you are Avella, then you will have the Autobot symbol on your abdomen."

"You mean my birthmark?" she asked, lifting up her shirt to expose the symbol. It had always been there. As long as she could remember. It was faint but it was there.

"That proves who you are. It is imperative that we help you regain your memory. For your sake," he told her before adding mentally, And mine.

Ava leaned back into the seat, not realizing that they had somehow made it to a secluded military base. When she did, she looked up to see the gates opening without so much as a call or warning. The guard quickly spotted her, his eyes widening in surprise as Optimus pulled through, heading to the largest hanger.


"It is alright. No one will harm you. You will be protected at all times," he reassured her. Ava shifted uncomfortably in her seat as he pulled under the protection of the hanger. He never stopped as he pulled into an elevator and she waited, feeling the elevator suddenly drop. She squealed, earning a chuckle from Optimus. After a few moments, the door opened and her jaw dropped as they past several other Autobots.

"So this is how they hide aliens," Ava told herself as they continued to pass the large rooms. Soon, Optimus pulled into one with a large berth in the center. Parked off to the side was a rescue hummer with a blond hair, blue eyed man leaning against the hood. He wore a lab coat and Ava didn't move as Optimus stopped. The other man who was there was wearing a military uniform and quickly spotted her in the passenger seat. His eyebrows rose in true surprise at seeing the girl.

"It's alright," Optimus told her, removing the seat belt from around her. Ava stepped out slowly, shutting the door as she moved a few steps toward the front of Optimus's form. When the blond saw her come into view, his eyes widen in surprise.

"It can't be," he said, standing up. He rubbed his eyes before looking at her again. Slowly, his mouth curved into a smile as he dashed toward her, lifting her up in his arms and twirling her around.

"Why, Primus, it is. Princess Avella!"

Ava giggled when he set her back on her feet, her head spinning. He hugged her tight while Ava returned it, a little uncomfortable. The man noticed, stepping back from her. He was confused as to why she didn't say anything.


Ava closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to bring up the memory. If he knew her, then she would know him. She quickly deduced that he was a robot, using a hologram to look human and fit in. But she couldn't bring anything up, so she focused on the lab coat.

A doctor.


Her eyes flew up as recognition hit her, causing her to scream, "Ratchet!" Ratchet spun her around again in excitement, making her giggle.

"Ratchet, be careful."

Ava peeked over her shoulder and saw a cocoa haired man step out of the truck. He had blue eyes as well, only his was a bit darker while Ratchet's were closer to sky color. But she was focused on the build he chose. He was broad shouldered and beyond muscular. It showed with the tight t shirt he wore and his jeans hugged his thighs. He looked like a man out of a romance novel and Ava had to hold back the sigh that threatened to escape.

"Optimus, I am sorry. But it's been hundreds of years!" Ratchet defended his actions. He glanced at his princess, seeing the blush creeping over her cheeks as she continued to stare at the hologram of Optimus. He had to chuckle, giving it to Optimus for finding the right form to take.

"Ratchet, she has amnesia."

Silence spread between them all as the military officer joined the group. He looked at every single person before settling his eyes on the new guest. Ratchet did the same, his eyes sad but hopeful.

"I see now why it took you a bit to recognize me. But you're remembering, which is good."


Ava looked at the only other human who was with them and saw him eyeing her suspiciously. Optimus, in turn, was glaring at the man. She saw the jealous glint in his eye as the human finally spoke.

"Who is this, Prime?"

"Will, this is Avella, the current princess of Cybertron. Princess, this is Major William Lennox. He leads N. E. S. T.," Ratchet introduced. Lennox offered his hand to her as Ava took it. She felt like two holes were being drilled in the side of her head as Optimus watched her with irritation.

"You're Princess Avella? You're Optimus's wife? Man, she looks mighty young for you Prime."

Optimus and Ava's eyes locked at those words and he waited for the hysterics to start. For the denial and pain she would scream at him but he watched as a soft smile took over her lips and another light blush touch her cheeks. It wasn't what he had expected as she spoke.

"That explains why you were sad. Yes, now I remember. You hated the wedding colors because they were Decepticon colors but my mother refused to change them. So I decided to not have the wedding because of it," Ava giggled softly. "You almost threw a temper tantrum when the colors wouldn't change."

Optimus grunted, the sound metallic, as he looked away. Ava waited for him to speak as he shook his head.

"I would like reinstate our vows with a proper Autobot wedding. Your mother ruined the other by making us rush throug it before battling," he mumbled after some time. Ava gently grabbed his hand, causing the leader to look as she entertwined her fingers with his. He felt a strange tugging in his spark at the action.

"Maybe when I remember more, okay?" she smiled at him. Optimus didn't say anything at first, causing her smile to falter a bit before he himself gave her a half smile that caused her legs to turn to jelly.


"Trigger words or phrases!" Ratchet suddenly yelled, causing the two to look at him. Lennox was remaining silent, staring at the display of affection Optimus was allowing. He didn't expect to see that kind of act from Optimus.

"Explain," Optimus demanded. He wanted a distraction, something to push the urge to kiss his wife back into the depths of his processor. She was causing his spark to dance wildly in his alt form, making it hard for him to think of anything else.

"Quite simple," Ava looked in the direction of the voice, knowing who it belonged to almost immediately, "if she hears a certain word, and perhaps a certain object, then it triggers a memory connected to that to surface."

Ava squealed, releasing Optimus's hand, and dashed toward one of her best friends. It was Shadow who spoke but Jazell was there too. The girls immediately asked Ava if she was okay and Ava said she was. Just slowly remembering things were beginning to give her a headache.

"Who are you?" Lennox finally was able to get his voice back after realizing that his base was beginning to get over runned by women. Jazell didn't answer but Shadow did without fail.

"I am Shadow, a soon to be medical graduate in 2 weeks, and this is Jazell, the best damn dancer alive," Shadow swung her arm to Jazell who simply crossed her arms. She didn't say anything as she looked at the berth to see another robot, obviously offline.

"How the hell did you two get past the gate? Let alone down here?"

The girls looked at each other before Shadow answered again, only she placed her fingers over her lips and said, "It's a secret."

Lennox looked ready to charge her when Ava stood before the two. The girls placed their arms across her shoulders, looking the military man in the eye as he approached them.

"Please, Mr. Lennox. They have taken care of me for many years and yes they have their ways but I don't want them to leave. I need someone familiar here with me," Ava begged him. Lennox sighed, realizing that he was defeated. He couldn't deny the princess anything but he wasn't ready to deal with more teenagers. He had two more that got on his nerves sometimes.

"Fine. Damn, more fucking teenagers to control me," he mumbled, walking away. Shadow stuck her tongue out at his retreating form. Jazell rolled her eyes before looking at Ava and tapping the crown.

"Interesting," she finally said as Shadow continued to watch the empty doors for Lennox.

"I'm not a teen!" Shadow yelled, hearing another afterwards as she looked at Ava, "What got shoved up his ass?"

Ava simply shrugged as Shadow went to investigate the two others in the room. Ava saw one of Optimus's brows rise up in interest at the people who have taken care of her. He didn't expect that her friends could be so resourceful and he would rather them be on their side than the other.

"So you're her husband? Interesting. At least we found out why she refused to date any guy, huh Jazz," Shadow said. The Prime's eyes immediately narrowed at that thought and he growled in jealousy. He didn't like the visions that danced in his processor.

"Oh cool it, hot shot," Shadow snapped, turning her attention on Ratchet. Ratchet didn't move as she circled him once, returning to face him.

"You're a doc, right?" Shadow watched him nod before she leaned closer to his face, "Well, you sure are cute."

Ava watched Ratchet's face turn red before he immediately vanished. Jazell's hands griped Ava's arm tightly as Shadow turned around to stare wide eyed at Ava. Suddenly, they heard the noise of parts moving and looked to see Ratchet stand to his full height, leaning over the huge counter to work on whatever he had.

"That's Ratchet," Ava finally spoke up. She heard Shadow squeal in excitement as she examined the backside of the robot.

"That's so cool!"

"And Optimus is one, too."

That statement had both girls surrounding the dark haired holoform. Optimus had a hard time with the stares but when the questions started, they had finally pushed him past the point of sanity.

"How can you marry a human?"

"How can you comfort her? You're just a picture, right?"

"How do you have sex with her? Is it with a wire or something?"

That was it as Optimus flickered before vanishing. The girls looked between them before focusing on Ava, her face as bright as her hair. She was touching the ends of her pointing fingers together, shyly, as she got the two's attention.

"We haven't done anything sexual yet," Ava told them. Shadow looked at her funny, thinking that if they were married, then they should have already fucked each other mindless.

"What happened? Get disturbed on your wedding night?" the two asked in unison. Ava furrowed her eyebrows together, trying to joggle her memory. Without warning, her mind flashed with images of her past, causing her to land on her knees in sudden pain. It was an attack during their wedding and she remembered crying as Optimus put her in a room, locking her in as he left for battle.

"Ava!" her two friends were immediately by her side, helping her to her feet. Ava had a hand on the side of her head, trying to forget about the splitting headache she had.

"As a matter of fact, we were attacked during the wedding. Like Optimus said, we had to rush," Ava whispered. She heard Optimus transforming and knew the girls were watching in fascination. After all, this was all suppose to be a fantasy.

"I was called away to battle. I wish I wasn't, but the Decepticons were bent on capturing Avella. Her mother was wanting her to marry another but I wasn't going to allow her to leave me unwillingly," Optimus explained. The girls brows shot up as they looked at each other, slightly happy that he cared for her so but then a little scared that he was bent on keeping her by his side.

"I guess being a princess ain't what it's cracked up to be," Jazell finally spoke again. Ava smiled weakly, losing the battle with the headache she had. The three watched Optimus lower his hand to the ground, offering it to his wife. Ava looked up at him, slightly confused.

"It would be best if you rested now. The memories are causing you great pain," he told her gently. Ava slowly nodded, stepping on his servo as he lifted her up. Ava hugged, what she would call his thumb, sliding down to sit against it. A yawn caused her face to split, making her mind slowly slip deeper into darkness.

"What a day," she whispered exhausted. Optimus slowly moved away from the room, Ratchet suddenly being bombarded with questions from her two curious friends. But Ava was too tired to care as her first ever peaceful sleep claimed her soul.


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Boti: Thank you Chowder.